How To Use Kroger Pay

Mastering Kroger Pay: A Step-by-Step Guide

In today’s digital era, the ease of transactions has become crucial for any successful business or institution. One such entity that has made significant strides in this regard is Kroger, a well-established American retail grocery chain. Their innovative mobile payment system, called “Kroger Pay,” enables customers to pay for their purchases quickly and seamlessly. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the ins and outs of using Kroger Pay effectively.

Getting Started with Krogor Pay

Before you can commence exploring the benefits of Kroger Pay, you need to have a few essential components in place:

  1. Download or Update the Kroger App: Visit your app store (Apple App Store for iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android) and download or update the official Kroger app.
  2. Create a Digital Coupon Account: If you haven’t done so already, create an account on Kroger’s website using your mobile phone number, email address, and password.

Linking Your Credit Card to Krogor Pay

For seamless transactions with Kroger Pay:

  1. Open the App or Website: Access the app or log into your digital coupon account online.
  2. Tap ‘Account’: Navigate to your account settings by tapping on “Account” (on mobile) or clicking on “Profile & Settings” (online).
  3. Click/Add a Payment Method: Select either “Add Credit Card” from the drop-down list if you haven’t linked any cards already, or click ‘+’ for new credit card.
  4. Enter Your Credit Card Information: Enter your name and billing address as required by Kroger Pay. The app will automatically fill in some of these details.

Enabling Touchless Checkout

Kroger Pay’s touchless checkout feature is designed to minimize physical contact at the register:

  1. Sign In or Sign Up for Shoppers Digital ID: Open the Kroger app and sign up or log in with your email address, phone number, and password (if you haven’t done so already).
  2. Click ‘Shopper’s Digital ID’: On the menu screen of your app, find “Shopper’s Digital ID” under ‘Account’. Tap it.
  3. Choose Your Preferred Method for Touchless Checkout: You can either enable biometric login (FaceID or TouchID) or set up a 4-digit PIN to securely authenticate your identity during checkout.

How Krogor Pay Works

Here’s the step-by-step process when making payments using Kroger Pay:

  1. Select ‘Checkout’ at Your Cart: Tap on “Continue Checkout” once you’ve added items and wish to pay.
  2. Choose Payment Method (Krogr Pay): From the available payment options, select “Pay with Krogor Pay”.
  3. Scan Code or Insert Card: Using your mobile device’s camera, scan the QR code displayed at checkout; otherwise insert your linked credit card manually.

Tips for Using Kroger Pay Efficiently

For a smooth and streamlined experience:

  1. Verify Your Account Balance: Keep track of your account balance by regularly checking the app.
  2. Save Credit Card Information (Optional): Store multiple credit cards for convenience or remove unwanted saved cards to ensure security.
  3. Regular Updates Ensure Compatibility: Regularly update your Kroger app to miantian compatibility with latest operating systems.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Krogor Pay is designed for seamless transactions, but unforeseen issues may arise:

  1. Authentication Problems: Try restarting the app or checking your connection quality if authentication fails.
  2. Insufficient Funds: Check your account balance and add funds as needed to avoid interruptions in checkout.


With Kroger Pay, shopping experiences are now faster and more streamlined than ever before. By following these detailed steps and utilizing expert tips for using Krogor Pay efficiently, you’ll be well on your way to embracing the world of digital transactions with ease.