Games Like ArkNights 3

Games Like Arknights: A Comprehensive Guide to Tactical Combat Simulations


Arknights, developed by Hypergryph Interactive, is a highly acclaimed tactical combat simulation game that has garnered widespread attention for its engaging gameplay, strategic depth, and rich storytelling. If you’re hooked on this gem of a game and are looking for similar experiences to satiate your craving for more action-packed adventures, we’ve got you covered! This article will delve into the world of games like Arknights, exploring both established titles and lesser-known gems that share similarities with our beloved Arknights. Buckle up and get ready to uncover recent favorite games!

Tactical Combat Simulations:

  1. Puzzle & Dragons: As a mobile-exclusive game, Puzzle & Dragons shares some common ground with Arknights’ puzzle-based combat mechanism. Players collect and train monsters for battle while exploring dungeons, trading cards, and completing quests.
  2. Dislycia: Kingdoms Rise: This strategy-focused RPG features real-time battles against hordes of enemeis while building a strong team through card collection. The game also includes tower defense elements to expand gameplay variety.

Turn-Based Battle Mechanics:

  1. The Battle Cats: A cat-filled version of Puzzle & Dragons, this spin-off offers an unique battle system where cats can be evolved for enhanced abilities.
  2. MagiComms: This mobile RPG takes inspiration from classic card games and blends it with a fantasy setting to create engaging combat.

Exploration-Based Gameplay:

  1. Rise to Ruins: Players take on the role of archaeologists in this cooperative strategy game where excavation sites are filled with hidden secrets, puzzles, and mythical creatures.
  2. Dungeon Defenders 2: This tower defense game focuses on exploration, as players design levels within dungeons while fending off hordes of enemies.

Post-Apocalyptic Settings:

  1. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun: Set in feudal Japan during a post-apocalyptic era, this turn-based strategy title combines stealth elements with combat to create an immersive experience.
  2. The Last Day on Mars: As part of NASA’s latest mission to uncover secrets about Mars’ mysterious past, players guide their team through treacherous terrain while battling the unknown.

Role-Playing Games (RPGs):

  1. Divinity: Dragon Commander: This isometric RPG offers an engaging battle system where strategic decisions impact gameplay outcomes.
  2. The Battle for Polytopia: Set in a fantastical world, this mobile-exclusive strategy game lets players build and customize armies for intense turn-based battles.


Arknights has undoubtedly carved out its own niche in the realm of tactical combat simulations. However, exploring similar games with unique twists can broaden one’s gaming horizons while ensuring continuous entertainment. These recommendations cater to various tastes and offer engaging experiences that share elements found within Arknights. Dive into these captivating worlds and discover which ones resonate most with you!