How To Merge Contacts On iPhone

Merging Contacts on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

In today’s digital age, managing our personal contact information is crucial for efficient communication, organization, and collaboration with friends, family members, colleagues, or business contacts. As we accumulate modern connections across various platforms like social media networks (Facebook), messaging apps (WhatsApp), email clients (Gmail), phone calls logs (Contacts App on iPhone) – the need to merge these disparate data points becomes increasingly pressing. In this article, you will learn a detailed and user-friendly guide on how to effectively merge contacts on your iPhone.

Understanding Your Contacts

Before we dive into merging contact information, let’s start by familiarizing ourselves with what our contacts database looks like within the Apple iPhone environment:

  1. Phone App: Within the Phone app (also referred to as “Contacts” or “Favorites”), you can see a list of saved phone numbers along with their names.
  2. Messages: Your Messages/WhatsApp iMessage/FaceTime history will store your conversations in separate threads for each recipient.

To Merge Contacts on iPhone:

  1. Preparation Phase:
    • Start by ensuring that both contact sources (e.g., Facebook and Phone App) have the most up-to-date, synchronized versions of all relevant contacts information.
      2 Open either the ‘Phone’ or “Messages” app directly within your Apple device.

Now you’re ready to proceed with merging these overlapping but scattered data points across different iPhone applications:

Step #1 – Locate Contact Duplicates:
Locate those duplicate names using one (or both) of two strategies:
* Manually Identify Duplicate Contacts in the Phone App: Tap ‘Favorites’ from within your Apple device’s built-in “Contacts” section.
* Utilize the iOS app-specific features designed to identify and remove redundant data:

  1. Use Your Facebook Contact Data:
    • Launch either Facebook for iPhone or tap on the Profile picture (displayed next to any recent message)
      1 Go directly into your Account Settings
      4 Tap ‘About’ section

    You should find a tab called “Merge People” and after selecting it, follow these instructions: Press the button labeled as “(Your Contact) in Friends.” Once selected:

  • Select all matching contacts. Choose to remove them from duplicates before confirming.
    Step #2 – Combine Contacts:
    Within ‘Contacts,’ now tap on each of your duplicate names you discovered earlier under

    • Favorites (your default saved phone numbers)
      For merged, click this button and “Save” any new, updated name information that matches the prevoius step for Facebook

    1 Ensure all duplicated entries from different platforms have been deleted by double-tapping once they appear.
    Repeat the same actions on other devices as necessary: ‘Messages’ (to eliminate WhatsApp or FaceTime)

Step #3 – Finalize Contact Management:
In case there remain any remaining duplicate contacts, repeat these steps in your device settings for
1 Delete “Favorites” which should have been cleaned by this stage if all duplicates were eliminated during the previous merging processes.

As of now, it has become much easier to organize and synchronize the management of overlapping contact information across various Apple devices: iPhone (phone numbers), iMessage (WhatsApp/FaceTime chats), Facebook accounts. This knowledge allows you to control these contacts efficiently for future reference through a user-friendly guide that takes advantage of your pre-existing familiarity with Apple technology.

To further refine our understanding on merging and managing multiple types, or categories of contact data we have:

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