7 Games Similar to Realm of the Mad God

Hello there, fellow gamer! 🎮 Are you a fan of Realm of the Mad God? If you are, then you’re in for a treat because we’ve curated a list of 7 games that are similar to it. If you haven’t played Realm of the Mad God before, it’s a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online game where you control a character as you explore dungeons, fight monsters, and gather loot.

Realm of the Mad God’s unique blend of bullet hell and RPG elements has captivated the attention of gamers worldwide. But, as with any game, sometimes you need a break or want to try something new. That’s where these 7 similar games come in. They offer the same fast-paced action and challenging gameplay you love from Realm of the Mad God while still bringing their own unique spin to the table. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list! 🔍

Realm of the Mad God



If you’re looking for an intense action game with a Metroidvania-style exploration, Starbreak might just be what you need. Similar to Realm of the Mad God, this game features permadeath that amps up the excitement in every playthrough.

Intense Action

Starbreak is a fast-paced side-scrolling action game that mixes 2D graphics and elements of platformers. Players must fight their way through hordes of enemies and dodge traps to progress through levels. The game’s mechanics are similar to the popular game Terraria, except that it focuses more on combat and exploration. There are different classes to choose from, including a melee-focused knight, a ranged huntress, and a spellcasting wizard. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, so players must choose accordingly.

Metroidvania Style

The game’s world is divided into several interconnected areas that players can explore at their own pace. As they progress, they will unlock new abilities that allow them to access previously inaccessible areas. Some of the upgrades they can acquire include the ability to double jump, shoot arrows, or glide. To access some of the harder levels and bosses, players must obtain certain items or achieve certain feats. This adds to the replayability of the game as players can explore different paths and try out different classes to unlock new content.

Permadeath Feature

Starbreak’s permadeath feature means that each time players die, they start from the beginning with a new character. They will lose all previously acquired items and progress, so every playthrough is unique. This also means that players must play more carefully and strategically since their next death might just mean starting over.

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy is a roguelike platformer that offers a unique twist on the genre. Instead of playing as a single hero, players take control of a series of characters from the same bloodline, each with their own distinct strengths and weaknesses. As players explore the randomly generated levels of the game, they must make use of the different abilities and traits of their characters to progress.

Character Progression

One of the key elements of Rogue Legacy is the character progression system. As players accumulate gold and defeat enemies, they can level up their characters and unlock new abilities and upgrades. These upgrades can range from simple stat boosts to entirely new skills and magic spells. The character progression system is a major factor in the game’s replayability, as players are constantly motivated to improve their characters and try new strategies in subsequent playthroughs.

Unique Traits

Another standout feature of Rogue Legacy is the unique traits and weaknesses of each character. Some characters may be stronger or faster than others, while others may have a specific vulnerability to certain types of enemies or environmental hazards. These traits can greatly impact the player’s strategy, forcing them to adapt and change tactics depending on the character they are currently controlling. Additionally, each character’s traits are randomized, meaning that even familiar characters can feel fresh and unpredictable in each playthrough.

Simcity is another game similar to Realm of the Mad God with a great fan base and addictive gameplay.

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon Similar Games

Are you looking for a challenging bullet hell game with roguelike elements and multiple weapon options? Enter the Gungeon is the perfect choice for you. Developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital in 2016, Enter the Gungeon is a fast-paced game that requires precision and fast reflexes.

Bullet Hell

Enter the Gungeon Bullet Hell

In Enter the Gungeon, players navigate through procedurally generated levels filled with various enemies, traps, and obstacles. The game’s bullet hell mechanics will keep you on your toes as you dodge and weave through the waves of bullets coming your way. Each level gets progressively harder, making it a true test of your skills.

Roguelike Elements

Enter the Gungeon Roguelike Elements

Much like Realm of the Mad God, Enter the Gungeon has roguelike elements that make each playthrough different from the last. Every level and room is procedurally generated, so you never know what to expect. In addition, the permadeath feature adds to the challenge and makes each death feel impactful.

Multiple Weapons

Enter the Gungeon Multiple Weapons

With over 300 guns to choose from, Enter the Gungeon gives players the ability to customize their playstyle based on personal preferences. Each weapon has its own unique abilities and perks, making each playthrough unique. The game also features synergies between certain weapons that can lead to some devastating effects.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an online action RPG that has gained popularity among gamers for its similarities to Realm of the Mad God. The game takes place in a dark fantasy setting, where players embark on quests and battles to defeat monsters and gain valuable loot.

Dark Fantasy Setting

Dark Fantasy Setting

Path of Exile’s atmosphere is a mix of horror, fantasy, and noir. The game’s world is dark and gritty with an eerie ambiance that adds to the overall immersive experience. The game is set in the fictional land of Wraeclast, a forsaken continent filled with dangerous creatures and ancient ruins. The land is also home to various factions and organizations that serve as allies or enemies in the player’s journey.

Extensive Character Customization

Extensive Character Customization

Path of Exile offers a wide range of character customization options that allow players to tailor their characters to their playstyle. The game features a vast skill tree with over 1,000 passive abilities that players can unlock and upgrade by progressing through the game. The game also has an intricate item crafting system that allows players to create and modify their equipment to suit their needs.

Cooperative Multiplayer

Cooperative Multiplayer

Similar to Realm of the Mad God, Path of Exile allows players to experience the game with their friends in cooperative multiplayer. Players can team up to tackle challenging quests and fight powerful bosses, while also sharing loot and experience points. The game’s matchmaking system also allows players to find and join groups with other players easily.

Diablo III

Diablo III

If you like fast-paced combat and loot-packed adventures, then Diablo III is the game for you. This action-packed game is set in the world of Sanctuary, where players take on the role of one of several powerful heroes in a fight against the forces of evil. With its immersive gameplay, Diablo III is a perfect choice for anyone who loves the isometric RPG genre.

Multiple Classes

One of the main attractions of Diablo III is the wide variety of character classes to choose from, each with their unique set of abilities. Whether you prefer to be a fierce barbarian, a cunning demon hunter or a powerful wizard, there is a class for you in Diablo III. Each class comes with a distinct playstyle and skillset, allowing players to tailor their gameplay experience to their liking.

Campaign and Adventure Mode

Diablo III features a well-crafted campaign mode that takes players through a dark and dangerous world filled with epic battles, challenging quests, and intriguing characters. Players can also embark on adventure mode, which offers an endless stream of randomized quests and bounties for those who want to keep the action going. Both modes offer plenty of opportunities to explore the world of Sanctuary, earn fantastic loot and battle terrifying monsters.



If you’re looking for a game with fast-paced combat and abilities, then Warframe might just be the game for you. In this third-person shooter game, players take on the role of ancient warriors called Tenno who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves in the middle of a war for domination of the universe.

Cooperative Multiplayer

One of the best things about Warframe is the cooperative multiplayer feature. You can team up with your friends or jump into public games to complete missions together. This allows you to experience the game with others and tackle the challenges that come your way as a team. You can even join Clans with other players to work together to build a dojo and compete against other clans in PvP battles.

Extensive Customization

Another feature that sets Warframe apart from other games is the extensive customization options available. Players can customize their Warframes (characters) and weapons with various mods and upgrades, making them stronger and more powerful with every mission completed. With over 40 Warframes and more than 300 weapons to choose from, the possibilities are virtually endless. You can also customize your ship and decorate your orbiter with unique features to make it truly your own.

In conclusion, Warframe is a third-person shooter game that offers fast-paced combat, cooperative multiplayer, and extensive customization options. Whether you’re playing solo or with others, Warframe provides hours of entertainment and excitement that will leave you coming back for more. So why not jump into this epic adventure and see what the universe of Warframe has in store for you?

Online classroom games like Kahoot may be a good option for teachers looking for educational games to engage their students.



Trove is a free-to-play sandbox MMORPG where players can explore and build in a vast world.

Multiple Classes

Players can choose from multiple classes in Trove, such as Knight, Gunslinger, or Neon Ninja, each with unique abilities and playstyles. This adds depth to the game, as players can tailor their experience to their preferred playstyle. For example, if a player enjoys ranged combat and high mobility, they may choose the Gunslinger class, which is proficient in both categories. On the other hand, if a player prefers a more defensive and tanky playstyle, they may choose the Knight class, which has more health and can take more hits.

Creative Freedom

Similar to Realm of the Mad God, Trove allows players to express their creativity by building structures and designing their corner of the world. The game includes a variety of blocks and items that players can use to build whatever they can imagine. Players can also share their creations with others, allowing for a collaborative and creative community. The ability to build and customize one’s environment adds an extra layer of depth to the game, making it more immersive and engaging for players.

Group Play

Trove also includes group play, which allows players to team up with others to complete quests, explore dungeons, and defeat bosses. This makes the game more social and encourages players to work together to achieve common goals. The multiplayer aspect of the game is seamless, allowing players to join groups easily and without hassle.

Vibrant World

The world of Trove is vibrant and colorful, with a distinct art style that is both whimsical and charming. The game’s visuals are appealing to both adults and children, making it a great option for families to play together. The world is also full of hidden secrets and easter eggs, encouraging exploration and discovery.

Cross-Platform Play

Trove supports cross-platform play, meaning players can team up with others regardless of which platform they are playing on. This opens up the player base and makes it easier to find others to play with. Cross-platform play also means that players can seamlessly switch between devices without losing progress.

In-Game Store

Trove has an in-game store where players can purchase items using in-game currency or real-world money. The store includes a variety of items, including mounts, costumes, and emotes. While some may argue that this is a negative aspect of the game, as it promotes microtransactions, it can also be seen as a way for players to support the developers and continue to receive updates and new content.

Games like Diablo on Android can also scratch that itch for action-packed RPGs with loot collection.

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Thanks for taking the time to read about these fun games like Realm of the Mad God. You’ll find hours of entertainment in any of these titles. Keep checking back in for more great game recommendations and updates on new releases. Happy gaming, and we hope to see you again soon!

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