7 Strategy Games Similar to Hearts of Iron

Hello there, strategy game lovers! đź‘‹ Are you a fan of the popular game, Hearts of Iron? If so, you may be on the hunt for similar games that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Look no further! We have compiled a list of 7 fantastic strategy games that will challenge you in the same way that Hearts of Iron does. Get ready to dive into a world of intense battles, strategic planning, and epic storytelling.

7 Strategy Games Similar to Hearts of Iron

Similar to Hearts of Iron, these games require players to think strategically, plan ahead, and adapt to changing circumstances. You will have to make tough decisions, manage resources, and lead your armies to victory. Each game on this list will take you on a unique journey, whether it’s leading your country through a World War, managing a historic civilization, or conquering the galaxy. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore these epic games that will transport you to a world of strategy and tactics.



Risk is a classic board game that has been adapted into a digital game that has similar gameplay mechanics as Hearts of Iron. In this game, you strategize and make calculated moves to conquer the world with your armies. You can build up your armies and weapons to eliminate your opponents. The game offers multiple modes such as classic, quick, or strategic modes for a varied gameplay experience. You can play with 2 to 6 players on a board with countries and territories that you must conquer.

Conquer the world with strategy

The objective of this game is simple yet challenging – to conquer all territories on the board and eliminate your opponents. It involves intense strategic planning where you are required to make calculated moves and anticipate your opponent’s next move. A player must build up armies, attack enemies, and protect their territories. Victory is achieved by making the right moves at the right time.

Multiple modes to play

One of the best features of the Risk game is the multiple modes of gameplay. The classic mode involves an upfront strategy, where players must choose their location on the board while strategic mode requires a much deeper strategy. Quick mode is a great way to enjoy a short game with friends. You can choose different modes depending on your mood and gameplay preferences.

Online multiplayer

Risk Multiplayer

Playing the game solo can be fun but what makes it more challenging is playing online. You have the option to invite your friends or play with players from all over the world. The online multiplayer mode adds a new level of excitement and competitiveness to the game. You can test your strategy skills against the best players, acquire new strategies, and learn new ways to play!

If you’re a strategy fan, you might enjoy games like Starcraft 2, which offers fast-paced real-time battles and a compelling story.

Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV

Are you ready to take on the task of shaping history? Europa Universalis IV is a grand strategy game that allows players to become a nation leader and dominate the world through diplomacy and war. As you build your empire, you will engage in political maneuvering, engage in trade, and interact with historical figures.

Rich historical detail

Europa Universalis IV is known for its rich historical detail, creating an immersive experience for players. The game takes place over four centuries, from 1444 to 1821, and players can choose to play as any country during this time period. Each country has its unique challenges and opportunities, and players can experience the nuances of historical events that shaped the world.

Endless replayability

One of the standout features of Europa Universalis IV is its endless replayability. Every game unfolds differently, with a variety of outcomes and possibilities, making each playthrough unique. Whether you want to take on the challenge of becoming a world power or explore different historical events, Europa Universalis IV has something for everyone.

Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings II

If you’re a fan of Hearts of Iron’s grand strategy gameplay, Crusader Kings II should be on your radar. This game, developed by Paradox Interactive, puts you in control of a noble family dynasty and challenges you to navigate the complex political landscape to maintain your power.

Lead a dynasty

The main focus of Crusader Kings II is managing your dynasty. You’ll need to ensure that your family line continues and that your heirs are ready to take your place when you eventually die. You’ll also need to manage your relationships with other dynasties and political entities to maintain your power and expand your influence.

Captivating characters

One of the standout features of Crusader Kings II is the game’s depth of character development. Each character has unique traits and personalities that impact the gameplay, making your decisions as a player even more impactful. The game also features randomized events that can impact your family and your entire dynasty, adding an element of unpredictability to the game.

Expansive world

Crusader Kings II takes place in a vast, persistent world that is modeled after medieval Europe and parts of the Middle East. The map is filled with diverse cultures and religions, and there are many different paths to victory. Whether you want to conquer your neighbors and expand your empire, or focus on diplomacy and intrigue, there are many different ways to play.

If you’re a fan of World War II strategy games, you might want to check out true games like Hearts of Iron, which features complex political and military decisions in a historical setting.

Hearts of Iron III

Hearts of Iron III

Hearts of Iron III is a war strategy game that revolves around World War II. It was developed by Paradox Development Studio and released in 2009. The game is the third installment in the Hearts of Iron series, and it takes pride in its in-depth and complex gameplay that immerses players into the history of World War II.

World War II strategy

Hearts of Iron III is primarily a strategy game that puts players in control of a nation as they guide it through the tumultuous times of World War II. It takes players through various historical events, starting with the pre-war period and leading up to the end of the war. Players must utilize their resources, develop new technologies and build up their armies and navies to win the war. The game is full of depth, allowing players to handle everything from diplomacy to military coordination.

Detailed simulation

The game also has a detailed simulation that reflects the scale and complexity of the events that took place during World War II. The game involves an intricate web of political, economic, and military factors that shape the outcome of the war. This level of detail adds an extra layer of complexity to the game but makes it a rewarding and immersive experience for hardcore strategy gamers.

Modding support

Hearts of Iron III also has modding support that lets players tweak every aspect of the game. Players can create their own mods, altering the game’s systems, graphics, and scenarios. The modding community has produced an array of different mods that add new units, scenarios, and alternate endings, making the game feel fresh long after its initial release.

Victoria II

Complex Economy System

Victoria II is a grand strategy game set during the 19th century, following the onset of the industrial revolution. It is a game that allows you to guide your chosen nation through the tumultuous times of the era, experiencing the rise of new technologies, social struggles, and colonial expansion. It has an emphasis on complex economic management and political decision-making.

Industrial Revolution Strategy

Complex Economy System

One of the central themes of Victoria II is the industrial revolution. The game will require you to manage different social classes, each with their own needs and agendas. You will need to balance the growth of industry against the reactions of the working classes and aristocracies who want to retain their power. You will need to invest in research and education to create a workforce that can create cutting-edge technologies and compete in the global economy.

Colonial Expansion

Complex Economy System

As with many grand strategy games, Victoria II features colonialism and the acquisition of new territories. You can choose to establish a colonial empire, creating a network of territories across the world to provide resources, manpower, and political power. The game models the tensions between different colonial powers and the resistance movements among the colonized peoples.

Complex Economy System

Complex Economy System

The economy is at the core of Victoria II’s gameplay. You will have to manage the infrastructure of your country, invest in the development of new industries, maintain an army of soldiers, and pay for the government’s expenses. The game uses a complex system of goods and resources that influence your nation’s economy and the world market.


Customizable Species

If you’re a fan of grand strategy games like Hearts of Iron, then Stellaris might be just what you’re looking for. Developed by Paradox Interactive, Stellaris offers players the chance to explore an expansive, sci-fi universe. Players will encounter a variety of alien civilizations and must decide whether to engage in diplomacy or warfare to expand their empire.

Customizable Species

Customizable Species

One of the key features of Stellaris is the ability to create your own unique species with a variety of different traits and abilities. You can choose everything from the physical appearance of your species to their ethics and beliefs. How you choose to create your species can dramatically impact the way you play the game.

Endless Possibilities

Another exciting feature of Stellaris is its randomly generated galaxies and events. Each playthrough of the game will be different, offering endless possibilities for exploration and discovery. You never know what challenges you might face or what opportunities might arise.

If you’re a fan of strategy games and sci-fi, Stellaris is definitely worth checking out. With its expansive universe, customizable species, and endless possibilities, it’s sure to keep you engaged for hours on end.

Looking for more simulation games? Try games like SimCity, where you can design and manage your own city.

Civilization VI

Civilization VI

If you enjoy the idea of building a civilization from scratch, then Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a great game to play. The game provides you with the foundation for a civilization, and it’s up to you to grow it into a thriving empire.

Build a civilization from scratch

Civilization VI starts you off with a small tribe that you have to expand and grow into a powerful nation. The gameplay involves exploring new lands, founding cities, building infrastructure, and conducting diplomacy with other nations, all while managing your resources.

Leader abilities

Civilization VI allows you to choose from a variety of world leaders, each with unique abilities and traits that affect gameplay. The leaders provide bonuses and penalties that can change the course of your game, and you have to navigate their relationships with other leaders to secure your nation’s position in the world.

Expansive tech tree

The tech tree is an essential aspect of Civilization VI, as it allows you to research new technologies to discover new units, buildings, and abilities for your civilization. The tech tree spans across the ages, from ancient times to the modern era, and each new technology unlocked comes with new opportunities for advancement and domination.

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