How to Say “Apple” in Vietnamese

Learning a new language can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Vietnamese, a language spoken by millions of people around the world, has a unique and beautiful way of expressing words. In this article, we will explore how to say the word “apple” in Vietnamese.

The Word for “Apple” in Vietnamese

In Vietnamese, the word for “apple” is “táo.” This simple yet elegant word captures the essence of this delicious fruit that is loved by many. Pronounced as “t-ow,” with a subtle emphasis on the “ow” sound, saying “táo” allows you to communicate your love for apples in Vietnamese-speaking communities.

Using “Táo” in Sentences

Now that you know how to say “apple” in Vietnamese, let’s explore how you can use it in sentences:

1. I love eating apples – Tôi thích ăn táo.
2. Apples are healthy fruits – Táo là loại trái cây rất bổ dưỡng.
3. Can you buy some apples at the market? – Bạn có thể mua táo ở chợ được không?

By incorporating “táo” into your conversations, you can connect with Vietnamese speakers and showcase your language skills.

Cultural Significance of Apples in Vietnam

Apples hold cultural significance in Vietnam beyond just being a fruit. In Vietnamese folklore and traditions, apples are associated with abundance, prosperity, and good luck. During Lunar New Year celebrations (Tết), apples are often exchanged as gifts to bring blessings and fortune to loved ones.

Moreover, apples have become increasingly popular in Vietnam as a symbol of modernity and health consciousness. As urbanisation continues to rise and lifestyles evolve, apples have found their way into daily diets as a nutritious snack or ingredient in various dishes.


In conclusion, learning how to say “apple” in Vietnamese opens up opportunities to connect with the language and culture on a deeper level. By understanding the word “táo,” you not only expand your vocabulary but also gain insight into the rich symbolism associated with this beloved fruit in Vietnam.

So next time you bite into a crisp apple or browse through a farmers’ market, remember the beauty of its name in Vietnamese – táo!