Who Created Genshin Impact?

The World of Teyvat: A Journey Through Genshin Impact’s Creation Story

History is replete with tales of imaginative realms, each a testament to the boundless creativity of its creators. The latest phenomenon sweeping the gaming world, MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact, has piqued the interest of many with its captivating storyline and lovable characters. This article delves into the origins of this enchanting adventure game.

A Brief Overview

Launched in September 2020 to widespread acclaim, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game (ARPG) that takes players on an epic journey through Teyvat’s vast world and lore. Developed by Chinese gaming studio MiHoYo Entertainment Co., Ltd. (), the title has quickly become a fan favorite due in part to its captivating narrative.

The Visionaries Behind Genshin Impact

Founded in 2012, MiHoYo began as an indie game development firm with humble beginnings in the city of Changsha, Hunan Province. Their first major success was Houkai: Genshen (, a mobile ARPG that captured the attention of fans worldwide.

The Mastermind Behind Teyvat’s Creation

For those unfamiliar with MiHoYo or its key individuals, it is crucial to understand how this extraordinary game came about.

Ye Xiangling and Zhongli Chen are two important figures responsible for shaping Genshin Impact. Ye serves as the studio head of art, while Zhongli is the producer.

In an interview, Ye explained: “Teyvat was created with the purpose of showcasing a ravishing fantasy world. We aimed to make this game visually striking and engaging.”

This shared vision enabled Chen’s role in production to further facilitate artistic input from various team members.

Development Insights

MiHoYo employed about 300 developers across several studios when creating Genshin Impact.

Zhongli recalled: “We divided our workforce into small, interdisciplinary teams. This allowed us to adapt and make improvements swiftly.”

This collaborative appraoch facilitated a creative environment that encouraged the sharing of ideas, fostering an engaging development experience for all involved.

Artistic Evolution

When designing Teyvat’s diverse regions, the developers drew inspiration from their own childhood experiences. Each landscape offers distinct visual representations of various cultures.

Zhongli expressed: “Teyvat is not just a fantasy world; it’s based on different cultural and historical references that we are familiar with.”

As players progress through the game, they can appreciate these nuanced elements firsthand.

Technical Achievements

The visuals in Genshin Impact stand out due to the developers’ dedication to creating this stunning environment.

Ye highlighted: “We used cutting-edge graphics technology from companies such as Epic Games and Unity. We also optimized our code for high-performance rendering.”

By harnessing the best tools, they were able to produce a game that showcases impressive visuals while still ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience.

Impact on Gamers

With its engaging narrative and memorable characters like Mona (), Fischl (), Amber(), Zhongli(), Ayaka() Venti (V), Baal (Barbara)and others, Genshin Impact has quickly captured the hearts of players worldwide.

MiHoYo’s success demonstrates that a well-crafted game can resonate with people from all over the world, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries.


Genshin Impact represents an extraordinary collaboration between talented individuals at MiHoYo. By sharing their vision for Teyvat as both artistic inspiration and immersive storytelling, they have created something truly remarkable.

As this enchanting adventure continues to evolve with new content updates, Genshin Impact is poised to continue captivating the imagination of its dedicated fan base.

The world of Teyvat may be a fantasy realm but it has given us something tangible – an unforgettable experience.