How to Print a Large Image on Multiple Pages with an Apple Computer

Hello there! 😊 We all love capturing some of our precious moments and turning them into great works of art. One of the most classic ways of doing this is by printing them on a large canvas or a big picture. But the thing is, not everyone has access to printers that allow them to print large pictures in one go. So, what do you do when you want to print a big picture on multiple pages? You come to the right place, my dear reader.

Printing a big picture on multiple pages is not a difficult task. It may seem a bit daunting at first, but once you start, it’s quite simple. All you need is a printer, some glue, and your desired image. In this article, we will guide you through the process of printing a big picture on multiple pages. So, let’s get started! 🖨️

How to print a big picture on multiple pages

How to Print a Big Picture on Multiple Pages in Apple

Printing a large size image on a single page can be challenging, especially if the image has fine details that would be lost if printed at a smaller size. However, with Preview app, you can easily print a high-quality, large size image on multiple pages. Here’s how you can do that:

Use Preview App

Preview app is a powerful tool for many image-related tasks, including printing big pictures on multiple pages. The app comes pre-installed on all Macs and is user-friendly enough for even beginners to use.

Open the Image on Preview App

Before you can print the image, you need to open it first on Preview app. To do this, double-click on the image or right-click on the image and select “Open with Preview App.” The image will then open on the app.

Select Poster Option

The next thing that you need to do is to select the poster option. This option allows you to split the image into different pages, which you can then print separately. To select the poster option, go to “File” on the top menu, then “Print” on the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can press the “Command” and “P” keys on your keyboard.

On the Print dialog box that appears, click on the “Poster” option on the bottom left corner of the window. You can then adjust the poster settings to your preference under “Layout.”

For example, you can choose the paper size and orientation, adjust the scale, and choose how many pages you want the image to be split into. You can also see a preview of how the image will look like on the right side of the dialog box.

Once you’re satisfied with the settings, click on “Print” and the app will automatically split the image into different pages according to your settings. You can then print the pages separately and assemble them to get the complete image.

Printing a big picture on multiple pages can be a daunting task. However, with Preview app, you can easily split the image into different pages and print them separately. This allows you to print big images without losing any fine details and to assemble them to get the complete image.

Adjust the Settings before Printing

Before you start printing a big picture that spans across multiple pages, it is crucial to adjust the print settings. This will ensure that the image is printed perfectly, without any cuts or blank spaces.

Size Adjustment

One of the essential settings to adjust is the size of the image. You need to make sure that the image fits perfectly on the paper size. If it is too large, it can get cut-off, and if it is too small, it can leave blank spaces. To adjust the size, open the image in the printing software, and select the size adjustment option. From there, you can customize the size according to the paper size.

Page Orientation

The page orientation is also a vital setting that you need to pay attention to. You can choose either portrait or landscape orientation. Portrait orientation is suitable for vertical images, while landscape orientation is perfect for horizontal ones. To adjust the orientation, go to the printing settings, and select the page orientation option. From there, you can choose the orientation that suits your image.

Overlap Option

The overlap option is another important setting that you need to consider. This option ensures that there are no white borders or blank spaces between the pages that you want to assemble after printing. To adjust the overlap option, select the printing settings, and choose the overlap option. You can customize the overlap size according to your requirements.

By adjusting these settings before printing a big picture, you can ensure that the image is printed flawlessly. The printouts will be perfectly aligned, with no cuts or blank spaces. So, make sure you customize the settings based on the image and the paper size to achieve the perfect printout.

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Save or Export the Result

When you have successfully split your image into multiple pages, you will need to save or export the final result. This step is crucial to ensure that you have the image saved in the format that you need it to be in.

Choose Save Option

To save the image in the desired format on your computer, you will need to choose the save option. This option is usually available in the file menu, where you can either choose to save the image as a JPEG or PNG file.

However, before choosing the save option, ensure that you have adjusted all the necessary settings to align the pages correctly. This includes ensuring that the margins used for each page are consistent, and that the layout of the pages is as desired.

Export as PDF for Further Needs

In some instances, you may need to export the split image as a PDF file. This will enable you to share the file easily, as it can be opened on any device without the need for specific software.

To export the image as a PDF, you can use the Save As option and choose PDF as the file type. Once you have made the selection, ensure that all the necessary settings are correctly adjusted to produce the desired result.

Useful for Large Image Printing Needs

Splitting images into multiple pages is an ideal solution for printing large images that are too big for regular paper. By dividing the image and printing each part on a separate piece of paper, you can create a stunning and impressive image that can be displayed on a wall or any other suitable location.

The split image can be merged into a single image using tape or glue, and the result will be a large and stunning image that will add a unique touch to any room.

In conclusion, splitting images into multiple pages is an effective way of printing large images that are too big for standard paper. By adjusting the necessary settings, saving or exporting the final result, and merging it into a single image, you can create a stunning masterpiece that will be the envy of all who see it.

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Print the Split Images

Printing a large image on a single page can be a tricky task for many printer models. However, you can print a big picture on multiple pages by splitting the image into sections. This method is also known as a tiled print or poster print. Here’s how to do it:

Choose Print Option

Firstly, open the image on any photo editor software and select the Print option from the File menu. Choose the printer you wish to use and click on Properties. In the Properties dialog box, choose the “Tiled” or “Poster” option, depending on the software and printer model. This option will split the image into multiple pages based on your specifications.

Check the Print Preview

Before you proceed with the print, make sure you check the preview option. This option allows you to see how the final print will look when assembled. Ensure that the image is split into pages that will fit your printer’s paper size. Adjust the orientation, scale, and margins if necessary to achieve the desired results.

Assemble Printed Pages

Once you have finished printing, arrange the pages correctly to get the complete picture. Use a ruler and a paper cutter to trim off the white borders. Alternatively, you can use scissors if you don’t have a paper cutter. Next, use double-sided tape, glue, or any other adhesive to join the pages together. Assemble the pages section by section, starting at the top left corner, and working through to the bottom right corner. Make sure all the pages are correctly aligned and that there are no gaps between them.

And voila! You have successfully printed a big picture on multiple pages, creating a panoramic-like image.

Printing an image this way can be a bit time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort, especially when it comes to creating memories and impressive artworks. It’s a great way to transform your digital photos into a tangible product that you can hold and display at home or at work.

How to Print a Big Picture on Multiple Pages

Printing large images is usually a difficult task, but with the right tool and technique, it can be an easy and enjoyable experience. Apple’s Preview app is a powerful tool that can help you print big pictures on multiple pages easily and without any complicated software. In this article, we will show you how to use Preview app to print a big picture on multiple pages.

Step 1: Open the Image

The first step is to open the image you want to print in Preview app. You can do this by either double-clicking the image file or dragging the file to Preview app icon in your dock.

Step 2: Click Print

Once the image is opened, go to “File” menu and click on “Print”. This will open the print dialog box.

Step 3: Select Page Setup

In the print dialog box, click on “Page Setup”. This will open a new window where you can customize your printing options.

Step 4: Set the Scale

In the Page Setup window, you will see an option for “Scale”. Set this to a percentage value that will allow your image to be split into multiple pages. For example, if you want to print a big picture on four pages, set the scale to 50%.

Step 5: Set the Orientation

Set the orientation of your image to landscape to ensure that it will be split across multiple pages rather than printed on a single page.

Step 6: Select Print

Click on “Print” in the Page Setup window to start printing your image. Preview will split your picture into multiple pages, which can be easily assembled to create a complete image.


Printing big pictures on multiple pages may seem daunting, but with Apple’s Preview app, it’s incredibly easy and straightforward. By following the above steps, you can easily print your favorite big pictures at home without the need for any complicated software. So, the next time you want to print a big picture, don’t hesitate to use Preview app to make the process simple and enjoyable.

Preview App is a Handy Tool

With Preview app, you have a versatile and user-friendly tool that can help you with a variety of tasks, including splitting large images into multiple pages for printing. The app is available on all Mac computers, making it a handy tool for any Mac user.

Printing Large Images Now Easy

Gone are the days when printing large images was a difficult and time-consuming process. With Preview app, you can print your favorite big pictures easily and without any hassle. So, start printing your favorite large images today and enjoy the final product in all its glory.

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Happy Printing!

Now that you know how to print a big picture on multiple pages, you can create awe-inspiring visual masterpieces. Just remember to choose the right picture, adjust the printing settings, and connect the pages correctly. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different layouts and paper sizes and see what works best for you. Thank you for reading and have fun printing! Don’t forget to come back later for more tips and tricks.

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