7 Addictive Puzzle Games Like Huniepop

Hello there, puzzle game enthusiasts! 😊 Are you tired of playing the same old games and looking for something new and exciting? Well, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re a fan of Huniepop, then you know how addictive and entertaining it can be. But what do you do when you’ve completed the game and want more of the same? That’s where we come in! We’ve put together a list of 7 more addictive puzzle games like Huniepop that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Get ready to be challenged, entertained, and hooked!

7 Addictive Puzzle Games Like Huniepop

These puzzle games are not only fun but will also put your brain to the test. Each game has its unique game mechanics, challenges, and rewards. Whether you’re a fan of match-three games, visual novels, or RPGs, there’s something for everyone on this list. So grab your phone, tablet, or PC and get ready to dive into the world of addictive puzzle games!

1. Bejeweled


Bejeweled is the classic gem matching game that has been loved by many for years. The gameplay is simple, but don’t be fooled, it’s highly addictive. Match three or more gems of the same color to earn points and clear the board.

Multiple Game Modes

Bejeweled offers various game modes to keep things interesting. There’s the classic mode, which is the basic gameplay. In this mode, players must clear the board before the time runs out. There’s also the endless mode, which allows you to play as long as you want without any time limits. Other modes, such as the lightning mode, offer a faster-paced experience that requires quick thinking.

Simple Yet Addictive Gameplay

While the gameplay may seem simple, Bejeweled can be difficult to master. As you progress through the levels, the challenges become more difficult, making it even more addictive. The game provides a rewarding feeling when you make a match that clears many gems at once or when you reach a new high score.

Overall, Bejeweled is an excellent puzzle game that provides hours of entertainment. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle game player or just starting, this game is worth checking out. It’s easy to learn, and the multiple game modes provide enough variety to keep you engaged for a long time.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

If you’re seeking a fun puzzle game like Huniepop, then Candy Crush Saga is a must-try. This colorful game will have you swapping candies to create matches of three or more. The game is easy to play, but as you progress through the levels, you’ll need to use some strategic moves to complete the challenges.

Hundreds of Levels to Play

Candy Crush Saga is the perfect game to keep you entertained for hours. With over 3000 levels to play, there is always a new challenge waiting for you. The levels range from easy to difficult, ensuring that you will never get bored.

Cute Graphics and Fun Effects

The game features cute graphics and fun sounds that will make your playtime a delight. The animations and effects add to the game’s charm, making it a visually appealing experience. The game follows a storyline where you will travel through different locations, each with new challenges and characters.

Candy Crush Saga is free to play, but there are in-app purchases available if you want to boost your gameplay. Overall, if you’re looking for an addictive puzzle game with cute graphics and hundreds of levels, Candy Crush Saga is a great choice.



If you’re seeking a classic puzzle game with timeless charm, look no further than Tetris. This game has been captivating players for decades with its simple yet addictive gameplay.

Classic Block Puzzle Game

Tetris involves arranging falling blocks to create lines and score points. The game starts slowly with blocks dropping at a leisurely pace, but as you progress, the blocks will come more quickly, culminating in a frantic race to keep the playing field clear. The gameplay is straightforward, but the challenge of Tetris lies in its unforgiving pace and the need to think quickly in order to make efficient use of the blocks at your disposal.

Simple, Fast-Paced Gameplay

One of the best things about Tetris is how easy it is to pick up and play, even for newcomers. There’s no story or complicated strategy to worry about; just arrange the blocks and score points. The game’s fast pace ensures that you’re always engaged and on your toes, building up your reflexes and critical thinking skills as you go.

Endless Replayability

Unlike many modern games, Tetris has no story, campaign, or ending. This means that you can keep playing endlessly, trying to beat your high score or simply pursuing that elusive perfect game. The game can be as challenging as you want it to be, with higher difficulty levels introducing faster block drops and more complex shapes to arrange. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the world of puzzle games, Tetris is a classic that everyone should try at least once.

For fans of open-world games like HuniePop, Games like Genshin Impact provide a glimpse into a vast and exciting world filled with adventure and excitement. Whether you’re exploring new territories or engaging in epic battles, Genshin Impact delivers a thrilling gaming experience.

4. Puzzle Quest

Puzzle Quest

If you want a game that combines puzzle-solving with role-playing, look no further than Puzzle Quest. This game requires you to match colored gems in order to defeat your opponents, and you get to build a character and complete quests while doing so!

Engaging storyline

What really sets Puzzle Quest apart from other puzzle games is its engaging storyline. You’ll find yourself drawn into the game’s world and invested in the quests you’re completing. Plus, the choices you make can affect the game’s story, making it even more immersive.

Unique gameplay mechanics

In addition to the classic match-3 gameplay, Puzzle Quest also includes unique mechanics like spells and special abilities. You’ll need to strategize and make use of them in order to win battles and solve puzzles.

If you enjoy the dating simulation aspect of HuniePop, you might also enjoy Games like Episode. This game gives you the opportunity to control the story and make choices that affect the outcome.

5. Threes!


Threes! is a tile sliding game with numbers, where the objective is to match numbers together to create larger numbers and score points. The game is played on a 4×4 grid, with new tiles added after each move. The gameplay is simple to understand, but it can be challenging to master.

Satisfying Gameplay and Sound Design

Threes! Gameplay

The gameplay of Threes! is calming and satisfying. The smooth animations and sound effects make the game pleasant to play. The game does not have any time limitations or pressured gameplay, making it an ideal game to play when you want to relax and unwind.

Challenging and Addictive

Threes! Challenge

Although Threes! has a simple concept, it is a challenging and addictive game. As you progress, the game becomes more difficult, and it can take several attempts to get a high score. You will find yourself playing Threes! for hours, trying to beat your previous high score and challenging yourself to get better at the game.

If you like the RPG elements of HuniePop, Games like Final Fantasy might be more up your alley. With its immersive storylines and engaging game mechanics, Final Fantasy is a beloved franchise with a long history.

6. Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an optical illusion puzzle game that challenges players to navigate through levels filled with impossible structures and mind-bending perspectives. The game was developed and published by Ustwo Games in 2014 for iOS and Android devices. It has since become a popular game among puzzle enthusiasts for its unique gameplay and stunning graphics.

Beautiful Graphics and Soundtrack

The graphics in Monument Valley are truly beautiful and have been praised by both players and critics alike. The game features an enchanting and colorful world that is complemented by a haunting soundtrack that perfectly captures the mood of each level.

Unique and Challenging Puzzles

The puzzles in Monument Valley are not only challenging but also truly unique. Players are required to manipulate the environment and perspective to solve each puzzle. This gameplay mechanic creates a truly immersive experience that is both satisfying and rewarding.

If you are looking for a puzzle game that will keep you entertained and engaged for hours, then Monument Valley is definitely worth checking out. With its stunning graphics, haunting soundtrack, and unique gameplay mechanics, it is no wonder why this game has become a favorite among puzzle enthusiasts.

7. Gorogoa


If you’re looking for a puzzle game that seamlessly blends art, storytelling, and mechanics, Gorogoa might be worth checking out. The game features a unique mechanic that involves layering and rearranging hand-drawn illustrations in order to progress through the story.

Artistic puzzle game

Gorogoa is a game that puts a great emphasis on art and design. The hand-drawn illustrations are carefully crafted and layered in a way that adds a unique twist to the puzzle genre. The game mechanics are simple but the visual presentation is stunning, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Beautiful and immersive artwork

From the lush colors to the intricate details, the artwork in Gorogoa is nothing short of breathtaking. Each scene in the game tells a story and players will delight in exploring the world that the developers have created. The illustrations are more than just pretty pictures, they are the foundation that the puzzle-solving mechanics are built upon.

Mechanics that evolve

Gorogoa is a game that rewards exploration and experimentation. As players progress through the game, new mechanics are introduced that deepen the puzzle-solving experience. The mechanics evolve in a way that keeps the game interesting and fresh, ensuring that players are always on their toes.

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