Games Like Dead By Daylight

Survival Horror Games Like Dead by Daylight: A Guide to the Creepiest Experiences

Dead by Daylight, developed by Behaviour Interactive, has become a staple in the survival horror genre since its release in 2016. The game’s unique blend of stealth, strategy, and multiplayer gameplay has captivated millions of players worldwide. But for those who’ve exhausted their supply of survivors to rescue or killers to vanquish, we’re here to introduce you to other games that offer similar thrills.

I: Psychological Thrills – Akin Games

  1. Friday the 13th: While no longer actively supported, this game from IllFonic offers a more aggressive take on Dead by Daylight’s concept of hiding and hunting in a campy setting.
  2. Hello Neighbor: This early-access title lets you play as a sneaky neighbor trying to infiltrate an eerie house filled with traps, puzzles, and cryptic messages.

II: Stealth and Strategy – Mind Games

  1. Outlast: From Red Barrels comes this intense first-person shooter that drops you into a penitentiary overrun by insane inmates.
  2. Amnesia: Rebirth: Frictional Games’ latest installment in the Amnesia series delves deeper into psychological horror with mind-bending puzzles and terrifying creatures.

III: Co-op Survival – Team Effort

  1. The Forest: This sandbox-style survival game lets you play as a lone survivor trying to escape from a cannibalistic tribe on a mysterious island.
  2. Rust: Another top-down perspective offers in-game social dynamics, building exploration, and resource management while fending off bandits.

IV: Competitive Horror – The Dark Side

  1. Killing Floor 2: A sequel to Tripwire Interactive’s co-op zombie sluaghterhuose game pits players against a horde of undead in fast-paced combat.
  2. Overkill 3: This free-to-play online multiplayer shooter focuses on competitive play, where teams compete for supremacy among the blood-soaked ruins.

V: Indie Darlings – Hidden Gems

  1. The Blackout Club: A cooperative indie game set in a small town where supernatural events occur; solve puzzles and uncover mysteries to save your friends.
  2. Don’t Eat That Stringy Thing: This creepy horror title from solo developer Matthew Wegge, combines stealth gameplay with dark humor and surreal visuals.

As we wrap up our guide, keep an ear out for the faint screams coming from these eerie games that scratch that Dead by Daylight itch. Whether you’re a fan of psychological thrills, stealth strategies or cooperative survival challenges, there’s something here to chill (and unsettle) your nerves.