How to Delete a Card from Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet, formerly known as Passbook, is a convenient app that allows users to store boarding passes, event tickets, coupons, and credit or debit cards. While adding cards to your Apple Wallet is simple and efficient, you may find yourself needing to delete a card at some point. Whether you’ve replaced the card with an updated version or simply want to declutter your digital wallet, removing a card from Apple Wallet is a straightforward process.

Step 1: Open the Apple Wallet App

To begin deleting a card from your Apple Wallet, locate and open the app on your iPhone or iPad. The icon for Apple Wallet features a stylized image of a wallet with several cards protruding from it.

Step 2: Select the Card You Want to Remove

Once you have opened the Apple Wallet app, navigate to the card you wish to delete. Swipe through your stored cards until you find the one you want to remove.

Step 3: Tap on the Card

Tap on the card you want to delete. This will bring up additional details about the selected card.

Step 4: Look for the Three Dots Icon

In the top-right corner of the screen displaying your selected card, look for three dots arranged vertically. This icon typically indicates that additional options are available for that specific item.

Step 5: Click on “…” for More Options

Tap on the three dots icon to reveal a drop-down menu with various actions you can take regarding that particular card.

Step 6: Choose “Remove Pass” or “Delete Pass”

Within the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on the three dots icon, look for an option labeled either “Remove Pass” or “Delete Pass.” This selection will prompt Apple Wallet to confirm whether you want to proceed with deleting the chosen card.

Step 7: Confirm Deletion

After selecting “Remove Pass” or “Delete Pass,” Apple Wallet will typically ask for confirmation before permanently removing the card from your digital wallet. Confirm that you indeed wish to delete this pass by tapping on “Delete.”

Step 8: Verify Deletion

Once you have confirmed deletion of the card from your Apple Wallet, double-check that it has been successfully removed by swiping through your remaining passes. The deleted pass should no longer be visible among your stored cards.

By following these steps carefully and accurately within your Apple Wallet app, you can efficiently remove any unwanted or outdated cards from cluttering your digital wallet space. Keep in mind that once a pass has been deleted from Apple Wallet, it cannot be retrieved; therefore, ensure that you genuinely wish to remove it before confirming deletion.