7 Top Games Similar to Valheim

Hello there, gamers! 👋 If you’re a fan of Valheim, one of the hottest survival games in recent years, then you know how fun and addictive it can be. With amazing graphics, a rich storyline, and challenging gameplay, it’s no wonder why so many people have fallen in love with it. But once you’ve finished conquering the Viking world, what’s next? Well, fear not, because we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be sharing seven other top games that are similar to Valheim, so you can continue your adventure in the most exciting ways possible. 🎮

From epic battles to thrilling quests and even some loveable animal friends, these games have everything you need to keep your gaming experience fresh and exciting. So buckle up, sharpen your weapons, and get ready to embark on some unforgettable journeys with our top picks. But before we dive in, let’s take a closer look at what makes Valheim so special and why you’ll love these games just as much. 🤩

7 Top Games Similar to Valheim



If you’re a fan of Valheim’s immersive survival gameplay, then Raft may just be the game for you. Launched in 2018, Raft is a multiplayer survival game developed by Redbeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games. In this game, players find themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean and must float on a small raft to survive against the elements and dangerous sea creatures. Interestingly, the game’s main objective is to build a bigger raft by gathering resources, crafting tools, and exploring various islands and underwater biomes.

Pick, Craft, Survive

As the game’s tagline suggests, players must pick up floating debris to gather resources, craft basic tools, and build a temporary shelter. The core gameplay mechanic is the game’s hook mechanic that allows players to snag a variety of resources, such as wood, scrap, seaweed, and even rare items like metal ore and copper ingots. Players must also manage their thirst and hunger levels, which deplete over time and can cause death if ignored. Hence, players must regularly collect rainwater, hunt fish with basic spears, and cook meat over a makeshift grill to survive.

Exploration and Challenges

While floating on their raft, players can spot various islands in the distance. These islands are the game’s primary sources of resources and often have unique resources and challenges to overcome. Islands can house various hazards, such as poisonous snakes, giant crabs, and even explosive barrels. Players must navigate these hazards with caution and use their crafting skills to overcome them. In addition, players can also dive underwater to find hidden treasures and gather rare resources such as copper and gold.

Multiplayer Experience

Raft also offers a fun multiplayer experience, allowing players to team up with friends or strangers to survive together. In multiplayer mode, players can share resources and divide tasks to build a bigger and better raft. Multiplayer mode also adds a new dimension of challenge and fun, as players must communicate and coordinate with each other to survive against the various dangers of the open sea.


In conclusion, Raft is an excellent game similar to Valheim that offers a unique and immersive survival gameplay experience. It has an engaging crafting and resource-gathering system, challenging hazards and island exploration, and a fun multiplayer mode. If you’re a fan of survival games with a creative twist, then Raft is definitely worth checking out.

If you’re a fan of the hack-and-slash genre as well as Norse mythology, God of War (2018) offers a beautiful and epic story-driven experience with stunning graphics.



If you loved the survival and exploration aspects of Valheim, then Minecraft is the perfect game for you! Minecraft is a popular sandbox game where players can explore, mine, and build in a blocky 3D world. The game has been around since 2011 but it still continues to be a favorite among gamers of all ages.

Explore and Build in a Blocky World

The world of Minecraft is made up of blocks of different materials that players can mine and use to build whatever their heart desires. From simple houses to complex castles and cities, the possibilities are endless. In addition to building, players can also explore different biomes, including forests, deserts, and oceans. Each biome offers a unique set of challenges and resources.

Creative Mode and Survival Mode

Minecraft offers two game modes for players to choose from: creative mode and survival mode. In creative mode, players have unlimited resources and can build whatever they want without worrying about gathering materials. This mode is perfect for players who just want to focus on building and creating. In survival mode, players must gather resources and survive against enemies such as zombies and skeletons. This mode offers more of a challenge and requires players to think strategically about how to survive.

If you’re looking for a game that offers endless exploration, building, and survival options, then Minecraft is the perfect choice. With its blocky world and two game modes, players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy hours of fun and adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring and building in the world of Minecraft today!

If you enjoy the survival-horror elements of Valheim, you might like Until Dawn, a cinematic game with quick-time events and branching storylines depending on your decisions.



If you’re a fan of Valheim’s sandbox style and open-world exploration, Terraria might just be the game for you! Developed by Re-Logic, Terraria is a 2D sandbox adventure game where players can explore, build and fight their way through a randomly generated world filled with monsters, treasure, and danger.

A 2D sandbox adventure game.

The gameplay of Terraria is similar to that of Valheim, as both games offer open-world sandbox-style gameplay. However, while Valheim is set in a 3D environment that focuses on survival, Terraria is set in a 2D world with a focus on exploration and adventure. Players can gather resources, craft tools and weapons, and build structures to survive and thrive in this game.

Over 450 enemies and bosses to conquer.

One of the most exciting aspects of Terraria is the sheer number of enemies and bosses that the game offers. With over 450 different monsters and bosses, Terraria provides players with a challenging and exciting combat experience. Each of the bosses has its unique abilities and weaknesses, making boss fights a strategic challenge for players to overcome.

Players can craft weapons and armor to defeat these bosses, and the crafting system in Terraria is incredibly intricate and detailed. There are hundreds of different items that players can craft, each with its unique attributes and bonuses. This gives players a wide range of options to customize their gameplay experience and tackle challenges in their own unique way.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of Valheim, you’ll definitely want to give Terraria a try. With its open-world sandbox-style gameplay, intricate crafting system, and challenging boss fights, Terraria is one of the best games out there that offers a similar experience to Valheim.

If you’re a fan of simulation games like Valheim, you might enjoy Summertime Saga, a game where you navigate a hilariously complicated dating sim with numerous storylines to explore.

Don’t Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is the ultimate survival game for friends who crave a challenge in a dark, gothic world. In this game, players are thrust into a strange and dangerous realm filled with creatures, magic, and terror.

A survival game set in a dark, gothic world.

Don’t Starve Together is a multiplayer survival game set in a hand-drawn, gothic world filled with monsters and danger. Players must learn to survive against various enemies, harsh weather conditions, and other challenges that await them.

Cooperate with up to 6 players to survive.

Players must gather resources, build structures, and defend against the environment and creatures of the world. Up to 6 players can cooperate in the game to increase their chances of survival. With a combination of skill, strategy, and teamwork, players can overcome any obstacle and thrive in this unforgiving world.

Don’t Starve Together is a truly immersive gaming experience. With its stunning graphics and unique gameplay mechanics, players will find themselves drawn into the game’s world and unable to tear themselves away. Whether you’re looking to team up with friends or tackle the game solo, Don’t Starve Together is sure to provide a thrilling and challenging adventure.

If you enjoy decision-making and the butterfly effect element in Valheim, you might enjoy Life is Strange, a game where your choices heavily impact the outcomes of both gameplay and storyline.

The Forest

The Forest

The Forest is a horror survival game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The game is set in a wooded area where players must survive against cannibals while searching for a way out. If you’re a fan of Valheim, you will surely enjoy playing The Forest.

Defend Against Enemies and Scavenge for Resources

In The Forest, players must gather resources to craft weapons, traps, and shelter to defend against enemies while trying to find a way to escape the forest. The game has both single and multiplayer modes, making it easy to play with friends. Expect a lot of jump scares as you try to survive in the game.

Explore the Mysterious Island

The game takes place on a mysterious island that players can explore. The world is large and full of hidden secrets to discover. From abandoned caves to hidden lakes, the game will keep you engaged for hours. You may even stumble upon an ancient artifact that will help you in your journey.

Survive in Day and Night Cycles

The game has both a day and night cycle, and players must survive through both. During the day, players can explore and gather resources, but at night, the cannibals become more active, making it difficult to survive. You must be prepared if you want to make it through the night.

Multiplayer Mode

The Forest has a multiplayer mode that allows players to team up with friends to survive together. The game can be even more challenging in multiplayer mode, as you must work together to survive and escape the forest. This mode adds a new dimension to the game and makes it even more enjoyable.


The Forest is a great game for fans of survival horror, and those who enjoyed playing Valheim. It’s a challenging game that will keep you engaged for hours. Gather resources, craft weapons, and survive against the cannibals. Be prepared for jump scares and surprises as you explore the mysterious island. Give it a try and see if you have what it takes to escape the forest.

For another cooperative escape game, A Way Out lets you control two characters as they try to escape prison together using both action and puzzle-solving.



If you enjoyed the survival aspect of Valheim and are looking for a similar game, then Astroneer is definitely worth checking out. In this game, you play as an astronaut exploring and surviving on various alien planets. The game offers various tools and resources to help you progress and ensure your survival within the game.

An exploration and survival game on alien planets.

Astroneer is an open-world exploration and survival game set on alien planets that offers players a unique gaming experience. This game challenges players to gather resources and manage them effectively to survive on various planets. This game rewards players for their survival skills and ingenuity in finding new ways to survive on the planets.

Build a base and explore the galaxy.

One of the best things about Astroneer is the ability to build your own bases on the planets to protect you from harsh environments. This game also offers players the ability to explore the galaxy and find new resources to add to their base and ensure their survival. With the game’s randomized planets and gameplay mechanics, each playthrough offers a unique gaming experience.

If you haven’t tried Astroneer yet, we highly recommend that you give it a try. With its unique gameplay mechanics, stunning visuals, and engaging storyline, it’s a great game that will keep you entertained for hours.

If you’re looking for another upcoming game to sink your teeth into, Elden Ring is a highly-anticipated action RPG with an open world and a dark fantasy theme.

No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky is an exploration game set in an infinite procedurally generated universe where players can discover new worlds and species. This game is similar to Valheim in the sense that both games offer players the chance to explore and discover new things.

An exploration game set in an infinite procedurally generated universe.

In No Man’s Sky, players are able to explore a vast, open universe filled with unique planets and stars. The universe is procedurally generated, which means that each planet and star is different from the last. This aspect of the game offers a sense of excitement and anticipation as players never know what they will discover next.

Survive and explore in a vast universe.

Players must gather resources to survive against the environment and dangerous creatures while exploring the vast universe in No Man’s Sky. The universe can be hostile and unforgiving, but players are able to upgrade their equipment to increase their chances of survival.

No Man’s Sky is a great game for players who enjoy the exploration aspects of Valheim. The vast universe and endless possibilities make this game a must-play for any fan of exploration games.

If you love the gameplay of Valheim, you might enjoy It Takes Two, a cooperative game where two players control two characters on a colorful adventure.

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Thank you so much for reading our list of 7 top games similar to Valheim! We hope you found some great options to play after exploring the Nine Realms. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and come back to our website for more gaming insights in the future. Happy gaming!

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