Games Like Company of Heroes

Games Like Company of Heroes: A Tactical Masterclass

Company of Heroes, developed by Relic Entertainment, is widely regarded as one of the greatest real-time strategy (RTS) games of all time. Its unique blend of action-packed gameplay, realistic military scenarios, and engaging storylines has captivated gamers worldwide. If you’re looking for more experiences like Company of Heroes’ blend of tactical excellence and historical accuracy, glance no further! This article delves into the world’s most exciting RTS titles that share similarities with this genre-defining classic.

Section 1: The Art of War

For those seeking an authentic World War II experience without sacrificing gameplay quality or realism, Hearts of Iron IV is a natural fit. Developed by Paradox Development Studio, this grand strategy game lets players take the reins of any nation during WWII, navigating diplomatic crises, resource management, and military conquests to achieve victory.

Key Features:

  • Grand-scale warfare: Recriut units from different countries and command armies across vast territories.
  • Real-time diplomacy: Forge alliances or form rivalries with other nations through trade agreements and treaties.
  • Resource management: Balance production, research, and military spending for maximum impact.

Section 2: Battle Royale

In the realm of modern combat simulations, World in Flames stands out as a must-play experience. This 3D RTS from Strategy First challenges players to command entire armies through multiple theaters of war during World War II’s brutal battles.

Key Features:

  • Immersive settings: Engage in epic battles across North Africa, Europe, and the Pacific.
  • Command complex units: Direct tanks, planes, ships, and infantry in fast-paced combat scenarios.
  • Authenticity reigns supreme: Historical accuracy is paramount throughout this immersive simulation.

Section 3: The Digital Front

Looking for an alternative that blends RTS elements with first-person shooter (FPS) action? Rise of Nations by Microsoft Studios takes the stage as a prime candidate. Set during World War II, players take on the role of a commander in charge of mobilizing resources and building structures to aid their troops.

Key Features:

  • Strategic resource gathering: Build units and construct buildings while managing limited resources.
  • Command modern armies: Deploy aircraft, tanks, and ground forces across multiple battlefields.
  • Historical context matters: Each level is set during pivotal moments in World War II history.

Section 4: The Operational Angle

If you’re more interested in operational-level gameplay that delves into the intricacies of military logistics and resource allocation, Oxygen Not Included (ONI) by Klei Entertainment is an innovative choice. Players command a crew on board the spaceship Hopeful, struggling to keep its inhabitants alive amidst asteroid impacts and malfunctioning systems.

Key Features:

  • Real-time crisis management: Balance resources between life support systems, power generation, and essential research.
  • Unit-based resource allocation: Direct scientists, engineers, farmers, or soldiers as needed to optimize your chances of survival.
  • Engage in diplomacy (and conflict): Communicate with alien species through complex negotiations.


If you’re seeking more thrilling experiences akin to Company of Heroes’ blend of realistic military scenarios and strategic depth, the games presented above are surefire hits. From grand-scale warfare simulations like Hearts of Iron IV to first-person shooter elements within Rise of Nations or real-time crisis management with Oxygen Not Included – each title offers unique aspects that complement (and sometimes surpass) Company of Heroes in terms of immersive storytelling and tactical gameplay.

Gather your troops, adjust your battle plans, and prepare for a digital invasion!