How to Remove People from Photos with Apple’s Editing Tools

Hello there! 👋 Have you ever captured a beautiful moment with your friends or family, but there’s someone in the photo that you would rather not have? Maybe it’s an ex-partner or an acquaintance who you no longer keep in contact with. Whatever the reason may be, you don’t have to delete the entire photo just because of one unwanted person. The good news is that you can use photo editing tools to cut people out of your pictures while keeping the memories intact.

In this article, we’ll show you how to cut people out of photos easily and efficiently. Whether you’re a professional photographer or someone who just wants to enhance their personal photos, this guide will help you achieve the desired results. So, let’s get started! 📷

How to cut people out of photos

Tools for Cutting People Out of Photos on Apple

With the advancement of technology, cutting people out of photos has become easier and more efficient. Apple provides various tools that are specifically designed to help users cut out individuals from pictures effortlessly. The following are some of the tools that can be used:

Instant Alpha tool

The Instant Alpha tool is available in the Preview app, which comes pre-installed on all Apple devices. It is a powerful tool that can help to cut out almost any object in an image. It works by selecting a color or shade of an image and then deleting it. What remains is the desired object or person, isolated from the background.

Lasso tool

The Lasso tool is another fantastic option for cutting people out of photos on an Apple device. It can be found in the Photos app, which is also pre-installed on all Apple devices. The Lasso tool allows users to draw a freehand shape around the object they want to cut out. It is an excellent tool when working with objects that don’t have straight edges.

Magnetic selection tool

The Magnetic selection tool is also available in the Photos app. It works by detecting the edge of an object and following it. This tool is a great option when working with objects that have clear edges. It saves time and produces accurate results.

In conclusion, cutting people out of photos can be a time-consuming and tricky task, but with Apple’s built-in tools, it is now easier than ever. The Instant Alpha tool, Lasso tool, and Magnetic selection tool are some of the best options available on Apple devices. Using these tools, users can produce high-quality and professional-looking photos with ease.

When removing people from your photos, it’s important to have the right tools. One option is cutting people out of photos. This article provides step-by-step instructions to help you achieve the desired results.

Using Instant Alpha Tool

If you are an Apple user, one of the easiest ways to remove objects from any image is by using the Instant Alpha tool. The tool allows you to select and delete the parts of an image that you don’t want to keep. Follow these simple steps to learn how to use the Instant Alpha tool:

Step 1: Open the image in Preview

The first step to being able to remove people from a photo using the Instant Alpha tool is to open the image in the Preview app on your Apple device. Preview is generally located within your Dock or in your Applications folder. Once you locate the app, double-click on it to open it up.

Step 2: Click on the Instant Alpha tool

Now that you have the image open in Preview, you will need to select the Instant Alpha tool to edit the image. You can find this tool located in the top toolbar in Preview. It’s represented by a wand icon and is generally the third or fourth tool from the left.

Step 3: Drag the cursor over the parts you want to remove

After clicking on the Instant Alpha tool, use your cursor or touchpad to highlight the areas that you want to remove. You will notice that the selection area will be highlighted with a red overlay as you drag the cursor over the areas that you want to remove. You can adjust the tolerance level of the selection by adjusting the slider located on the right-hand side of the toolbar. This will help you to adjust the tool’s sensitivity, making it easier or harder to select certain areas of your image.

Step 4: Remove the selected parts

Once you have selected the areas of the image that you want to remove, hit the delete key on your keyboard to delete the selection. The Instant Alpha tool will automatically remove the selected areas from your image. If you need to make further adjustments, you can do so by following the same steps until you have achieved the desired result.

The Instant Alpha tool is an excellent option for removing people or objects from images directly from your Apple device. Following these simple steps, you can quickly and efficiently edit your images to remove unwanted elements from them.

Using Lasso and Magnetic Selection Tool

If you want to remove someone from a photo but keep the rest of the image intact, then using the Lasso or Magnetic Selection tool is an effective method to achieve the desired result. Both of these tools allow you to select a specific area of the photo that you want to edit or remove.

The Lasso tool is a freehand method of selecting an area. To use it, select the tool and click and drag your cursor around the person you want to cut out. Once the area is completely surrounded, release your mouse button to complete the selection. After selecting the desired area, press the delete key on your keyboard, and the selected area will be removed.

The Magnetic Selection tool, on the other hand, automatically snaps to the edges of objects in the image, making it easier to select accurately. To use this tool, select it from your toolbar and click around the subject you want to remove. As you click and move around the subject, the tool will snap to the edges of the object, creating a selection. Once the area is completely surrounded, press the delete key to remove the selected person.

When using the Lasso or Magnetic Selection tools, it is important to have a steady hand and to zoom in on the image for more accurate results. Any small mistakes in the selection can result in unwanted areas being removed or areas being left behind.

After removing the person from the photo using either of these tools, you may need to adjust the surrounding area to ensure that it looks natural. You may need to use the clone stamp tool or the healing brush tool to fill in any gaps or irregularities that are left behind after removing the unwanted person.

The Lasso and Magnetic Selection tools are quick and easy methods to cut someone out of a photo. With a steady hand and some practice, you will be able to master these tools and edit your photos with ease.

Refining Your Selection

Now that you have made a rough selection of the person or object you want to cut out of your photo, it’s time to refine your selection. This process is crucial to ensure that your final result looks professional and natural.

One of the most useful tools for refining your selection is the zoom tool. Zoom in as much as you can to get a closer look at the edges around the person or object you want to cut out. This will help you to see any areas that you may have missed during your initial selection. It will also allow you to notice any small details that you may need to remove, such as stray hairs or pieces of clothing that are overlapping with the background.

Once you have zoomed in, you can use the eraser tool to manually remove any edges or areas that you want to eliminate. This tool allows you to be precise with your corrections and ensures that everything looks seamless once you finish cutting out your person or object.

Another helpful tool is the feather tool, which helps to soften the edges of your selection and blend it more naturally with the background. This is particularly useful if you want to cut out someone’s hair or remove a person from a complicated background.

Remember to take your time and work carefully when refining your selection. The more effort you put in, the better your final result will look.

Thanks for reading and happy photo editing!

Now that you know how to cut people out of photos, you can get creative with your photo editing skills. Remember, practice makes perfect, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques. We hope you found this article informative and helpful. Make sure to visit us again for more tips and tricks on how to enhance your photography skills!

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