How to Crop Video on Mac: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cropping a video can be a useful tool when you want to remove unwanted parts of the frame, change the aspect ratio, or focus on a specific area of the video. If you’re using a Mac and looking to crop a video, you’re in luck! Mac computers come equipped with built-in tools that make the process quick and easy. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to crop a video on your Mac.

Step 1: Open iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s video editing software that comes pre-installed on most Mac computers. To start cropping your video, open iMovie from your Applications folder or by searching for it in Spotlight.

Step 2: Import Your Video

Once iMovie is open, click on the “Import Media” button to import the video you want to crop. Select the video file from your computer and click “Import Selected.”

Step 3: Create a New Project

After importing your video, create a new project by clicking on the “Create New” button and selecting “Movie.” Give your project a name and click “OK.”

Step 4: Add Your Video to the Timeline

Drag and drop your imported video from the media browser into the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Crop Your Video

To crop your video, double-click on it in the timeline to bring up editing options. Click on the “Crop” icon located above the viewer window.

Step 6: Adjust Crop Settings

A cropping box will appear over your video in the viewer window. You can click and drag the corners of this box to adjust the crop area. You can also use preset aspect ratios or enter custom values for more precise cropping.

Step 7: Preview Your Cropped Video

After adjusting the crop settings, click “Done” to apply the changes. You can preview your cropped video by playing it back in iMovie.

Step 8: Export Your Cropped Video

Once you are satisfied with how your cropped video looks, it’s time to export it. Click on the “Share” button in the top right corner of iMovie and select how you want to export your video (file, YouTube, etc.).

Congratulations! You have successfully cropped a video on your Mac using iMovie. Feel free to experiment with different cropping techniques and settings to achieve the desired result for your videos.

By following these simple steps, you can easily crop videos on your Mac without any hassle. Whether you’re editing home movies or professional projects, knowing how to crop videos can take your editing skills to new heights.