How to Find Your Favorite Songs on Apple Music

If you’re an avid music listener, chances are you have a long list of favorite songs that you love to listen to on repeat. With the vast library of music available on Apple Music, it can sometimes be challenging to keep track of all your beloved tracks. However, there are several ways you can easily find and organize your favorite songs on the platform.

Creating a Playlist

One of the most popular ways to keep track of your favorite songs on Apple Music is by creating a playlist. To create a playlist, simply open the Apple Music app and navigate to the “Library” tab. From there, tap on “New Playlist” and give your playlist a name. You can then start adding your favorite songs by tapping on the “+” icon next to each track.

Liking Songs

Another way to keep track of your favorite songs is by liking them. When you come across a song that you love, simply tap on the heart icon next to the track. Liked songs will be added to your “Liked Songs” playlist for easy access.

Viewing Recently Played Songs

If you’ve recently listened to a song that you want to revisit, you can easily find it in the “Recently Played” section of Apple Music. Simply tap on the “Listen Now” tab and scroll down to view your recently played songs.

Searching for Songs

If you’re looking for a specific song in your library, you can use the search bar at the top of the Apple Music app. Simply type in the name of the song or artist, and Apple Music will show you all relevant results.

Using Siri

For hands-free access to your favorite songs, you can also use Siri commands. Simply activate Siri and say something like “Play my liked songs” or “Play [song name] by [artist]” to quickly access your favorite tracks.


With these tips and tricks, keeping track of your favorite songs on Apple Music is easier than ever. Whether you prefer creating playlists or simply liking individual tracks, there are plenty of options available for organizing and accessing your beloved music collection.