A Step-By-Step Guide to Filling in PDF Forms on Mac

PDF forms are commonly used for various purposes such as surveys, applications, and contracts. Filling in a PDF form on a Mac is a straightforward process that can be done using built-in tools or third-party software. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to fill in a PDF form on your Mac.

1. Using Preview to Fill in PDF Forms

Preview is the default PDF viewer on macOS that also allows you to fill in forms. Follow these steps to use Preview to fill in a PDF form:

Step 1: Open the PDF form with Preview by double-clicking on the file.

Step 2: Click on the “Text” tool icon in the toolbar. This will allow you to type text into the form fields.

Step 3: Place your cursor inside a form field and start typing your information.

Step 4: If the form contains checkboxes or radio buttons, you can click on them to select or deselect options.

Step 5: After filling in all the required fields, save your changes by clicking on “File” > “Save” or pressing Command + S.

2. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to Fill in PDF Forms

If you prefer using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for filling in forms, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC from the official website if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Open the PDF form with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Open With” > “Adobe Acrobat Reader.”

Step 3: Click on the form fields and start entering your information.

Step 4: Use checkboxes and radio buttons as needed by clicking on them.

Step 5: Save your filled-in form by clicking on “File” > “Save” or pressing Command + S.

3. Using Third-Party Apps for Advanced Form Filling

There are several third-party apps available that offer advanced features for filling out PDF forms on Mac. Some popular options include PDF Expert, Foxit PhantomPDF, and Nitro Pro. These apps provide additional functionalities like form validation, digital signatures, and advanced editing tools.

To use one of these apps for filling in a PDF form:

1. Download and install the preferred app from their official websites.
2. Open the PDF form within the app.
3. Utilize the tools provided by the app to fill in all required fields.
4. Save or export your filled-in form according to the app’s instructions.

In conclusion, filling in a PDF form on a Mac can be done using built-in tools like Preview or dedicated software like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or third-party apps for more advanced features. Choose the method that best suits your needs based on simplicity, functionality, and personal preference.