How to Send Silent Messages on Discord

Discord is a popular platform for gamers and communities to communicate with each other. While sending messages is a fundamental feature of the app, sometimes you may want to send a message silently without triggering any notification sounds. This can be useful in various scenarios such as sending reminders, sharing links, or simply avoiding distractions. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to send silent messages on Discord.

Using Spoiler Tags

One way to send silent messages on Discord is by using spoiler tags. Spoiler tags are commonly used to hide sensitive information or content that users may not want to see right away. By utilizing spoiler tags, you can effectively send a message without causing any notification sounds.

To send a silent message using spoiler tags, simply enclose your message within two vertical bars || like this ||. When you send the message, it will appear as a spoiler that users can reveal by clicking on it. Since spoilers do not trigger any notification sounds, this method allows you to communicate discreetly.

Sending Blank Messages

Another method to send silent messages on Discord is by sending blank messages. While Discord does not allow users to send completely empty messages, you can use special characters or spaces to create the illusion of a blank message.

To send a blank message, you can use zero-width spaces or invisible characters that are not visible but still count as content in the message box. By inserting these characters between two backticks (`), you can effectively create a seemingly empty message that does not produce any notification sounds when sent.

Utilizing Text-to-Speech (TTS) Feature

Alternatively, you can also utilize Discord’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature to send silent messages. TTS converts text into speech and reads it aloud in voice channels. However, by sending TTS messages in text channels with TTS disabled, the message will be sent silently without triggering any sound notifications.

To send a silent TTS message, simply type your desired text followed by “/tts” at the beginning of the sentence. Even though the message will not be read aloud due to TTS being disabled in text channels, it will still be sent quietly without alerting other users.


Sending silent messages on Discord can be beneficial for maintaining communication efficiency and reducing distractions during conversations. Whether you choose to use spoiler tags, blank messages, or leverage the Text-to-Speech feature creatively, these methods offer practical ways to convey information discreetly on the platform.

By following these simple techniques, you can enhance your messaging experience on Discord while ensuring that important information is shared effectively without unnecessary noise disruptions.