Games Like RimWorld

Exploring Alternative Worlds: Games Like RimWorld

RimWorld, the popular colony-building simulation game from Ludeon Studios, has captured the hearts of many players with its unique blend of strategy, survival, and role-playing elements. But what if you’ve played RimWorld to death or are looking for similar games that offer a fresh experience? Look no further! This article will take you on a journey through a variety of games like RimWorld, exploring similarities and differences between these virtual worlds.

Section 1: Colony-Building Games

For those who enjoy the core gameplay mechanics of building and managing colonies in RimWorld, there are several alternatives that offer similar experiences. One such game is Planetfall, a colony-building simulation developed by Powerhoof. Players guide their own colonists as they explore recent planets, manage resources, and build infrastructure to sustain life.

Another standout title is Prison Architect, which takes the same building-and-managing approach but shifts the focus to designing and maintaining prisons. With an emphasis on realism and customization options, Prison Architect challenges players to balance security with comfort and rehabilitation for their prisoners.

Section 2: City-Building Games

While RimWorld’s colony-building gameplay is unique in its own right, there are city-building games that share some similarities. One example is Banished, developed by Shining Rock Productions. Players take on the role of a leader trying to save their people from an unknown threat and guide them through the process of building settlements.

Another game worth mentoining is Surviving Mars, where players establish colonies on the red planet, managing resources, construction, and scientific research while navigating Martian environments like toxic gases and radiation zones.

Section 3: Simulation Games

RimWorld’s blend of survival mechanics with colony-building can be attributed to its simulation roots. For those who enjoy these elements in RimWorld, there are other simulation games that share similar themes:

  • Factorio: While primarily a factory-building game, Factorio shares some similarities with RimWorld in terms of resource management and production planning.
  • This War of Mine, although not strictly a survival simulator like This War of Mine, incorporates deep storytelling and character development aspects often found in RimWorld.

Section 4: Exploration Games

Another aspect that sets RimWorld apart is its focus on exploration through maps. If you enjoy exploring new areas and uncovering secrets, there are several games that offer similar experiences:

  • The Forest: This survival game by Endnight Games tasks players with fending off cannibal mutants while managing resources and crafting essential tools.
  • Subnautica, developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, combines exploration of an underwater planet with resource management, alien species encounters, and scientific discoveries.

Section 5: Role-Playing Games (RPGs)

As RimWorld features RPG elements through character development and relationships between colonists, there are several games that focus more on traditional role-playing experiences:

  • Frostpunk, developed by 11 bit studios, puts players in charge of an ice-age city where survival is paramount due to the harsh environment.
  • Tropico: This city-building game combines resource management with building and managing your own tropical island dictatorship.


Games like RimWorld offer a mix of strategy, simulation, exploration, and role-playing elements that make each unique. Whether you’re looking for another colony-builder or exploring new worlds as an interstellar pioneer, there’s something on this list to satisfy your cravings for survival gaming fun!