How to Watch Ted Lasso Without Apple TV+

Hello there! 👋 Are you a fan of feel-good shows that inspire you to be a better person? If you haven’t watched Ted Lasso yet, then you’re definitely missing out on something great. The show has quickly become one of the most popular series out there, and for good reason. It’s funny, heartwarming, and has an amazing cast that will leave you feeling uplifted every time you watch an episode.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have an Apple TV+, you might be wondering if there’s any way to watch Ted Lasso without having to subscribe to yet another streaming service. Well, good news! There are actually several ways you can watch Ted Lasso without having to pay extra. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best options available so you won’t have to miss out on this fantastic show. 😄

Ted Lasso

Why Should You Watch Ted Lasso?

If you’re an avid fan of sports comedies, then Ted Lasso is a must-watch show for you. This popular show follows the journey of a small-town college football coach as he takes on the role of coaching AFC Richmond, an English Premier League team.

But Ted Lasso is not just your typical sports comedy. It’s a heartfelt and inspiring show that explores themes of teamwork, leadership, and personal growth. The characters are well-developed, and each episode manages to balance humor and serious topics with ease.

So it’s no surprise that Ted Lasso has racked up numerous awards, critical acclaim, and a dedicated fanbase. If you haven’t watched the show yet, you’re missing out!

Find an Alternate Streaming Service

If you don’t want to subscribe to Apple TV+, there are other streaming services that offer the option to add Apple TV+ to your account. Amazon Prime and Hulu are two examples. Amazon Prime members can add Apple TV+ as a channel for an additional monthly fee. You can then watch Ted Lasso and other Apple TV+ shows through the Amazon Prime Video app. Similarly, Hulu subscribers can add Apple TV+ to their plan for an additional fee and access the content through the Hulu app.

Keep in mind that adding Apple TV+ as a channel may not be as cost-effective as subscribing directly. However, it can give you access to Ted Lasso and other exclusive shows without committing to a full Apple TV+ subscription.

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Find a Friend with Apple TV+

If you are not interested in paying for another subscription service to watch Ted Lasso, you can always reach out to friends or family members who have Apple TV+. Many people do not utilize all the streaming services they pay for, so they might be more than happy to share their account credentials with you.

Just make sure to ask for their permission first and express your gratitude for their generosity. It’s important to remember that sharing account information without permission is technically against Apple’s terms of service.

Once you have access to their account, you can simply log in and start streaming Ted Lasso. You’ll be able to watch all the episodes of the series and other great content on Apple TV+ without spending any additional money.

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Rent or Purchase Episodes

Not interested in subscribing to Apple TV+? No worries, you can still enjoy Ted Lasso by renting or purchasing episodes or seasons on other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, or the Apple Store.

If you choose to rent an episode or season, you’ll have a limited amount of time to watch it. For example, on Amazon Prime Video, you’ll typically have 30 days to start watching after renting an episode or season, and then once you’ve started, you’ll have 48 hours to finish watching it. If you’re someone who only wants to watch an episode once, this option may be more affordable for you.

If you prefer to watch an episode or season multiple times or want to have access to it forever, then purchasing it outright might be your best bet. The cost to purchase an episode or season can vary depending on the streaming platform you choose and whether you’re buying in standard or high definition. For example, on Google Play, an episode of Ted Lasso in standard definition costs around $1.99 to rent and $2.99 to buy, whereas the same episode in high definition costs $2.99 to rent and $3.99 to buy.

Overall, renting or purchasing Ted Lasso episodes or seasons is a great option for those who don’t want the commitment of a monthly subscription but still want to enjoy the show. It’s also a good way to catch up on missed episodes if you fall behind in watching.

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Enjoy Your Ted Lasso Experience Anywhere!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and learn how to watch Ted Lasso without Apple TV+. We hope that our suggestions have helped you enjoy this heartwarming and hilarious show from anywhere and at any time. Remember, streaming services always change their accessibility options, so keep an eye out for updates and new ways to watch. Don’t hesitate to come back and read more helpful guides like this one. Happy streaming!

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