How To Update AirPods Firmware

Updating AirPods Firmware: A Step-by-Step Guide

With the constant evolution of technology, keeping your devices up-to-date with the latest firmware is crucial for optimal performance, improved functionality, and enhanced security. In this article, we will delve into the world of Apple’s iconic wireless earbuds – AirPods – and explore how to update their firmware.

Understanding Firmware Updates

Before diving into the process of updating your AirPods’ firmware, it’s essential to understand what these updates entail. Firmware is a type of software that resides in hardware devices like AirPods, governing its behavior and performance. Updating the firmware ensures that your earbuds receive recent features, bug fixes, and security patches.

Preparation: Checking Your Current Firmware

Before attempting an update, it’s vital to determine what version you’re currently running on your AirPods. To do this:

  1. Connect your AirPods to a compatible Apple device (such as an iPhone or iPad).
  2. Open the Settings app and select “Bluetooth” from the list of available options.
  3. Locate the “i” icon next to your connected AirPods in the Bluetooth devices list.

This will reveal more information about your earbuds, including their current firmware version.

Updating Your AirPods’ Firmware

Now that you’re familiar with your current firmware, it’s time to update! Here are the steps:

  1. Open Settings: Begin by opening the Settings app on an iPhone or iPad connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your AirPods.
  2. Bluetooth Menu: Navigate to “Bluetooth” in the settings menu and toggle off Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. Restart Your AirPods: Put your AirPods into their case, then remove them while still within range of the device with internet connection.

This will cause the earbuds to restart automatically, ensuring a fresh start for the firmware update process.

  1. Go To Update Settings: Return to your iPhone or iPad’s settings menu and locate “General” > “Software Update” (on an older iOS version).

For newer devices, you might need to go directly into “Settings” > “Software Updates”.

  1. Firmware Availability Check: The device will search for available updates – including firmware updates specific to your AirPods.
  2. Install the Update: If a new firmware update is detected and approved for installation, follow the on-screen instructions.

Your AirPods will automatically receive the updated software after a short period of downloading.

Verification: Confirming Your New Firmware Version

After completing the update process:

  1. Reconnect your AirPods to their case.
  2. Remove them from their charging container once again.
  3. Open Settings > Bluetooth and verify that the “i” icon next to your earbuds has been updated with a newer firmware version.

This ensures you’ve successfully completed the updating procedure, which should improve your overall user experience and keep your AirPods running smoothly!

Troubleshooting: Common Issues

If an update fails or encounters problems during installation:

  • Error Codes: Review any error messages displayed on your device. Consult online forums, Apple Support resources, or seek assistance from authorized repair services to address specific issues.
  • Manual Update Installation: In some cases, it may be necessary to perform a manual update installation using iTunes (for Windows PCs). You can downlaod and install the latest firmware for AirPods 1st Generation via this method.

Remember: It’s essential to ensure your device has sufficient free space and that Bluetooth connectivity is stable during the update process. If you experience persistent problems, consider visiting an Apple Store or authorized repair center for assistance.


In conclusion, updating your AirPods’ firmware is a straightforward yet vital procedure ensuring optimal performance and seamless compatibility with your other devices. By following these steps, you can breathe new life into your beloved wireless earbuds. Don’t neglect to keep those EarPods up-to-date!

Note: This article only applies to the first-generation Apple AirPods (Model A1366). The process may vary for subsequent generations or different models of AirPods and other compatible devices.