Games Like Conan Exiles

Exploring the Wonders of Conan Exiles: A Journey into the World of Survival Games

Conan Exiles is an immersive survival game that has captured the hearts of many players worldwide, offering a richly detailed world to explore, build in, and conquer. But if you’re looking for more games like Conan Exiles, where can you find them? In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most exciting and similar titles that offer a mix of survival mechanics, exploration, building crafting and adventure.

I. The Thrill of Survival: Games That Challenge Your Skills

For those who enjoy the challenge of surviving in Conan Exiles’ harsh environment, there are several games that will put your skills to the test:

  1. Rust: Set on a post-apocalyptic planet called Providence Island, Rust is all about scavenging for resources and building shelter from hordes of hostile survivors.

In this unforgiving world, players must gather materials by defeating zombies or other players’ characters while avoiding getting killed themselves.
2. Subnautica: This underwater survival game drops you into the depths of an alien ocean filled with strange creatures, hidden ruins to explore and secrets to uncover.
With its rich ecosystem and base-building mechanics, Subnautica offers a unique take on the survival genre.

  1. The Forest: Inspired by Don’t Starve, this intense multiplayer-focused game challenges players to survive against cannibal mutants in an ever-shrinking map.
    Players must gather resources while avoiding danger from the forest creatures that lurk in every tree and shadow.

II. Building a Legacy: Games That Emphasize Base-Crafting

In Conan Exiles’ building mechanics, you’ve got freedom to create something truly special – and some other games offer similar experiences:

  1. Terraria: A 2D action-adventure game with RPG elements where players must collect resources, craft equipment and build their way up the world’s layers.

This top-down perspective adds an extra layer of strategy as you delve into dungeons filled with monsters and hidden riches.
2. Don’t Starve Together: The multiplayer component in this survival-crafting series lets you team-up or compete against friends in a shared wilderness.
Here, players must collect materials while keeping safe from hostile mobs and exploring the vast environment.

  1. Portal Knights: Another sandbox RPG that allows for building exploration, combat, magic use – all set on a colorful 2D blocky world with procedurally generated worlds to discover

This game shines in its creative base-building aspect as players construct their dream fortifications amidst hordes of baddies and hidden treasures.

III. Exploring the Unknown: Games That Prioritize Exploration

For those who adore the adventure, exploration, and discovery aspects of Conan Exiles’ vast world:

  1. Sea of Thieves: In this pirate-themed open-world game, players set sail to explore the high seas on a customizable ship.

This free-form sailing experience lets you form crew alliances with fellow seafarers or join rival crews in thrilling sea battles.

  1. Abandon All Hope: A gritty exploration-focused title set within a dark world of abandoned structures and ruins.
    Players must scavenge resources while avoiding the ever-encroaching darkness as they explore crumbling cityscapes

  2. No More Heroes: Although this action-packed adventure game has less in common with Conan Exiles, it does feature open-world exploration and building – all set in an apocalyptic world.

Here you’ll build up your own “Death Metal” style mecha, scour for supplies while fighting off a wide range of enemies

IV. Conclusion

Games like Conan Exiles offer thrilling expereinces that test survival skills and creativity while opening doors to vast new worlds full of adventure. Whether you enjoy the thrill of surviving on Providence Island in Rust or the underwater exploration found in Subnautica, there’s an endless supply of exciting titles waiting for your next gaming journey

Remember: building, crafting, exploring – it’s all part of what makes these games so thrilling!