7 Games Similar to Warhammer for Die-Hard Fantasy Fans

Hello there, fellow fantasy fans! 👋 If you’re anything like us, then you know that there’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in a rich and detailed world filled with epic battles, mighty heroes, and fearsome monsters. And for many of us, Warhammer has long been one of our favorite tabletop games to do just that.

But what if you’ve played every edition of Warhammer, and you’re hungry for more? Well, fear not! In this article, we’re going to take a look at 7 incredible games that are similar to Warhammer, but offer their own unique twists on the genre that are sure to satisfy even the most die-hard fans. So grab your sword, prepare your spells, and let’s get ready to explore some amazing new worlds! 💥

7 Games Similar to Warhammer for Die-Hard Fantasy Fans

Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar

For die-hard fantasy fans, Age of Sigmar is a must-play game. This game allows you to choose your faction and build a powerful army to fight against chaos in the mortal realms. The game is set in a fantasy world where gods and monsters roam the land, and mighty warriors battle for supremacy. Age of Sigmar has become a popular game among tabletop gamers and has gained a massive following worldwide.

Choose your Faction, Master your Army

In Age of Sigmar, you get to choose your faction, and each faction has its own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Whether you prefer the sturdy Duardin or the magical prowess of the Seraphon, there is a faction to suit your playstyle. Once you have chosen your faction, you can then customize your army by selecting from a vast array of units and building your own Warriors.

Endless Replayability and Updates

Age of Sigmar is a constantly evolving game, and new armies, factions, and gameplay mechanics are frequently added to the game. This ensures that the game has endless replayability and that you will always have a unique experience each time you play. The game designers are constantly updating the game to ensure that it stays fresh and exciting for players.

Connect with Fellow Fans

Age of Sigmar has a dedicated community of players that you can connect with. You can share tips and tactics with other players, participate in worldwide tournaments and events, and make new friends who share your passion for fantasy games. The game has become a social phenomenon, and the community is one of the best aspects of the game.

Looking for a game with a similar theme? Check out Civilization 6, where you get to build your own empire and conquer new lands.

Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2

Blood Bowl 2 is a perfect combination of strategy and sports for die-hard fantasy fans who also love American football. The game provides an interactive turn-based experience, where traditional fantasy races participate in football matches. It’s as brutal as football can be, with players clashing against one another to score touchdowns.

Customize Your Team and Players

In Blood Bowl 2, you have the option to create your own team with unique strengths, weaknesses, and player roster. Each player has their own unique skills and abilities which develop as they progress in the game. Make sure to choose your team’s players carefully and customize them to match their playstyle, as this will have a direct impact on their performance during matches.

Competitive Multiplayer

Blood Bowl 2 offers a competitive multiplayer experience where players can join online leagues with friends or strangers. These leagues often have different rules and regulations, along with their own management, finance, and prize structures. Lead your team to victory, climb the ranks and become a Blood Bowl champion.

Banner Saga Combat

If you’re a fan of the Warhammer world, chances are you’ll enjoy Banner Saga. Developed by Stoic Studio, this game boasts beautiful artwork and music inspired by Viking culture, telling a tale of survival and sacrifice. The game’s world is both brutal and mesmerizing, with snowy landscapes and shadowy forests setting the tone for the player’s journey.

A Truly Difficult Decision-Making System

Banner Saga Combat

One of the standout features of Banner Saga is the choice-driven gameplay, where your decisions have significant and far-reaching consequences. Life or death choices can result in the loss of a beloved character or a life saved. In addition to the decision-making element, the game is a narrative-driven experience, so your choices also greatly impact the story and the world around you.

Intense Strategy Combat

Banner Saga Combat

Banner Saga’s turn-based combat system is a highlight for many players. Each character has unique abilities and weapons allowing them to approach battles tactically in their own way. The combat animations are simply gorgeous, with everything from sword slashes to spells unfolding in a stunning and cinematic display. The strategy aspect of the game is essential to success and will keep you challenged throughout your adventure.

Mordheim: City of the Damned

Mordheim: City of the Damned

If you’re a fan of Warhammer, you may be familiar with Mordheim. It’s a city located within the Warhammer world that has been destroyed by a massive comet. This game takes place within this dark and gritty world, where you must navigate cutthroat faction battles, find hidden treasures, and customize your squad of fighters.

Cutthroat Faction Battles

The factions within Mordheim are constantly battling with one another, and you must lead your warband to victory. Each faction has its own unique set of units, tactics and objectives, and the key to success is mastering them all. Whether you’re a fan of high-risk strategies or playing it safe, there’s a faction that will suit your playstyle.

Explore and Find Loot

As you explore the ruins of Mordheim, you will encounter hidden treasures, powerful relics and the occasional enemy warband. Exploration is not only essential for finding valuable items, but it’s also crucial to keep your warband healthy. Be careful, though – exploring the city can be dangerous, with hidden dangers lurking around every corner.

Dynamic Campaigns and Customization

Mordheim: City of the Damned offers a customizable experience, allowing you to create your own unique warband. You can select each fighter’s abilities, equipment, and weapons – essentially tailoring your squad to match your playstyle. The campaigns within the game are dynamic, meaning that your choices and the outcome of your battles will affect how the story unfolds.

Overall, if you’re a Warhammer fan looking for a new challenge, Mordheim: City of the Damned is definitely worth a try. With its deep customization options, dynamic campaigns, and faction battles, it’s sure to provide hours of engaging gameplay.

If you’re a fan of turn-based combat and deep storyline, you should definitely try Pillars of Eternity, a game that offers a fascinating universe and plenty of challenges to overcome.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2

Are you looking for a game that will give you the freedom to explore and play the way you want? Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the perfect game for you! With its open-ended roleplaying, deep and strategic combat, and multiplayer modes, this game will keep you entertained for hours.

Open-Ended Roleplaying

Divinity: Original Sin 2 takes the concept of open world games to a whole new level. Instead of just letting you roam around an open world, the game gives you the freedom to choose your own path and solve quests the way you see fit. With hundreds of possibilities and outcomes, the game will keep you engaged and entertained as you explore the world and interact with its inhabitants.

Deep and Strategic Combat

The combat system in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is turn-based and tactical, making battles feel like chess matches rather than just button mashing contests. The game encourages and rewards you for using the environment to your advantage, and combining attacks with other players to create powerful combos. Each character has a unique set of skills and abilities, allowing you to create your own strategies and playstyle.

Play with Friends in Cooperative or Competitive Modes

With its multiplayer modes, Divinity: Original Sin 2 opens up even more possibilities for play. You can team up with your friends to create a party of up to four players, each controlling their own character with unique abilities. You can work together to solve quests and challenges, or engage in competitive modes where you battle against each other.

If you love Warhammer, you might also enjoy playing Warzone, a fast-paced and tactical strategy game that tests your skills in warfare.

Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade: Warband

If you’re a die-hard fantasy fan looking for a game that lets you engage in epic battles and conquer territories, Mount & Blade: Warband might just be the game for you. Set in the fictional world of Calradia, the game offers a variety of gameplay options that you can customize to your liking. Here are some of the reasons why this game is worth checking out:

Fight and Conquer as a Vassal or King

In Mount & Blade: Warband, you can play as a vassal swearing loyalty to a king and engaging in battles on his behalf, or as a king seeking to conquer territories and establish your own kingdom. The game offers a considerable degree of freedom in how you approach these tasks, letting you build your army, establish your own castles, and engage in diplomacy to form alliances.

Sandbox Open World

Mount & Blade: Warband offers a sandbox open world where you can explore freely and interact with a variety of characters. As you travel, you can trade with merchants, participate in tournaments, and take on various quests and missions. You can also recruit members of different factions to your army, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Highly Customizable Gameplay and Mods

One of the biggest strengths of Mount & Blade: Warband is the degree to which you can customize the gameplay to suit your preferences. You can tweak a variety of settings, including difficulty, combat mechanics, and sandbox features. Additionally, the game boasts a huge and active modding community that has created a wide array of mods, from total conversions that take the game to different settings to minor additions that tweak the game’s mechanics. Whether you want to create your own mods or just download and play others’, Mount & Blade: Warband offers plenty of opportunities to do so.

Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity

If you are a die-hard fantasy fan looking for a game that will keep you engaged for hours, look no further than Pillars of Eternity. This game is a love letter to classic RPGs, and it does not disappoint.

A Love Letter to Classic RPGs

Pillars of Eternity allows players to choose any of the six classic fantasy races and 11 classes, with each offering a unique perspective on the game’s rich and complex story. The world is full of magic and ethics, and the level of detail put into creating the game’s lore is unparalleled.

Meaningful Choices and Consequences

In Pillars of Eternity, the choices you make throughout the game have a significant impact on the story, the characters, and the world around you. The game’s developers have created a world that’s truly alive, where your actions can lead to unexpected consequences, both positive and negative.

Immersive Real-Time with Pause Combat

The combat in Pillars of Eternity is one of its strongest features. It’s a real-time with pause system that allows you to control each of your party members, use spells and weapons, and pause the game to issue orders and plan your strategy. This system creates an incredibly immersive combat experience that’s both challenging and rewarding.

All in all, Pillars of Eternity is a game that every die-hard fantasy fan should experience. It’s a love letter to classic RPGs that offers meaningful choices, a rich story, and immersive combat. If you’re looking for a game that will keep you engaged for hours on end, look no further than Pillars of Eternity.

Happy Gaming, Fellow Fantasy Fans!

Thanks for taking the time to read about these awesome games that are similar to Warhammer. We hope that you’ll get a chance to play some of these titles and find a new favorite among them. We’ve done our best to provide you with a diverse list ranging from classic tabletop games to modern, immersive videogame experiences. Be sure to check back in with us for more recommendations and discussion about the fantasy genre. Until then, happy adventuring!

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