How to Forward a Text: A Complete Guide

Create a Forwarding Habit with These Easy Steps

Forwarding a text message seems like a simple task, but with different devices and apps, it may not be as straightforward as it seems. Here are the most effective ways to forward a text message label in different devices.


Apple makes it easy to forward texts on an iPhone with just a few taps.

🔹 Step 1: On your home screen, select your Messages app to open it.

🔹 Step 2: Find the text message you want to forward and swipe left on it.

🔹 Step 3: Tap the ‘More’ option on the left side of the screen.

🔹 Step 4: Select the message you want to forward or tap ‘Select All.’ Then, tap the arrow icon on the bottom right corner.

🔹 Step 5: Add a recipient’s name or phone number. You could also add an introductory message. Finally, tap ‘Send.’


Android phones are common, and their operating systems differ from each other. Here is how to forward messages on some of them:

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🔹 Samsung: Open the Messages app, tap and hold the message, and select ‘Forward.’

🔹 Huawei: Open the Messages app, find the message you want to forward, tap and hold it, and select ‘Forward.’

🔹 Google Pixel: Open the Messages app, tap and hold the message, and select ‘Forward.’


If you are sending a message to someone else using iMessage, you can also add other people to that conversation and send the message to them. Here is how to do it:

🔹 Step 1: While in the iMessage conversation, tap and hold the message you want to forward.

🔹 Step 2: Tap ‘More’ in the options window.

🔹 Step 3: Choose the messages you want to forward by tapping the circle next to each one.

🔹 Step 4: Tap the ‘Forward’ option in the bottom corner.

🔹 Step 5: Enter the new recipient’s name or phone number and tap ‘Send.’

When to Forward a Text Message

You may feel the need to forward a text for various reasons, including:

🔹 To share information with someone else

🔹 To involve other people in a conversation

🔹 To keep a record for later reference

The Dos and Don’ts of Forwarding Texts

It’s essential to know the limitations of forwarding texts to avoid problems. Here are the Dos and Don’ts:

The Dos:

🔘 Do be mindful of the other person’s privacy. Always ask for permission before forwarding sensitive information.

🔘 Do add a brief context or a warning before forwarding sensitive or inappropriate messages.

🔘 Do delete any parts of the message that could be used against the original sender before sending.

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The Don’ts:

🔘 Don’t forward inappropriate, defamatory, or fake information.

🔘 Don’t forward messages out of context.

🔘 Don’t over-use the forward feature. Only use it when necessary.


Can you forward a WhatsApp message?

Yes, it’s easy to forward a WhatsApp message to someone else:

🔹 Step 1: Open the WhatsApp conversation containing the message you want to forward.

🔹 Step 2: Tap and hold the message, then tap the ‘Forward’ button.

🔹 Step 3: Choose the recipient from your contact list or type their number into the ‘Search’ bar.

🔹 Step 4: Tap ‘Send.’

How do you forward a text message on a flip phone?

Here are the steps to forward a text message on a flip phone:

🔹 Step 1: Open your messaging app and navigate to the message you want to forward.

🔹 Step 2: Press down on the message to highlight it.

🔹 Step 3: Click on the ‘Options’ button on your screen.

🔹 Step 4: Select ‘Forward.’

What happens when you forward a text message?

When you forward a text message, you are transmitting it to another person’s phone, and that person can see the sender’s name, the message sent, and the time it was sent.

The Pros and Cons of Forwarding Texts

The Pros

💚 Convenient way to share information with others.

💚 Can spread important messages quickly and efficiently.

💚 Saves time typing long messages manually.

The Cons

❌ Can lead to misinterpretation of messages.

❌ Can be used to spread misinformation or rumors.

❌ Can reveal sensitive information.


DAPPS Lovers, forwarding text messages is a useful and efficient way to communicate with others. However, it’s essential to know the correct procedures to avoid misunderstandings and other complications. Remember to follow the dos and don’ts of forwarding texts and consider the pros and cons before deciding to hit the send button. With this knowledge, you can forward texts to others confidently and safely.

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Complete Table of How to Forward Messages

Device Type Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
iPhone Select Messages app Swipe left on message Select ‘More’ Select message(s) Add recipient and send message
Android Open Messages app Find message and hold down Select ‘Forward’ Add recipient and send message
iMessage Select iMessage app Hold down message Select ‘More’ Select message(s) Add recipient and send message

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