7 Games Similar to Age of War

Hello readers, welcome to our article on games that will take you back to the past. 🎮🕹️ Age of War is a classic game that many of us have enjoyed over the years. It is an online game that simulates the evolution of human civilizations, where players must manage resources and build armies to defeat their opponents. Whether you are new to the game or an experienced player, you may be interested in exploring other similar games.

In this article, we have compiled a list of seven games that are similar to Age of War. These games share similar gameplay mechanics, themes, and challenges that you have experienced while playing Age of War. Each game offers a unique experience with different armies, units, and strategies. So, let’s dive in and explore some exciting games! 🤩

Age of War Game

Civilizations Wars

Tactical game

Civilizations Wars is another popular game that operates in a similar fashion to Age of War. In this game, players choose their civilization and lead their tribe to victory against other opponent civilizations. The game involves strategic decision-making skills as players must deploy their armies in a strategic manner to defeat their enemies and conquer their territory.

Choose your civilization

Tactical game

In Civilizations Wars, players get to choose their own civilization and lead them to victory. Players can choose from a variety of civilizations, with each civilization having its own unique strengths and weaknesses. This makes the game more interesting and challenging as players can experiment with different civilizations and strategies to see what works best.

One-click gameplay

Tactical game

Civilizations Wars is a game that requires quick thinking and rapid movements. The game features a one-click gameplay style where players can send their troops to invade the enemy’s territory with just a single click. This makes the game fast-paced and exciting, as players must think and act quickly if they want to emerge victorious.

Tactical game

Tactical game

Strategy is an important aspect of Civilizations Wars. Players must develop a strategic plan of attack, where to place their army, build up their base and upgrade their units. This tactical element ensures that there is always a new challenge to overcome and keeps players engaged for hours. The game is not just about attacking, but also about defense, which makes it a well-rounded and engaging experience.

Stick War

Stick War

Stick War is a real-time strategy game where you command your stickman army to fight against other stickmen and conquer their territory. With its unique gameplay and stunning graphics, it has become a popular game among strategy game lovers.

Stickmen vs stickmen

In Stick War, your mission is to control your army of stickmen and lead them to victory. The game allows you to train your army to become a powerful and unbeatable force.

You can choose your units wisely depending on the enemy you are facing, as each unit has its own unique abilities and attacks. Some units are better for attacking, while others are better for defense and support.

Real-time strategy

You need to take control of various resources, build your army, and attack your opponents in real-time. You also need to use your strategic skills to defend your territory, mine gold, find resources, and produce more troops to strengthen your army.

Unique campaign mode

Stick War offers a unique campaign mode where you travel to different territories and conquer them to unlock new units and upgrades. Each territory you conquer brings new challenges as the enemies become stronger and more challenging to beat.

You must use your best strategy and tactics to defeat each enemy and rule the territory. With every conquered territory, you will unlock new units and upgrades, which will enable you to build a stronger army and conquer more lands.

Overall, Stick War is an exciting and challenging strategy game that requires your skills, instinct, and strategic thinking. Give it a try, and you won’t regret it!

Knight Age

Knight Age

If you love Age of War, you’ll surely enjoy Knight Age, an online game where you get to experience the best of medieval times. The 2D game features jousting battles, upgrades for your horse, and tournaments that get progressively more challenging. In this article, we will go over each element that makes Knight Age worth playing.

Jousting Battles

Jousting battles

One of the most exciting parts of Knight Age is the jousting battles. Players get to participate in thrilling battles to win the champion’s belt. You’ll need to have quick reflexes and great timing to win a jousting battle. The game allows you to customize your knight’s armor and weapons to give you an advantage in battles. The more battles you win, the more rewards you’ll earn, including gold, experience, and upgrades for your horse.

Horse Training and Upgrades

Horse training and upgrades

In Knight Age, your horse is not just a mode of transportation, it’s also a valuable asset in battles. You can train and upgrade your horse to give you an advantage in jousting battles. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock more upgrades that will help you win battles. You can purchase new horses or breed your own to create a powerful and unique mount. It’s important to keep your horse healthy and rested, so be sure to take care of it between battles.

Tournament Progression

Tournament progression

Winning jousting battles will take you through various tournaments with different levels of difficulty. The tournaments get more challenging as you progress, but the rewards also get better. You can earn gold, experience, and upgrades for your horse with each tournament win. You can even unlock new knights to play as, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The ultimate goal is to become the champion of all tournaments and earn the coveted champion’s belt.

If you’re looking for an addicting online game that combines strategy, action, and medieval times, Knight Age is definitely worth a try. With jousting battles, horse training and upgrades, and tournament progression, there’s never a dull moment in this game. So grab your lance and get ready to ride into battle.

Arcane Weapon

Arcane Weapon

Arcane Weapon is a fun and addictive game that features exciting kung-fu fighting and magical spells. In this game, you must defend yourself against hordes of enemies using your fighting skills and magic moves.

Kung-fu fighting

The kung-fu fighting in Arcane Weapon is one of the game’s main attractions. You’ll find yourself constantly engaged in combat, taking on opponents with fists and feet. The various moves and combos add to the excitement, making each battle feel unique.

Unlockable skills and weapons

As you progress through the game, you’ll earn experience points that can be used to unlock new skills and weapons. The more you play, the more powerful you’ll become, enabling you to take on even tougher enemies.

Story-driven game

Arcane Weapon is a story-driven game that follows the journey of a group of heroes as they battle an evil emperor. The rich and engaging storyline adds depth and meaning to the game, giving players a sense of purpose as they fight to save their homeland.



Conquerors is a game that allows you to build your own kingdom and take on the challenges of ruling and expanding your empire. With a simple premise, this game offers hours of enjoyment and tactical gameplay.

Build your empire

Starting with a small town, your mission is to build your empire to become the most powerful kingdom in the game. You will need to train and manage your troops, research new technologies, and gather resources to become a dominant force.

Multiplayer game

Apart from the single-player campaign, Conquerors also offers a multiplayer mode where you can compete against other players online. In the multiplayer mode, you will need to use your skills and strategies to battle other players to see who can build the best empire.

Various units and buildings

Conquerors has a vast range of units and buildings to choose from, giving you complete control over your army and kingdom’s development. You can create a diverse army by building different types of units and structures, such as barracks, archer towers, and siege weapons, and training different types of units, such as infantry, cavalry, and ranged units.

In conclusion, Conquerors is a fantastic game that provides an engaging and challenging experience. With various units, buildings, and a competitive multiplayer mode, it’s a must-play for fans of strategy and empire-building games. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started in the world of strategy games, Conquerors is an excellent choice for your next gaming adventure.

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Dragon Age Journeys

Dragon Age Journeys

If you’ve played Age of War and you’re looking for something similar but with a little more RPG flavor, Dragon Age Journeys might just be right up your alley. Developed by EA2D and set in the same world as BioWare’s Dragon Age series, this browser-based game is packed with lore and story.

Dragon-fighting battles

Dragon-fighting battles

The battles in Dragon Age Journeys are definitely the highlight of the game, and it just wouldn’t be a RPG set in a land filled with dragons without them. You’ll get to face off against a variety of dragons, each with their own unique abilities and weaknesses, requiring you to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Turn-based gameplay

Turn-based gameplay

The gameplay in Dragon Age Journeys revolves around turn-based battles, where you’ll need to strategize your moves and attacks to come out victorious. Your characters’ abilities and stats will play a major role in the outcome of the battles, so it’s important to level up and keep upgrading them throughout the game.

Upgradeable characters

Upgradeable characters

One of the great things about Dragon Age Journeys is the way you can level up and upgrade your characters’ abilities, making them stronger and more powerful as you progress through the game. Each character has their own unique class and skill tree to upgrade, giving you a wide range of options to customize your party to your liking.

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Age of Booty

Age of Booty

If you are a fan of the pirate theme, Age of Booty is a great game that will keep you entertained for hours. This strategy game lets you take control of your own fleet of pirate ships and conquer the high seas. Build your crew, capture other ships, and raid ports to increase your wealth and power.

Pirate-themed strategy game

The pirate theme is prevalent throughout the game, with your ships and pirates all having a distinctive and charming look. The game is built around resource management, and you’ll need to carefully balance your gold, ships, and crews to ensure that you can keep your fleet supplied and ready for battle.

Online multiplayer

If you’re looking for a challenge, the online multiplayer mode is a great way to test your skills against other players. Battle it out to see who can become the Pirate King and reign supreme on the high seas. The online mode is fast-paced and intense, with players using all their wit and cunning to outsmart their opponents.

Randomly generated maps

To keep the game fresh and exciting, Age of Booty features randomly generated maps that change with every playthrough. Each new game is a unique experience, with new challenges and obstacles to overcome. This means that there is always something new to discover, and you will never get bored playing it.

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