Games Like Animal Crossing for PC

Games Like Animal Crossing for PC: A World of Whimsy, Creativity, and Relaxation

As the sun sets on Tom Nook’s picturesque town of Sanctuary, gamers find themselves craving more experiences akin to Nintendo’s beloved series Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The allure is understandable – who wouldn’t want to craft a life amidst rolling green hills, buzzing with insects and bustling with community? While there may not be an exact equivalent on PC just yet (though we can hope!), the following list of games like Animal Crossing for PC promises to satiate your appetite for wholesome simulation, creative expression, and calming escapism.


  1. Stardew Valley: The epitome of relaxing farm-to-table experiences. Create a character from scratch, till the land, raise animals, explore caves filled with ancient secrets – and romance! (PC: Steam)
  2. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope**: Another classic life-simulator where you rebuild and nurture a neglected farm under clear blue skies. The essence of farming and animal husbandry remains unchanged – this is an excellent option for fans of the Harvest Moon series. (PC: GOG, Steam)
  3. Rune Factory 4: A unique blend between city-life management and agricultural simulation within the world of Rune Factory’s fantastical settings! Grow crops, raise beasts, engage with town folks, all while exploring dungeons filled with mysterious artifacts.
  4. My Time at Portia: An upcoming game that combines elements from Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and My Singing Monsters (more on this later). Create a character and inherit a neglected workshop – revitalize your new life as you grow flowers, raise animals, or participate in town events.

Whimsical Explorations

  1. Little Dragons Café: Combine love of baking with care for adorable dragons! Run a café to save the land from despair, plant rare plants, explore ancient ruins and more!
  2. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles: Explore vibrant cloud-filled skies while building your dream town on an endless procedurally generated world map – be prepared to topple in love!
  3. Gnomes Garden : Help adorable gnomes care for their garden! Plant, grow, and harvest magical flora amidst a whimsical setting.

Indie Delights

  1. My Singing Monsters: Create habitats filled with musical creatures! Hatch new monsters from eggs collected while exploring mysterious lands – or explore the darkly satirical humor behind it.
  2. Slime Rancher: Feed adorable slimes, manage ranches and gardens within a colorful world built around your actions!
  3. Lethis Return to Curasteel: Guide the spirit of an explorer named Lethi on her quest for artifacts while learning from ancient civilizations.


Games like Animal Crossing for PC are plentiful! From farm-to-table simulatoins (Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon), fantastical settings with gardening and exploration elements (Rune Factory 4, My Time at Portia), whimsical world-building (Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles), or dark humor-tinged escapism (My Singing Monsters – beware!), the sheer variety of creative experiences awaits. Whichever route you choose, immerse yourself in the worlds waiting to be crafted and enjoyed!