7 Survival Games Similar to The Long Dark

Hello there, fellow survival game enthusiast! 🔥 Are you looking for a new game that will challenge your survival skills? Whether it’s the thrill of facing a harsh environment or the satisfaction of crafting your own tools and weapons, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will be introducing you to 7 survival games that are similar to the popular game, The Long Dark. Get ready to embark on a journey of survival and test your limits! 🌲

The Long Dark is a first-person survival game that takes place in the Canadian wilderness. Players navigate through a world filled with harsh weather conditions, dangerous wildlife, and limited resources. The game is praised for its realism, crafting system, and immersive gameplay. If you’re a fan of this game, you’ll definitely want to check out these 7 similar games that will give you the same adrenaline rush as The Long Dark. Get ready to explore new worlds and fight for your survival! 🏹

7 Survival Games Similar to The Long Dark



If you enjoyed the unique survival experience that The Long Dark had to offer, then Rust is definitely a game that you would enjoy playing. Similar to The Long Dark, Rust is an open-world survival game that will require you to fend off nature and other players in order to survive.

Build and defend your base against other players

One of Rust’s main features is base-building, which is crucial if you want to survive in the game. You will need to gather resources in order to build your base, and use those same resources to defend it against other players. The game has a vast array of base-building options available, from simple shelters to complex fortresses that you can customize to your liking.

Resource gathering and crafting

Rust has a fully fleshed out resource gathering and crafting system to help you build your base and craft weapons, tools, and other necessary items. You will need to collect resources such as wood, stone, and metal, and then use these to build and craft items that will help you survive in the game. However, be aware that other players will be on the lookout for resources too, and may try to steal the items you have worked hard to create.

Action-packed gameplay

Rust has a strong focus on player-vs-player (PvP) combat, which adds an exciting and adrenaline-fueled element to the game. You will need to engage in PvP battles with other players in order to survive, and may even need to raid other players’ bases to get the resources you need. This can make for some heart-pumping gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Overall, Rust is a game that offers a thrilling and challenging survival experience that will definitely appeal to fans of The Long Dark. With its open-world environment, base-building mechanics, crafting system, and PvP combat, Rust is a must-play for anyone looking for a new and exciting survival game.



If you enjoyed survival games that focus on an immersive experience in a unique setting, then you might want to check out Subnautica. The game is set in an underwater world where players have to explore and survive in a vast, alien ocean full of dangerous creatures.

Survival in an underwater world

Subnautica draws players into an underwater world with a stunning and awe-inspiring environment. But this beautiful world is also home to many hostile creatures that players must avoid or fight off. Players must manage their oxygen supply and equipment as they explore the depths of the ocean to gather resources and materials for survival. The game’s unique setting and survival challenges offer a memorable and engaging experience.

Story-driven gameplay

Subnautica’s gameplay is also supplemented by a compelling story that provides context and motivation for the player’s actions. Players assume the role of a lone survivor who crash-landed on an alien planet and must uncover the secrets of the planet and their own survival. The game’s storytelling is immersive, and the gradual reveals of the game’s story will keep players engaged and curious throughout their playthrough.

Base-building and resource management

Another aspect of Subnautica that sets it apart from other survival games is the game’s base-building mechanics. Players can construct various habitats and structures to improve their chances of survival and better manage their resources. Building bases can range from basic shelters to elaborate structures complete with multiple amenities, and the ability to customize bases gives players a way to personalize their game experience. Overall, Subnautica provides a unique twist to the survival genre and an unforgettable underwater adventure.

If you enjoy exploring new worlds and making ethical decisions, you might want to try games like The Outer Worlds.

The Forest

The Forest

The Forest is a survival horror game that is similar to The Long Dark in many ways. It challenges players to fight for their survival against cannibalistic mutants who lurk in the shadows. With its beautiful open world, challenging mechanics, and endless exploration opportunities, The Forest offers players a truly immersive survival experience.

Survival Mechanics and Exploration

In The Forest, players must collect and manage resources, build shelter, and explore the island for supplies. Survival is not easy in this world, and players will need to be strategic in their use of resources and careful in their exploration of the island. The game’s mechanics are complex, but rewarding, and players who are able to master them will find a greater chance of survival on the island.

Exploration is a key element of The Forest, and players will need to venture out into the unknown to find the resources they need to survive. The island is vast and mysterious, with many secrets to uncover and dangers to avoid. The Forest’s open world allows for endless exploration opportunities, with each new area offering new challenges and rewards.

Solo or Co-op Gameplay

The Forest can be played solo or in co-op mode, making it a versatile game that can appeal to a wide range of players. Playing alone can be challenging, as players will need to rely solely on their own survival skills to make it through the game. However, teaming up with others can increase your chances of survival and make the game even more exciting.

Players can work together to gather resources, build shelter, and fend off enemies. Communication is key in co-op mode, as players will need to coordinate their actions and work together to survive. The Forest is a great game for players who enjoy both solo and multiplayer gaming experiences.

If you enjoyed The Long Dark, then you will definitely love The Forest. It offers a similar survival experience with its complex mechanics, beautiful open world, and challenging enemies. Whether you choose to play alone or with others, The Forest is a game that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Don’t Starve

Don't Starve

Don’t Starve is another intense survival game that emphasizes harsh wilderness conditions and a complex crafting system. Players take on the role of a scientist named Wilson as he finds himself trapped in a strange and dangerous world. The game is famous for its Tim Burton-esque art style and unsettling atmosphere that makes you question what you’ll find around the next corner.

Cartoonish wilderness survival game

In Don’t Starve, players have to survive by traversing a harsh, randomly generated wilderness filled with monsters, resource gathering, and building. The game’s use of a 2D art style made it a unique deviation from the usual gritty look of survival games. The main character, Wilson, has to explore a world filled with GIANT bees, spiders, And LORD knows what else! This cartoonish world feels like a classic illustration brought to life and is sure to leave players on edge.

Complex crafting system

Not only do you have to navigate this strange new world, but players must also master a deep and complex crafting system. Players use a variety of resources (wood, food, grass, etc.) to create a range of tools, weapons, and structures to aid in their survival. Players must gather different types of resources to create new items, while also managing hunger and sanity meters. The game is unforgiving and will have you restarting from scratch if you fail.

Sandbox gameplay

Don’t Starve features a sandbox-style gameplay element where players can explore and survive for as long as they can. The randomly generated world means that players will never experience the same thing twice, adding to the game’s replayability. As any player masters the game, they can play around with various objectives and adventures to keep things fresh.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

If you are looking for a survival game that combines the thrill of fighting prehistoric creatures with the challenge of managing a base in a hostile world, ARK: Survival Evolved could be the game for you. Developed by Studio Wildcard, this open-world game has gained a massive following since its release in 2017. In this game, you are stranded on an island filled with dangerous wildlife and other players, and you must gather resources and craft gear to survive.

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures

One of the main draws of ARK: Survival Evolved is its vast array of prehistoric creatures that you can tame, ride, and breed. From the majestic T-Rex to the quick and agile Velociraptor, there are over 80 different species of dinosaurs for you to discover on the island. In addition to dinos, there are also other creatures like giant spiders, sharks, and even dragons to contend with.

Player vs Environment or Player vs Player

Player vs Environment or Player vs Player

Another feature that sets ARK: Survival Evolved apart from other survival games is the ability to play in different modes. You can choose to play solo or join a server with other players in Player vs Environment (PvE) mode, where you must work together to survive against the environment and the creatures. Alternatively, you can opt for Player vs Player (PvP) mode, where you compete against other players for resources and territory on the island. The choice is yours.

Survival mechanics and base-building

Survival mechanics and base-building

In ARK: Survival Evolved, you must collect resources like wood, stone, and metal to build structures that can protect you from the elements and hostile creatures. You can also craft weapons, armor, and tools to aid in your survival. But beware, other players can raid your base while you are offline, so fortifying your defenses is essential.

If you are a fan of The Long Dark and want to try a survival game with a bit more action and adventure, ARK: Survival Evolved is definitely worth checking out.

If you like survival games with zombies, you might want to check out games like The Walking Dead.

Green Hell

Realistic Survival Mechanics

Green Hell is an Amazonian survival game that plunges players deep into the heart of the rainforest, where they must battle wildlife, disease, and the unknown in order to survive. With its immersive environment and realistic survival mechanics, Green Hell provides a challenging, engaging, and unforgettable gaming experience for players who enjoy a challenge.

Psychological Survival

Realistic Survival Mechanics

In Green Hell, players must manage their character’s mental health by keeping themselves fed, hydrated, and rested. This means that players must pay close attention to their character’s physical needs, and ensure that they are properly nourished and rested, or their mental state will begin to deteriorate. With its focus on the psychological aspect of survival, Green Hell delivers a unique and engaging gaming experience that’s unlike anything else on the market.

Realistic Survival Mechanics

Realistic Survival Mechanics

Green Hell’s realistic survival mechanics make it a game that’s all about strategy and careful planning. Players must manage their resources carefully, craft tools and weapons, and build shelter in order to survive in the harsh Amazonian environment. This means that players must be strategic in their decision making, and work hard to ensure that they have everything they need to stay alive.

The Long Dark is a survival game that challenges the player to survive in the wilderness. If you enjoy this kind of gameplay, you might be interested in games like it.

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep

If you’re a fan of survival games like The Long Dark, then Stranded Deep is definitely worth checking out. In this game, you find yourself stranded on a deserted island with nothing but your wits and survival skills to help you stay alive.

Survival on a deserted island

The first thing you’ll notice about Stranded Deep is its stunning visuals. The game takes place in a beautiful, yet treacherous, tropical paradise where survival is key. You have to keep a close eye on your hunger and thirst levels, as well as your health, if you want to make it off the island alive.

In addition to your basic survival needs, there are plenty of other dangers to contend with. You’ll have to fend off hunger, dehydration, and exposure to the elements, as well as fend off dangerous wildlife.

Crafting and building

One of the key elements of Stranded Deep is crafting. You’ll need to collect resources from around the island to build shelter, weapons, and other essential items. Some resources are more plentiful than others, so you’ll need to prioritize what you need most and be strategic in your resource gathering.

Building is also a key component of the game. You’ll need to construct shelter to protect yourself from the elements and wildlife, and build a raft or boat if you hope to escape the island and make it back to civilization.

Randomly generated world

One of the unique features of Stranded Deep is that the game world is randomly generated. This means that every time you play, your experience will be different. You’ll never know what dangers or resources you might encounter on any given island.

Overall, Stranded Deep is a beautifully crafted survival game that’s definitely worth a try if you’re a fan of the genre. Just be prepared to face some serious challenges in your quest for survival.

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