How To Change Xbox Gamertag

Renewing Your Xbox Gamertag: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you ready to shake things up with your Xbox identity? Perhaps you’re tired of your current gamer tag or want to refresh your online presence for the modern gaming season. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the process of changing your Xbox gamertag from start to finish.

Preparing for a Gamertag Change

Before diving into the change process, it’s essentail to consider a few key points:

  • Unique Identification: Your Xbox gamertag is closely tied to your online identity. Think carefully about the name you choose and its potential impact on your gaming reputation.
  • Character Limitations: Xbox has strict guidelines regarding gamertag length and content restrictions (see below). Make sure the new tag fits within these constraints.
  • Gamerscore, Achievements & DLC: Be aware that changing your gamertag will reset all related data, such as Gamerscore, achievements, and downloadable content.

Xbox Gamertag Guidelines: What Works

When selecting a new gamertag, remember:

  • The maximum length is 12 characters (including spaces).
  • You can use letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, underscores (_), periods (.), hyphens (-) as well as blank spaces.
  • No offensive language or profanity permitted.
    • See the Xbox Live Terms of Use for detailed information.

Step-by-Step Change Process

Now that you have your new gamertag ready, let’s begin:

  1. Sign In to Your Account: Visit, and log in with your Microsoft account (email and password).
  2. Navigate the Xbox Settings: Click on the three horizontal lines () next to “Settings” at the top of the screen, then select “Account & support.”
  3. Manage Your Account: Under “Account info,” click on Edit profile information.
  4. Update Gamertag Information: Scroll down and locate the section labeled “Gamertag (also known as Profile Name)“. Type your new gamertag in the available text field.
  5. Confirm Changes: Hit “Save” to finalize the updates.

After-Changing Tasks: Reclaiming Your Online Identity

Once you’ve changed your gamertag:

  • Update any associated social media profiles or gaming community handles (Reddit, Discord, Twitter, etc.) with your new tag.
  • Inform friends and fellow gamers about the change through messaging platforms or online forums.
    • Be mindful of how others may refer to you in-game going forward.

Conclusion: The New You on Xbox

Congratulations! With these steps complete, your brand-new gamertag should now reflect your updated gaming persona. Remember to regularly review Xbox’s guidelines and terms of use to ensure compliance with their community standards.

In the ever-changing landscape of online identities, adapting to changes keeps you relevant and engaged within the vibrant Xbox ecosystem. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash a fresh wave of creativity (and maybe even start a gaming revolution) by renewing your Xbox gamertag today!