How To Fill In A PDF Form On Mac

Filling In PDF Forms on Your Mac: A Step-by-Step Guide

In today’s digital age, it’s common to encounter PDF forms that need to be completed and submitted for various purposes, such as applications, surveys, or documentation requirements. If you’re a Mac user struggling with filling out these forms online without any issues, this article is designed specifically for you.

Prerequisites: What You’ll Need

Before we dive into the step-by-step process of filling in PDF forms on your Mac, make sure:

  1. Your computer meets the system requirements:
    • macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher
    • Safari 7.x or higher for online form filling and submission
  2. You own a PDF reader installed, such as Preview app built-in to macOS

Preparation: Getting Started

To fill out a PDF form on your Mac:

  1. Open the PDF: Find the desired PDF file in Finder (macOS’s default file manager) or open it from an email attachment.
  2. Check Compatibility: Verify that your chosen PDF reader is compatible with both macOS and the intended use of filling out forms online.

Section 1: Editing a Localized Copy

When you need to fill out a PDF form on your Mac:

  1. Open Preview App: Double-click the desired PDF file to open it in Preview, or find it in Spotlight search ( Command + Space) and drag-and-drop the icon into an active window.
  2. Enable Edit Mode:
    • Go to Tools > Edit Menu Item
    • If you have multiple pages, select only one page by clicking on it; then enable edit mode
  3. Use Form Fields: Start filling out forms using interactive form fields like text boxes, checkboxes, and dropdown menus.

Section 2: Submitting the Form Online

When submitting a PDF form online from your Mac:

  1. Open Safari or Your Default Browser: Use either Apple’s default browser Safari or your preferred alternative (e.g., Chrome) to access the web page containing the PDF form.
  2. Upload and Fill Out Form:
    • Click on Upload button and select the prepared PDF file from Finder
    • If prompted, choose a specific application for handling this type of file (.pdf)
  3. Complete Form: Start filling out your form online using Safari’s built-in support for PDF forms.
  4. Submit Completed Form:
    • Once you’ve finished filling in all fields and made any necessary changes
    • Click the Submit or equivalent button to finalize submission

Common Issues and Solutions

If you encounter:

  1. Difficulty editing: Ensure your computer meets system requirements (Prerequisites).
  2. Form elements missing: The form may require JavaScript enabled; try enabling it in Preferences > Advanced.
  3. Error messages: Common issues include corrupt forms, outdated versions of Safari or Preview app.

Additional Tips and Tricks

For a smoother PDF form-filling experience:

  1. Save the completed document: Click File > Save As... to create an editable version for future reference.
  2. Review submission process: Make sure you’re prepared for online submissions by double-checking form instructoins or requesting any necessary clarification from the party receiving your response.


In conclusion, filling out PDF forms on your Mac is a straightforward process when armed with these step-by-step guides and troubleshooting tips. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to effectively complete and submit digital forms with confidence.