Games Like TerritorialIo

Exploring Games Like Territorialia

Territorialia is an innovative multiplayer online game that challenges players to navigate a vast, dynamic environment while establishing territory and collaborating with fellow gamers to achieve victory. As its popularity grows, fans of the game are naturally seeking similar experiences that offer engaging gameplay, strategic depth, and social interaction. This article delves into games like Territorialia, highlighting key features, similarities, and distinct characteristics.

1. Minecraft

Mojang’s iconic sandbox game is a natural fit for enthusiasts of Territorialia’s blocky building style and open-world exploration. Players gather resources to craft structures while defending against hostile mobs in a procedurally generated environment that rewards creativity and strategy.

Shared Elements with Territorialia:

  • Building mechanics: Construct structures, mine resources, or create complex contraptions.
  • Exploration: Discover hidden caves, abandoned mineshafts, or underwater ruins.
  • Multiplayer features: Join servers to build together (Creative mode), participate in survival challenges (Survival mode), and engage in PVP combat.

2. RimWorld

Developed by Ludeon Studios, RimWorld is a city-building simulation game set on an alien planet where colonists must gather resources, construct structures, and manage relationships while facing environmental hazards like extreme weather events or asteroid impacts. The title emphasizes storytelling through character development and tragic choices that impact the colony’s survival.

Similarities to Territorialia:

  • Resource gathering: Harvest raw materials, craft items, or research current technologies.
  • Building management: Design buildings for comfort, defense, and utility purposes.
  • Simulation aspects: Balance needs with resource constraints while managing relationships between colonists.

3. Empyrion

Gamers looking for a mix of space exploration and building will find Empyrion suitable. This game features modular ship construction using resources gathered from the procedurally generated galaxy, which players can explore by navigating through asteroid fields or abandoned spaceships.

Shared Characteristics:

  • Building: Construct vessels with various modules to create efficient ships.
  • Exploration: Explore distant stars, moons, asteroids, and abandoned stations while mining valuable ores.
  • Combat: Defend against hostile alien species using cannons and strategic positioning in zero-G combat zones.

4. InfiniLand

From the creators of Starbound comes InfiniLand – a massive-scale city-builder set in an infinite procedurally generated world where players can create vast metropolitan areas, manage resources, balance budgets with public services and entertainment options, while building transportation networks.

Shared Aspects:

  • Building: Construct infrastructure for cities (roads, buildings) or urban environments.
  • Exploration: Discover new locations to establish colonies or trade routes.
  • Economy management: Balance budgetary decisions on resource allocation between various city departments.

5. Nomads

In this online multiplayer game from Wildfire Games, players form nomadic tribes that gather resources while roaming the vast expanse of an open-world environment with distinct biomes and climate zones to explore. The title emphasizes exploration, building settlements around ancient ruins or trading hubs, while protecting your tribe from rival clans.


  • Exploration: Discover new lands to settle, mine valuable ores for crafting equipment.
  • Settlement building: Construct tents and fortifications for nomadic encampments using resources gathered on expeditions.
  • Resource management: Balance resource gathering with inventory capacity constraints.


The games listed above share elements of creativity, exploration, strategy, and social interaction that fans of Territorialia will likely appreciate. From the procedurally generated worlds to dynamic building mechanics and competitive multiplayer experiences, each game offers unique features while miantianing similarities that resonate with the Territorialia community. Explore these options for new gameplay challenges or to expand your gaming horizons – there’s something on this list for everyone!