How to Clear iCloud Storage

Hello DAPPS Lovers! It’s no secret that Apple has revolutionized the tech industry, and iCloud is no exception. This cloud service allows you to save your files, photos, and data online, which can be accessed from any device. However, over time, you will find that your iCloud storage is slowly filling up. This can lead to several issues like slow device performance and limited space to store new files. This article will guide you on how to clear iCloud storage to ensure smooth device performance and adequate storage space.

Reasons for Full iCloud Storage and its Consequences

🧐 When your iCloud storage is full, it means that you have exhausted your allocated space, and your device performance will decline. Here are some reasons why you could be running out of iCloud storage:

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1. Large File Sizes

💻 When you save large files like videos or multimedia on your iCloud, they occupy a lot of space. This can lead to storage being full or impaired device performance.

2. Backups

💾 iCloud backups are essential as they save data that can’t be replaced. However, regular backups consume space in your iCloud storage.

3. Multiple Devices

📱 When you have multiple Apple devices connected to your iCloud account, it becomes easy to fill up your storage.

😎 Now that we understand why it’s crucial to clear iCloud storage, let’s dive into effective ways to achieve it.

How to Clear iCloud Storage

1. Delete Unnecessary Files

👀 Ensure that your device is not saving unnecessary files or junk data. Clear up unused applications, multimedia, or other big files that take up a lot of space.

2. Management of iCloud Backups

👨‍💻 iCloud storage is used to store device backups, which can include device settings, documents, and images. To manage the backups go to ‘Settings’ and click on your name, then ‘iCloud,’ and finally ‘Manage Storage.’ From this point, you can delete old backups and choose the essential ones.

3. iCloud Photo Library Management

🖼️ iCloud Library auto-syncs your photos, but they occupy a lot of space. You can limit or erase space by clicking on ‘Photos’ in Settings and enabling the optimize iPhone Storage option.

4. iCloud Drive Management

📁 iCloud drive is a repository of all the files that are cloud-based. It’s important to check for any unwanted files in this section by going to the iCloud drive and deleting them one by one.

5. iCloud Email

📧 Unused email messages take space. Delete such messages regularly to free up space.

6. Optimize App Data

📲 While some apps are essential, others are useless and could take up lots of space. You can optimize the app data by reviewing it from the ‘Manage Storage’ section.

7. Family Sharing Options

🤝 Sharing an iCloud account with family can cause storage issues. You can adjust the settings to limit the device downloads automatically

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FAQs About Clearing iCloud Storage

1. Does Clearing iCloud Space Delete data Permanently?

No, deleting information from iCloud space does not delete the data in your device storage, but it will no longer be available on iCloud.

2. Is it Safe to Delete Photos from iCloud?

Yes, it’s safe to delete your pictures from iCloud but ensures you transferred them to another device first.

3. What Happens When I Ran Out of iCloud Space?

You will not be able to save backups on iCloud, which could result in a loss of critical information.

4. Can I Free up Space on iCloud Without Deleting Anything?

Yes, with iCloud optimise enabled, you can keep specific files on your device and others on the cloud.

5. How can I Check the Amount of iCloud Storage I Have Left?

Go to ‘Settings,’ click on your name, then ‘iCloud,’ and check the remaining storage.

6. How Often do I Need to Clear my iCloud Storage?

You can do it once a month or after noticing your iCloud storage is approaching its full capacity.

7. Can I Upgrade my iCloud Storage Capacity?

Yes, you can. By going to ‘Settings,’ click on your name, then ‘iCloud,’ then ‘Upgrade’ to choose the required storage plan.

8. Why is my iCloud Storage Full When I Delete Files?

iCloud auto-syncs your files, ensuring that you can sync the deleted data again. Disable the settings to ensure it does not happen.

9. Does Deleting Photos from iPhone Free up iCloud Space?

No, they don’t, as the photos sync automatically to iCloud.

10. Can iCloud Storage be Shared?

Yes, you can share contacts, pictures, and calendars from a single account.

11. How Many Devices can I Connect to iCloud?

You can connect up to ten devices on iCloud.

12. Can I Clear a Particular File from iCloud Storage?

Yes, you can. Go to the iCloud drive, click to select the file and delete it.

13. Can I Use iCloud Without an Apple Device?

Yes. You can use iCloud from a PC or Android device through the iCloud website and iCloud application.

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Clearing iCloud Storage


👍 Clear storage space ensures your device functions optimally and does not slow down.

👍 Clearing iCloud storage ensures your backups are neat and organized.

👍 iCloud storage visualizer shows areas, what data is taking up the largest amount of space.


👎 It requires personal effort and time to effectively manage storage space.

👎 You could lose valuable data if not careful with deleted files.

👎 Clearing storage space does not improve storage performance but ensures better optimization.

Table on Ways to Clear iCloud Storage


📈 Clearing your iCloud storage is essential to ensure your device operates optimally. It’s important to develop a schedule that works for you to clear up space regularly. By following the tips and table guidelines provided in this article, you can prioritize essential files and avoid losing specific data.

💬If you have any questions or would like to share additional methods, please leave a comment below.

🔥Take control of your iCloud storage space now to ensure uninterrupted usage of Apple devices.


This article is for informational purposes only. The methods mentioned in this article work for most devices, but there could be variations depending on the Apple device you use. The author is not responsible for any issues arising from applying these methods.

Ways to Clear iCloud Storage Description
Optimize Backup Clear unsaved backups from iCloud to free up space.
Check Storage Space Regularly check your storage space to take necessary actions to clear storage.
Manage Photographs Remove or store photographs outside of iCloud.
Browse through Your Storage Delete unnecessary files from your iCloud Drive, Mail, and documents that you store online.
Use Family Sharing Options Customize who has access to what data based on their iCloud storage.
Use iCloud Optimise Reduce iPhone and iCloud storage. The original image or video remains in iCloud and is only downloaded when you need it.
Upgrade Your iCloud Storage If required, upgrade to a bigger storage space plan, sufficient for your needs.

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