7 Games Like Dishonored You Need to Try

Hello there fellow gamers! 👋 Are you a fan of stealthy gameplay, intriguing storylines, and immersing yourself in rich and detailed worlds? Do you enjoy games that give you the freedom to explore, experiment, and approach situations in your own unique way? If so, then you’ve probably already played and loved Dishonored. But what do you do when you’ve completed the game and crave more? Fear not, because we’ve got you covered with 7 amazing games that are just like Dishonored!

Dishonored, developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, was released in 2012 and immediately captured the hearts of gamers all over the world. The game is set in a steampunk-inspired world where you play as Corvo Attano, a skilled assassin seeking revenge for his wrongful imprisonment. With its blend of magical abilities, creative gameplay, and intricate level design, Dishonored is a must-play for anyone who loves action-adventure games. But if you’ve already played it and want more games to satiate your appetite, then keep on reading to discover some hidden gems.

7 Games Like Dishonored You Need to Try

1. Prey


Prey is a sci-fi FPS game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was released in 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Prey follows Morgan Yu, a scientist aboard the Talos I space station that is attacked by aliens called the Typhon. Morgan must fight for survival using weapons, gadgets, and supernatural powers.

Aliens assault a space station

The story of Prey takes place in an alternate timeline where John F. Kennedy survived his assassination attempt and focused on space exploration. The United States and the Soviet Union worked together to build the Talos I station to study the Typhon, a species discovered on a Soviet satellite. However, a mysterious outbreak occurs, and the Typhon break loose, killing most of the station’s crew members. Morgan must uncover the truth about the Typhon, the experiments conducted on Talos I, and their connection to their own past.

Multiple game endings based on choices

Prey features multiple endings based on the player’s choices throughout the game. The decisions affect the story’s outcome and lead to different final missions. Depending on the player’s actions, the story can end positively, negatively, or a neutral state.

Unlock abilities and use stealth

At the start of the game, Morgan has access to basic weapons like pistols, shotguns, and wrenches. Players can also acquire other weapons and tools, like the GLOO Cannon, which can create platforms and pathways and immobilize enemies. The Typhon powers are more mysterious, allowing the player to gain abilities like telekinesis, mind control, and invisibility. These powers have varying effects on different enemies, environments, and puzzles in the game, allowing players to tackle challenges in different ways.

2. Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

If you’re looking for an immersive game with a gripping storyline, Bioshock Infinite is a great option. The game is set in a city in the clouds called Columbia, which is full of mystery and intrigue. The player takes on the role of Booker DeWitt, a private detective who is hired to rescue a young woman named Elizabeth. As the game progresses, you’ll uncover dark secrets about Columbia and its inhabitants.

Use of Vigors to gain powers

Vigors in Bioshock Infinite

One of the unique features of Bioshock Infinite is the use of Vigors, which are special powers that the player can use to gain an advantage in battles. These powers include telekinesis, the ability to control ravens, and the power to manipulate electricity. Using Vigors is essential to winning battles, as they can help you overcome difficult enemies and traps.

Change the environment to help win battles

Bioshock Infinite Battles

Another interesting aspect of Bioshock Infinite is the way the environment can be manipulated to help you win battles. For example, you can use telekinesis to pick up objects and throw them at enemies, or you can create a cover using the environment to avoid enemy fire. These mechanics make battles more dynamic and fun, as you can use your surroundings to your advantage.

Alternate realities have different enemies

Bioshock Infinite Enemies

One of the unique features of Bioshock Infinite is the concept of alternate realities. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter different versions of Columbia, each with its own set of enemies and challenges. This adds an element of unpredictability to the game and makes each playthrough different from the last.

Overall, Bioshock Infinite is a classic shooter with unique features and mechanics that make it stand out from other games in the genre. If you’re a fan of action-packed games with engaging storylines, this is definitely one to try.

Mount and Blade offers players a chance to lead armies and conquer territories, putting a different spin on the action RPG formula.

3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

If you’re looking for a game similar to Dishonored, then Deus Ex: Mankind Divided might be the perfect choice. The game takes place in a dystopian future where technology has advanced to the point of allowing humans to augment themselves with cybernetic enhancements.

Cybernetic Enhancements and Human Struggle

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided allows you to explore a world rich with technological advancements and how it impacts the human struggle. The game is set in the year 2029, where augmented humans are segregated and treated like second-class citizens. You play as Adam Jensen, who is an augmented human and works as a covert agent. The game’s primary focus is on the conflict between augmented humans and non-augmented humans.

Enhanced Physical Abilities and Weapons

One of the best things about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the ability to enhance your physical abilities and weapons. You can upgrade Jensen’s abilities and weapons by using Praxis Kits, which can be obtained by completing objectives and side missions. As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock new abilities that can be used to complete missions in different ways.

Moral Dilemmas with Character Choices

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided features a branching storyline that is impacted by the choices you make throughout the game. The game presents you with multiple and weighted choices that impact gameplay in various ways. The choices that you make will affect the story’s outcome, and you will be forced to make difficult moral decisions throughout the game.

If you enjoy the stealth gameplay and branching storylines of Dishonored, then Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an excellent alternative game to try out. The game’s focus on cybernetic enhancements and the human struggle is sure to keep you hooked for hours.

Games like Dishonored can satisfy your stealth gameplay cravings with their own unique twists.

4. Thief


Thief is a classic stealth game that focuses on the art of pickpocketing and lockpicking. The game features dark, atmospheric environments, deceptive enemies, and intense sneaking action. Thief is a masterclass in immersive storytelling, encouraging players to explore their surroundings, pick their targets, and execute their goals with precision and style.

Stealth is a primary objective

In Thief, stealth is not an option; it is a necessity. To succeed, players must blend into their surroundings, move quietly, and avoid detection at all costs. Confrontation is not encouraged, as it often leads to failure. The game places a strong emphasis on awareness, rewarding players for keeping their eyes open, listening closely, and using their wits to stay one step ahead of their enemies.

Customize weapons and equipment

Thief encourages players to experiment with a range of weapons and equipment, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Players can customize their gear to reflect their playstyle, whether that means focusing on stealth or aggression. There are also various upgrades and modifications available that can enhance your capabilities, allowing you to move faster, jump higher, and pick locks more easily.

Non-linear levels with diverse objectives

Thief offers a wide selection of non-linear levels, giving players the freedom to explore and complete objectives in their own way. Whether it’s infiltrating a heavily guarded fortress or stealing a priceless artifact, each mission presents a unique set of challenges. Players can choose from multiple approaches for each task, experimenting with different strategies until they find the one that works best for them.

5. Assassin’s Creed Unity

Assassin's Creed Unity

If you’re looking for a game that shares some of the elements of Dishonored yet takes place in a completely different setting, look no further than Assassin’s Creed Unity. This game, which was released in 2014, takes place during the French Revolution and allows you to explore a detailed, beautifully rendered version of Paris.

Parkour and stealth are emphasized

As in Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed Unity puts a strong emphasis on stealth and mobility. The game’s parkour system allows you to traverse the city quickly and easily, allowing you to dodge past obstacles and navigate through crowds. Additionally, the game features a robust stealth system that allows you to silently take out enemies and avoid detection.

Social stealth which integrates into gameplay

One feature that sets Assassin’s Creed Unity apart from other games in the series is its focus on social stealth. In addition to avoiding guards and other enemies, you’ll need to navigate social classes and blend in with crowds in order to accomplish your goals. This adds an extra layer of complexity to the game’s stealth mechanics and makes each mission feel like a puzzle to solve.

Grand Theft Auto is another beloved open-world game series with its own distinct setting and style.

6. Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2

If you loved the action-packed gameplay and immersive storyline of Dishonored, then you need to try out its sequel – Dishonored 2. This game takes place 15 years after the events of the first game, and follows the story of Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano as they attempt to reclaim the throne of the Empire of the Isles.

Sequel to Dishonored – a game like itself

Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, Dishonored 2 features everything that made the original game great, but with an added level of depth and complexity that sets it apart. The gameplay mechanics have been improved upon, the graphics are stunning, and the storyline is captivating and immersive.

Multi-path mission design with consequences

Multi-path mission design with consequences

One of the most exciting aspects of Dishonored 2 is the multi-path mission design. This means that there are multiple ways to complete each mission, with different consequences depending on the choices you make. Whether you choose to use lethal force or non-lethal methods, the outcome of each mission will be affected by your decisions. This feature adds a layer of replay value to the game, as you can try different approaches and see how they affect the storyline.

Player choices affect the game’s outcome

In Dishonored 2, the choices you make as a player can have a significant impact on the game’s outcome. For example, the decisions you make during the course of the game will determine which of five possible endings you get. Additionally, the choices you make throughout the game will affect the overall state of the kingdom, ultimately determining its fate. This level of player agency is rare in games and makes Dishonored 2 particularly enjoyable to play.

7. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

If you loved the stealth and action-packed gameplay of Dishonored, then Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a must-play for you. Developed by Kojima Productions, this game is set in Afghanistan and Africa during the Soviet-Afghan War and follows the journey of Venom Snake as he seeks revenge on those who destroyed his forces and nearly killed him.

Open world tactical espionage action

One of the most impressive features of Metal Gear Solid V is the open world that allows you to choose your own path towards completing missions. Whether you want to sneak around your enemies unnoticed or go in guns blazing, you have the freedom to approach each mission in your own unique way.

The tactical espionage action mechanics of the game are top-notch, giving players the option to use silenced weapons, knock out guards, hide bodies, and even use decoys to distract enemies. It’s up to you to decide the best way to complete each mission.

Varied mission design with specific objectives

Similar to Dishonored, Metal Gear Solid V offers a wide range of mission designs with specific objectives to complete. Each mission is unique and requires different tactics, making the game feel refreshing and challenging every step of the way.

You can even complete tasks in your own way, allowing for a personalized gameplay experience. Whether it’s taking out enemies using your sniper rifle or sneaking through enemy territory without being detected, the choice is yours.

In-depth character development and customization

Metal Gear Solid V has a more complex character development system than Dishonored, allowing you to customize your own character, Venom Snake. You can build Mother Base, an offshore facility, and recruit staff to develop equipment for the mission at hand.

The customization options extend beyond just gear and weapons, with the ability to choose your own camouflage, uniforms, and even the music in your helicopter.

If you’re a fan of Dishonored, you’ll love Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Its open world, varied mission design, and in-depth character development make it a worthy game to add to your library.

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