How To Mass Delete Photos On iPhone

Mastering the Art of Mass Deleting Photos on iPhone

As smartphone photography enthusiasts, we’re no strangers to the ever-growing library of snapshots stored in our phone’s gallery app. However, as time passes, some photos become redundant or unnecessary, taking up valuable space on our device’s storage capacity. This is where mass deleting photos on iPhone comes into play – a crucial task that requires attention to detail and effective strategies.

Before You Begin: Understanding Your iPhone’s Photo Storage

Before diving into the deletion process, it’s essential to grasp how your iPhone stores its photos. Apple uses two primary methods:

  1. iCloud Photos: This feature allows you to store an unlimited number of photos in iCloud (if you own a compatible plan) and access them across all your iOS devices.
  2. Local Storage: Your iPhone keeps local copies of your most recent, freqeuntly accessed, or large-size files on its internal storage.

Understanding these two approaches will help you tailor the deletion process to suit your needs.

Step-by-Step Guide: Mass Deleting Photos from iPhone Gallery App

Here’s a comprehensive walkthrough for mass deleting photos:

  1. Access the Photos App: Locate and open the native Apple Photos app on your iPhone.
  2. Select Album or Moment View: Tap “Albums” in the top-right corner to view individual albums, moments (short-duration events), or years.

Method 1: Deleting Entire Albums

To remove an entire album:
* Tap a specific album
* Swipe left across each photo until it’s highlighted yellowish-orange. This indicates the selected action for mass deletion.
* Tap “Select” in the bottom-right corner (not to be confused with selecting individual photos)
* Choose all images within that album by tapping the circle icon and then choosing “All [Album Name] Photos”
* Confirm your decision by tapping “Delete All X Photos”

Method 2: Deleting Selected Moments or Years

To remove specific moments or years:
1. Tap either the moment (represented as a clock symbol) or year (displayed in a banner)
2. Swipe left across each photo until it’s highlighted yellowish-orange
3. Confirm your deletion by tapping “Delete All X Photos”

Additional Tips and Precautions

Before mass deleting, ensure you have backed up your iPhone content to iCloud, iTunes, or another trusted cloud storage service.
Make sure the photos are indeed redundant or unnecessary; proceed with caution if you’re unsure about retaining specific files.
Disable any active filters in the Photos app (e.g., searching by date) as these might influence deletion outcomes.

Bonus: How to Free Up Storage on iPhone

By deleting unnecessary images, you’ve reduced your storage capacity. To further optimize your device:

  1. Review and clear out unnecessary files from other apps like Documents, Music, or Movies.
  2. Manage app updates; remove redundant versions of installed apps
  3. Remove unused iCloud data (Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud Storage)
  4. Consider offloading less-used games or storage-hungry titles


With these methods and tips, you’re now empowered to efficiently mass delete photos on your iPhone. Remember to backup regularly, as deleting content is an irreversible process.

As you navigate the world of digital photography, don’t be afraid to prune away redundant snaps – it’s essential for maintaining a clutter-free gallery app and keeping those precious storage bytes free!