Organizing Your iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Folders

In today’s digital age, our smartphones have become an essential tool for communication, productivity, and entertainment. With the vast number of apps available on the App Store, it’s easy to clutter your iPhone’s home screen with icons. However, creating folders can help you keep your apps organized and easily accessible. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of making folders on your iPhone.

Step 1: Unlock Your iPhone and Navigate to the Home Screen

To begin organizing your apps into folders, unlock your iPhone by entering your passcode or using Face ID/Touch ID. Once you’re on the home screen, take a moment to identify which apps you want to group together in a folder.

Step 2: Press and Hold an App Icon

To create a folder, start by pressing and holding any app icon on the home screen. This action will trigger all the app icons on the screen to wiggle.

Step 3: Drag an App Icon onto Another App Icon

While in wiggle mode, drag one app icon onto another app icon that you want to include in the same folder. As you move one app icon over another, a circle will appear around both icons indicating that they are about to be grouped together.

Step 4: Name Your Folder

Once you’ve dropped one app icon onto another to create a folder, iOS will automatically suggest a name based on the category of apps you’ve selected. You can either choose to keep this suggested name or tap the text field above the icons to enter a custom name for your folder.

Step 5: Add More Apps to Your Folder (Optional)

If you want to add more apps to your newly created folder, simply drag additional app icons into the folder while in wiggle mode. You can continue adding as many apps as you like until you’re satisfied with how they are organized.

Step 6: Rearrange Your Folders

After creating folders and grouping your apps together, you may want to rearrange their positions on your home screen. To do this, press and hold any folder or app icon until they start wiggling again. Then drag them around the screen to place them where you prefer.

Step 7: Exit Wiggle Mode

Once you’ve finished organizing your folders and apps on your iPhone’s home screen, exit wiggle mode by pressing the Home button (for iPhones with a Home button) or swiping up from the bottom of the screen (for iPhones without a Home button).

By following these simple steps, you can declutter your iPhone’s home screen and create folders that make it easier for you to find and access your favorite apps quickly.