7 Games Similar to Mount and Blade

Hello there, fellow gamer! 👋 Are you a fan of Mount and Blade, the action role-playing game that takes place in a medieval world? Do you crave for more games that give you the same kind of immersive experience, where you can lead armies, conquer kingdoms, and engage in epic battles? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll introduce you to 7 games that are similar to Mount and Blade, each with their own unique features and gameplay.

For those who are not familiar with Mount and Blade, the game is a sandbox-style RPG developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment. It was first released in 2008 and has since gained a dedicated fan base. In the game, players can create their own character and choose to become a noble lord, a mercenary, or a bandit. They can recruit soldiers and lead them into battles against other factions, engage in diplomacy, trade, and upgrade their character’s stats and equipment. The game’s open-world design and realistic combat system have made it a favorite among gamers who love medieval-themed games. Now, let’s dive into the list of games that are similar to Mount and Blade!

7 Games Similar to Mount and Blade



Warband, developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment, is a much-improved version of the original Mount and Blade game. The game allows for a more polished experience and has received numerous updates and improvements since its release. It brings the familiar medieval combat mechanics to a whole different level with several new features that enhance the gameplay.

A more polished version of Mount and Blade

Warband retains the hack-and-slash RPG mechanics that the original Mount and Blade was known for. However, it offers a more polished version of the game that is visually improved and a lot more immersive. The graphics have been upgraded and the gameplay mechanics have been fine-tuned, making the game more enjoyable to play.

Multiplayer battles

One of the most exciting additions to the game is the multiplayer mode, where players can take part in epic battles of up to 64 players. Players can either join a game or create their own, where they can choose the map, game mode and other settings. With different classes to choose from, players can fight as an archer, infantry or a cavalryman, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience.

Expanded factions and politics

Another exciting part of Warband is the expanded faction and political system. Players can choose to align themselves with a powerful faction to gain their aid in battles, or they can start their own kingdom and rule over the land. Diplomacy, economics, and strategy play an essential part in the game, making it more than just a simple hack-and-slash RPG.



If you’re a fan of Mount and Blade, then Bannerlord is the game for you. This latest addition to the series takes players back to the vast open-world of Calradia, introducing new features and improved graphics that will keep you engrossed for hours on end.

The latest addition to the Mount and Blade series

Bannerlord is the latest installment in the Mount and Blade series and picks up where the previous game, Warband, left off. But don’t worry if you’re new to the series as Bannerlord is a standalone game that doesn’t require any previous experience with the franchise.

Customizable parties

Customizable Parties

One of Bannerlord’s biggest draws is its customizable parties. You can create an army of your own choosing, from soldiers to mercenaries, and upgrade them as you go. This allows you to tailor your party to your playstyle and preferences, making your experience unique to you.

Sieges and large-scale battles

Sieges and Large-Scale Battles

Mount and Blade Bannerlord takes the large-scale battles and sieges that the series is known for and improves upon them. With improved graphics, AI, and siege weaponry, you can take part in epic battles defending or attacking castles, or lead your army to victory in large-scale battles. These battles are sure to get your adrenaline pumping!

Baldur’s Gate-like games offer immersive RPG experiences that transport you to another world.



Kenshi is an open-world, sandbox game developed by Lo-Fi Games. It is a unique mix of RPG and real-time strategy, providing players with the opportunity to lead a squad of adventurers or build a base of their own. In this post-apocalyptic world, players can explore its vastness and interact with non-playable characters (NPCs).

A unique mix of RPG and real-time strategy

Kenshi has a unique gameplay style that combines role-playing elements with real-time strategy. Players get to experience both fast-paced combat and strategy gameplay as they build their own squad of skilled adventurers with different abilities and upgrade them as they progress through the game. The game also has a wide variety of weapons and armors that players can use to give their characters an edge in combat.

Dynamic AI

Kenshi’s dynamic AI makes each encounter with NPCs a unique experience. The game’s world is filled with different factions, each with its own agenda and unique AI behavior. This means players can expect different scenarios every time they encounter NPCs, and the game’s AI will adapt to player actions and decisions, making it a truly immersive experience.

Non-linear gameplay

Kenshi’s non-linear gameplay allows players to explore the game world at their own pace and in their own way. Players can choose to follow the game’s main storyline or not, as they wish. The game offers a wide range of side quests and activities for players to undertake, including trading, crafting, base building, and more. The game is not afraid to challenge players, and it rewards them for their efforts with unique weapons, armor, and items.

Games like The Long Dark are perfect for survival enthusiasts who love an intense challenge.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

If you’re looking for a game that offers both a historically accurate depiction of the middle ages and immersive gameplay similar to Mount and Blade, then Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the game for you. This game gives players a firsthand look at the brutal reality of medieval Bohemia.

Non-linear quest design

Non-linear quest design

One of the many strengths of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is its non-linear quest design. Players are given the freedom to complete quests in any order they choose. However, be warned that every decision has a consequence. The choices you make will affect the story and world around you.

First-person combat

First-person combat

Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers a unique combat experience. Combat is first-person and incredibly realistic, giving players a new level of immersion. Players choose from a variety of weapons, including swords, bows, and shields, to engage in intense battles that require careful planning and strategy.

Viking Conquest

Viking Conquest

If you’re a fan of Mount and Blade, you’re probably already familiar with the Viking Conquest expansion for Warband. This DLC brings the Viking Age to life in an immersive way, with new maps, story campaigns, and gameplay mechanics.

An expansion for Warband, with a Viking twist

Viking Conquest is an expansion pack for the base game Mount and Blade Warband. It includes new features that are specifically designed to add a Viking twist to the gameplay. The game takes place in the Dark Ages, in the time of Viking raids and invasions. The setting is inspired by historical events, and the scenery and landscapes reflect the era.

Seafaring and naval battles

One of the biggest additions to Viking Conquest is the ability to sail the high seas. With this new feature, you can take your longship out to explore new lands, raid enemy villages, and engage in epic naval battles. The mechanics for sailing and naval combat are well-designed and immersive, giving the game a new dimension of gameplay.

New crafting and religion systems

Another exciting addition to Viking Conquest is the crafting system, which allows you to create your own weapons and armor. This gives you more control over your character’s equipment and playstyle. Additionally, the game offers a choice between the Christian and Pagan religious systems, which affects the way you interact with NPCs and progresses the story.

Overall, Viking Conquest is a fantastic expansion to Mount and Blade Warband that adds new gameplay mechanics, new story campaigns, and a whole new layer of immersion to the game. Whether you’re a fan of the Viking Age or just looking for a new way to experience Mount and Blade, Viking Conquest is definitely worth checking out.

Mount and Blade-style games offer epic battles, deep character customization, and engaging storylines.

Conqueror’s Blade

Conqueror's Blade

If you’re looking for a game that lets you lead a massive army into battle and conquer your foes, Conqueror’s Blade is an excellent option. This free-to-play, online medieval warfare sim offers a wide range of gameplay options, from faction-based battles to realistic combat and tactics.

Faction-based gameplay

Faction-based gameplay

One of the standout features of Conqueror’s Blade is its faction-based gameplay. Players can choose from a variety of factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Whether you prefer to play as a powerful and heavily-armored knight or a nimble and stealthy rogue, there’s a faction that will suit your playstyle.

Realistic combat and tactics

Realistic combat and tactics

Conqueror’s Blade also offers a highly realistic approach to combat and tactics. Every battle requires careful planning and strategy, and players must consider a variety of factors – including terrain, weather, and enemy troop movements – when planning their attacks.

It’s not just about brute force, either – Conqueror’s Blade offers a wide variety of tactics and strategies that can help you outmaneuver your foes. Whether you prefer to use charging cavalry to break enemy lines or launch a guerilla-style ambush, there are plenty of ways to achieve victory in this game.

Overall, Conqueror’s Blade is an excellent option for anyone looking for an immersive, realistic, and highly strategic medieval warfare game. With its faction-based gameplay and emphasis on tactics and strategy, it’s a great choice for gamers who want to bask in the glory of historical battles and conquer their foes on the virtual battlefield.



Mordhau is a medieval fighting game that allows players to experience intense, brutally realistic melee combat. This game features customizable loadouts, battle royale mode, and a variety of other thrilling gameplay options that make it a perfect alternative for fans of Mount and Blade.

Brutal, medieval melee combat

The combat in Mordhau is one of its major selling points. The game does an excellent job of simulating the intensity and violence of medieval warfare. The fighting mechanics are deep and satisfying, allowing players to block, parry, and counterattack with precision and skill. There are many different weapons to choose from, ranging from swords, axes, spears, and many more. The game also allows players to engage in group combat, adding an element of teamwork and strategy to the action.

Customizable loadouts

One of the most exciting aspects of Mordhau is the ability to create your own loadout. The game has a vast selection of weapons and armor, allowing players to build a character that suits their playstyle. This customization extends to aesthetics as well, with players able to customize their armor, emblems, and even voice commands.

Battle royale mode

Mordhau also offers a battle royale mode, where players face off against one another in a last-man-standing fight to the death. This mode adds a new level of intensity to the already exciting combat system, as players compete to survive against the odds. The mode contains a variety of different maps, each with its own unique challenges and obstacles to overcome.

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