7 Fun Games Like Coin Master to Play Now

Welcome readers, 👋⭐️ have you ever played Coin Master for hours on end? ⏰ If so, you might be on the lookout for similar games that offer the same level of excitement. Coin Master is undoubtedly a popular casual game that millions of people from around the world enjoy playing every day, with over 80 million active users! Players spin the slot machine, collect coins, build bases, attack other players’ bases, and loot their coins in this fun and addictive game. If you’re into this type of game and looking for something new to play, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ve rounded up seven fun games like Coin Master to keep you entertained for hours.

Seven Fun Games Like Coin Master to Play Now

With similar gameplay and features, these games offer a refreshing spin on the classic Coin Master formula. Some are based on different themes, others offer exciting new twists, but they all have one thing in common: they’re fun, addictive, and will keep you entertained for hours on end! So, without further ado, let’s jump right in and explore some of the best games like Coin Master that you can play right now.⭐️🎮

1. Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings

If you’re a fan of Coin Master, you’ll definitely enjoy Pirate Kings – a game that allows you to build islands and ships and raid your friends’ islands. Similar to Coin Master, the main goal of Pirate Kings is to collect as many coins as possible by spinning the wheel and participating in daily challenges. However, Pirate Kings adds a unique twist by allowing you to upgrade your islands and ships to make them more powerful.

Build islands and raid friends

Pirate Kings starts off with a basic island that you can customize and upgrade by buying new buildings and decorations. You can also upgrade your ship to increase its capacity and speed, as well as unlock new weapons and cannons to help you raid other players’ islands. To initiate a raid, you have to spin the wheel and land on the ‘attack’ symbol. Once you succeed, you can steal a portion of your friend’s coins and add them to your own stash.

Unlock new islands and pets

Pirate Kings offers a wide selection of islands to conquer – each with its own set of challenges and obstacles. These islands can only be unlocked by collecting certain items, which you can earn by spinning the wheel or completing daily challenges. In addition to islands, Pirate Kings also allows you to collect pets – cute creatures that can help you earn extra coins and defend your island from attacks. Each pet has a unique ability, such as freezing the enemy ship or boosting your coin production.

Collect daily bonuses and rewards

To keep players engaged, Pirate Kings offers daily bonuses and rewards for logging in regularly. These bonuses include free spins, extra raid attempts, and even a chance to win real cash prizes. Pirate Kings also has a social aspect – you can connect with Facebook friends and compete against them on the leaderboard. The game also offers various events and tournaments where you can win exclusive prizes and bragging rights.

2. Gardenscapes


Gardenscapes is a fun and addictive game that invites you to restore a grand but neglected garden. The game involves completing match-3 levels to earn stars and coins, which can then be used to purchase new items and decorations for your garden. The game is easy to play, but challenging to master, and there’s always something new to discover.

Redesign and Restore a Mansion Garden

The game’s main goal is to help Austin, the butler, restore the mansion garden to its former glory. To do this, you must complete various match-3 levels that are spread across the garden. Each level has a unique challenge, and as you progress through the game, the levels become more difficult.

Meet Interesting Characters

Gardenscapes offers a captivating storyline that follows Austin and other interesting characters as you progress through the game. As you complete different levels, you’ll unlock new parts of the garden and meet new characters who will help you in your quest to restore the garden. The character’s stories are heart-warming and engaging, and they add an extra layer of depth to the game.

Unlock New Areas and Decor Items

The game offers a wide variety of decor items and accessories that you can use to give your garden a unique look. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new areas of the garden and new decor items that you can place in your garden. This gives you the freedom to create your own unique design, and the possibilities are endless.

3. Toon Blast

Join a team and compete in tournaments

If you like colorful and entertaining games like Coin Master, Toon Blast is definitely a game worth checking out. This addictive puzzle game is set in a cartoon world where you blast your way through levels by matching cubes and clearing obstacles. The game’s colorful graphics and satisfying gameplay make it an excellent way to kill time.

Unlock and collect cartoon characters

Join a team and compete in tournaments

Toon Blast allows you to unlock and collect cartoon characters with special abilities that aid you in completing levels. Each character has its unique power that can help you beat difficult levels. Collecting the characters is also a fun way to keep you engaged with the game. So, keep playing and unlocking new characters to add to your collection.

Join a team and compete in tournaments

Join a team and compete in tournaments

Join a team or create your own in Toon Blast and compete in weekly tournaments for rewards and bragging rights. This feature adds a competitive aspect to the game, which makes it more exciting and engaging. You can also chat and strategize with your team members to increase your chances of winning. So, join a team, compete in tournaments and dominate the leaderboard.

Merge Dragons!

Merge Dragons!

If you’re a fan of dragons and magical creatures, Merge Dragons! is the perfect game for you. This puzzle game allows you to combine dragons and objects to create new ones, and heal the land in the process.

Combine dragons and objects to create new ones

In Merge Dragons!, you start with a pile of dragon eggs and various objects scattered around the land. Your goal is to combine these objects in the most strategic way possible to create new, more powerful dragons and other magical creatures. With each successful combination, you’ll be able to heal more and more of the land, bringing it back to life.

Discover new dragons and quests

As you progress through the game, you’ll discover new dragon eggs and quests to complete. Each quest will test your puzzle-solving skills as you discover new ways to combine dragons and objects, and create even more powerful creatures.

Earn event rewards and participate in events

Merge Dragons! offers a wide selection of events that allow you to earn unique rewards and new dragons. Participate in these events to level up faster and unlock even more dragons and objects.

Overall, Merge Dragons! is an incredibly fun and addictive puzzle game that offers a unique take on the dragon genre. With beautiful graphics and an engaging storyline, it’s sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

If you enjoy playing games with city-building mechanics, you might like Banished. This game challenges the player to manage resources and build a successful community, much like Coin Master.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

If you’re looking for a fun and addictive game to play, Candy Crush Saga is definitely worth checking out. This popular game features candy-based puzzles that will challenge your skills as you progress through hundreds of levels and challenges. Whether you’re a fan of puzzle games or just looking for a fun distraction, Candy Crush Saga is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Solve candy-based puzzles

The object of Candy Crush Saga is to match colorful candies in order to progress through different levels and challenges. To do this, you’ll need to use your problem-solving skills to strategically move candies around the board in order to create matching groups. As you progress through the game, the puzzles become more challenging, so you’ll need to stay sharp and focused if you want to progress to the higher levels.

Unlock boosters and extra features

In addition to solving puzzles, you can also unlock boosters and extra features that will help you progress through Candy Crush Saga. For example, you can unlock the ability to switch candies with each other, or even clear entire rows of candy. These power-ups can be a lifesaver when you’re stuck on a particularly challenging level, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to unlock them.

Connect to Facebook and compete with friends

If you’re competitive by nature, you’ll love the ability to connect to Facebook and compete with friends in Candy Crush Saga. By doing so, you can see how you stack up against other players in real-time, and even progress through the leaderboard to become the ultimate Candy Crush champion. So if you’ve got a competitive streak and are looking for a way to put it to the test, Candy Crush Saga is definitely worth checking out.

For players who enjoy RPGs with complex lore and strategic gameplay, Final Fantasy might be a good fit. With a variety of character classes and immersive storylines, this series offers an engaging and challenging gameplay experience.

6. Homescapes


Homescapes is a delightful match-3 game from the creators of Gardenscapes. In this game, you get to help butler Austin redesign and restore a neglected mansion by completing match-3 levels. The game offers a unique combination of match-3 puzzles and sim-style gameplay. You not only get to play the match-3 levels, but you also get to make decisions on how to renovate the house.

Redesign and Restore a Mansion Interior

The main objective of Homescapes is to help Butler Austin renovate a neglected mansion. The mansion has seen better days and it’s up to you to bring back its former glory. To do this, you need to complete the match-3 levels to earn stars that are used to complete renovation tasks. The match-3 levels follow the standard gameplay mechanics seen in games like Candy Crush. The difference is that you are not only playing to progress in the game, but you are also playing to complete renovation tasks. You need to make the right choices when it comes to purchasing items as they can be costly, and also the wrong choices can lead to loss of lives.

Follow Austin’s Story and Meet Interesting Characters

Homescapes also has an engaging storyline that follows Butler Austin’s journey as he tries to restore the mansion to its former glory. Austin is an interesting character, and you get to know more backstory about him as you progress through the game. You also get to meet other characters such as the housekeeper and the family members that will pop in every now and then. The game does a great job of developing these characters into much more than just NPCs.

Decorate with Unique Items and Unlock New Rooms

As you progress through the game and complete match-3 levels, you earn stars that are used to complete renovation tasks. Once you complete the tasks, you get to decorate the mansion with unique and stylish items. The game offers a vast selection of items to choose from ranging from furniture, wall decors, and carpets, all of which can be mixed and matched to create your own unique style. You also get to unlock new rooms in the mansion as you progress through the game.

If you’re looking for a match-3 game that offers something more than just standard gameplay mechanics, Homescapes is definitely worth checking out. The game’s combination of match-3 puzzles, sim-style gameplay, and engaging storyline offers a unique and delightful gaming experience.

If you are a fan of open-world exploration games, you should check out Genshin Impact. This game allows players to explore a vast world filled with stunning vistas, challenging enemies, and a deep customization system that rewards dedicated players.

7. Slotomania


If you’re looking for a fun slot game to play like Coin Master, then Slotomania might be the perfect choice for you. Slotomania is one of the most popular slot games on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Spin for free coins and rewards

As you start playing Slotomania, you are given a certain amount of free coins to play with. You can then use these coins to spin the slot machine and earn more coins and other rewards to continue playing. The more you play, the more coins you earn and therefore, the more spins you get. It’s a great way to get started without having to spend any real money. You can also buy more coins if you run out, and if you’re lucky, you can hit a big jackpot and earn millions of coins!

Unlock new machines and themes

Slotomania has a large collection of machines to play with, each with its own unique theme and features. As you progress through the game, you can unlock new machines and themes to play with, giving you even more variety and fun. Some of the machines are designed to be more challenging than others, so you’ll always have something new and exciting to try.

Join a clan and compete in tournaments

Another great feature of Slotomania is that you can join a clan or create your own. In clans, you can participate in weekly tournaments with other players to earn rewards and bragging rights. It’s a great way to connect with other players and compete against them. You can also send and receive gifts from other clan members, keeping the fun and excitement going.

Overall, Slotomania is a fun and exciting slot game that offers plenty of challenges and rewards. Whether you’re playing casually or competitively, there’s plenty to enjoy and explore. Give it a try if you’re looking for a new game to play!

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