Final Fantasy 16 “Secret” Ending Explained: A Story About Hope

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Hello DAPPS Readers, In this article, we delve into the mysterious and intriguing ending of Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) the 16th installment of FF Series. Amidst the confusion and sadness surrounding FF16 ending, we aim to provide a comprehensive explanation to shed light on the fate of Clive and the events that transpired. So, sit back, relax, and join us on this journey as we unravel the secrets behind the FFXVI secret ending.

We say “secret ending” but it’s not a new scene in the ending, but giving you context to understand what the ending actually means. FFXVI ending might look very sad in the surface, but if you understand the context it’s actually a happy and a hopeful ending.

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The Symbolism of Jill’s Reaction

final fantasy xvi jill reacting to daybreak

One of the key pieces of evidence suggesting Clive’s survival lies in Jill’s reaction at daybreak. In the final cutscene, Jill’s relief and smile upon witnessing the sunrise imply that she has indeed been reunited with Clive. As is customary in Final Fantasy games, symbolism holds great significance, and Jill’s reaction serves as a clear indication that Clive has returned to her. Furthermore, in the same scene, a boat can be seen approaching the hideout, supporting the idea that Clive is the one returning. This boat, resembling the ones used in the game’s early stages, strengthens the notion of Clive’s survival.

The Disappearance of the Metia Star

final fantasy xvi metia stars

Throughout the game, Jill often prays to the Metia Star, known as the wishing star, seeking Clive’s return. When the Metia Star disappears, it signifies that Jill’s wish has finally been granted. At first, Jill misinterprets the disappearance and tears well up in her eyes. However, upon venturing outside and witnessing Clive’s return, she likely comprehends the true meaning behind the vanishing star. The Metia Star has granted her wish, bringing Clive back and subsequently fading away. This foreshadowing of the Metia Star’s significance is apparent from the beginning of the game, where Jill consistently prays for Clive’s safety.

Clive’s Transformation and Resilience

final fantasy xvi clive transofrmation

As Clive stands at the shore, we witness his gradual transformation into stone due to the exhaustion of his aether. However, it is crucial to note that the petrification does not progress beyond his hand, which occurred only when he attempted to use magic. Drawing a parallel with Cid’s loss of a limb and subsequent survival, we ascertain that Clive has merely lost a hand and not his life. He eventually succumbs to exhaustion and passes out. A potential DLC idea could focus on Clive’s efforts to make his way back to the hideout, highlighting his determination and resilience.

The Enigmatic After Credits Scene

final fantasy xvi book

The after-credits scene provides further insight into the ending, featuring two children resembling Clive and Joshua. These children can be interpreted as Clive’s descendants in a distant future. The book showcased in the scene is most likely authored by Clive himself, as he had mentioned his aspirations to write something during a side quest. By crediting the book in Joshua’s name, Clive ensures that his brother’s legacy remains immortalized, just as he honored Cid by using his name after his demise. The narration throughout the story also supports Clive’s survival, as it is consistently provided by him, implying his continued existence beyond the events of the game.

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Clive’s Personal Growth and Promises

final fantasy xvi clive rosfield

Clive’s character arc centers around his journey of self-acceptance and finding meaning in life. A pivotal moment occurs when he commits to “no more breaking promises.” From this point forward, all his promises are genuine and fueled by love. He pledges to keep Joshua safe and assures Jill that he will always return to her. Breaking these promises would undermine Clive’s entire character development, an unlikely move by any writer. This compelling evidence upholds the notion of Clive’s survival. While the fate of Joshua remains ambiguous, the existence of an ambiguous healing scene hints at his possible survival as well.

The Importance of Symbolism in Final Fantasy Games

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In Final Fantasy games, symbolism plays a crucial role in storytelling. The symbolism present in the Final Fantasy XVI secret ending, such as Jill’s line, “when the dawn breaks, you always come back to me,” and the visual representation of dawn, carry significant weight. These symbolisms, familiar to those who have experienced multiple Final Fantasy games, serve as substantial evidence pointing towards Clive’s survival. Symbolisms are never superfluous or inconsequential in these games, making it safe to assume that Clive indeed lives on.

The Conclusion is in the Clues

In the realm of storytelling, conclusions are often not served on a platter. Paying attention to the clues and symbolisms woven throughout the game is crucial to understanding the full picture. Final Fantasy XVI, true to its heritage, utilizes symbolisms and subtle hints to craft its narrative. By piecing together all the clues and considering the weight of the evidence, it becomes clear that Clive has indeed survived. Although the ending may not explicitly confirm his fate, attentive players can decipher the truth behind Final Fantasy XVI’s secret ending.

The FFXVI Ending’s Secret Explained: A Comprehensive Breakdown

Jill’s ReactionJill’s relief and smile at daybreak indicate Clive’s return, supported by the approaching boat in the background.
The Metia StarThe disappearance of the Metia Star grants Jill’s wish, symbolizing Clive’s comeback.
Clive’s TransformationClive’s petrification halts at his hand, suggesting he has only lost a limb.
After Credits SceneThe presence of two children resembling Clive and Joshua indicates Clive’s descendants and highlights his authorship of a book in Joshua’s name.
Clive’s NarrationThe consistent narration by Clive throughout the game implies his survival, as the story seems to be a retelling of events.
Clive’s PromisesClive’s personal growth and commitment to keeping promises suggest his survival, as breaking them would undermine his character development.
Symbolism in Final Fantasy GamesSymbolism, such as the mention of dawn, holds significant meaning in Final Fantasy games and confirms Clive’s survival.

The Final Revelation: Clive is Alive

After a meticulous analysis of the Final Fantasy XVI secret ending, the evidence overwhelmingly points to Clive’s survival. From Jill’s reaction, the disappearance of the Metia Star, Clive’s halted transformation, and the after-credits scene, it is clear that Clive returns to Jill. Furthermore, the symbolism, Clive’s narration, and adherence to Clive’s promises further solidify his survival. While the secret ending may leave some room for interpretation, the clues are undeniable. Clive lives on, and his story continues, captivating players with the inextinguishable spirit of Final Fantasy.

FF16 Ending Story Breakdown

clive sacrifice in ff 16 ending

As you have read the secret ending of Final Fantasy 16, a cryptic hint was revealed suggesting the survival of the protagonist, Clive. Speculation ran wild among fans, sparking endless debates and theories about the fate of our beloved hero.

Eager to know more, we delved deep into the plot to uncover every detail of FF16 ending, determined to satisfy the insatiable curiosity of fans craving closure. So, buckle up and prepare for an edge-of-your-seat account as we venture into the intricate web of betrayals, revelations, and astonishing triumphs that await players in the final chapters of this epic tale.

Ultima’s Plan

In the world of Final Fantasy 16, the god Ultima and his kin created magic, which inadvertently unleashed the destructive Blight. To escape its ravages, sixteen survivors fled to Valisthea, a new world they created. In order to build this new world, the gods sacrificed their physical forms and created the Mothercrystals to harness the aether from Valisthea’s soil. They also created humanity, with the eventual goal of producing the Mythos, a human capable of wielding immense power. Mythos would then become the vessel for Ultima to cast a spell and create a new world.

However, humanity, left to their own devices, discovered magic, which led to conflict, war, and the reappearance of the Blight. Ultima’s plan started unfolding when Clive and Cid destroyed Drake’s Head. Recognizing Clive as the Mythos, Ultima manipulated events to steer Clive towards gaining more power and destroying the Mothercrystals, freeing the spirits of the gods trapped within. With the power of every Eikon absorbed, Clive prepares to fulfill Ultima’s plan by becoming Ifrit Risen and ascending to paradise while annihilating humanity and Valisthea.

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Mythos and Ifrit Risen

The Mythos represents the pinnacle of the planned creation, with Clive embodying this powerful entity known as Ifrit Risen. Unlike other summons, Ifrit Risen combines Ifrit and Phoenix. Depicted in religious murals throughout Valisthea, Ifrit Risen holds seven Eikons in adoration, excluding Ifrit and Phoenix themselves. Clive’s transformation into Ifrit Risen aligns with Ultima’s plan, but with a twist. The power of free will, born from humanity’s own determination, creates the corrupted version of the Mythos known as the Logos, represented by Clive himself. This human free will weakens Ultima, leading to Clive’s victory over the god.

Stopping Ultima

After a battle at Stonhyrr fortress, the last Mothercrystal is destroyed, and Ultima retreats to Twinside, where Origin, the ark of the gods, is revealed. Encasing Origin in crystal and draining aether from the land, Ultima unleashes the Blight on Valisthea. In a daring assault, Clive, Joshua, and Dion attack Origin, resulting in an explosion that only temporarily halts Ultima. Joshua sacrifices himself to save Clive, who proceeds to confront Ultima in a colossal three-phase battle, using the power of the Eikons. Overcoming Ultima’s attempts to control him, Clive emerges victorious, absorbing Ultima’s power and becoming the Logos.

Clive’s Sacrifice

Realizing the devastating effects of magic on the world, Clive determines that eradicating it entirely is the only way to save humanity. Knowing that utilizing the full power of Ultima’s vessel will result in his own demise, Clive sets out to destroy the final Mothercrystal and burn away Origin’s heart. With a poignant farewell, Clive sacrifices himself, freeing the world while losing his own life. He washes up on a beach, and his fate remains ambiguous, leaving room for hope and speculation.

However as explained earlier, Clive survival is hinted quite strongly in the FF16 ending.

Post-Credits Scene

FF16 Ending features a post-credits scene that offers a heartwarming epilogue to the journey. A young boy resembling Clive is shown playing with his brother and dog, expressing his desire for the flames of an Eikon. As they enjoy their time together, the camera reveals Joshua’s book, titled “Final Fantasy,” which recounts the events of their adventure. While the true events are considered mere myths by this time, the brothers recreate moments from the book, living free lives due to the sacrifices made by Clive and Joshua.

FF16 Ending Plot Table Summary

FF16 Key InfoExplanation
Total Number of Mothercrystals Destroyed5
Number of Eikons Combined by CliveAll
Clive’s Final TransformationIfrit Risen
Ultima’s Final FormCombined Spirit of the gods
Joshua’s SacrificeAllowed Clive’s victory
Clive’s SacrificeDestroyed final Mothercrystal, removed all magick
Post-Credits SceneShowcased the future and legacy of Clive and Joshua

Things to do after FF16 Ending

Unravel Additional Storylines through Side Quests

While the main campaign of FF16 provides a riveting narrative, the realm of Valisthea is brimming with captivating side quests that offer deeper insights into its lore. Engage with intriguing characters, unravel their compelling backstories, and embark on quests that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Discover hidden factions, thwart sinister plots, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Valisthea’s side storylines.

We discovered this FF16 ending through connecting multiple side quests story with the community. So the side quest while might be boring gameplay wise, it had a lot of engaging story towards the end.

Study the Archives: Unlock the Chronicles of Valisthea

Delve into the annals of Valisthea’s history and expand your knowledge of this captivating realm. By studying the game’s archives, you’ll uncover ancient tales, legends, and prophecies that have shaped the course of events. Unraveling the secrets of Valisthea’s past will provide a deeper understanding of its present, enabling you to appreciate the intricacies of the game’s world and its myriad of fascinating characters.

Active time lore is our favorite in feature in Final Fantasy 16. ATL contribute to a lot of our research for this FF16 Ending Article.

Embark on Rigorous Training

The Hall of Virtue, a renowned training ground within Valisthea, awaits your arrival. Within its hallowed halls, you can hone your combat skills and improve your mastery in the art of battle. Engage in intense practice sessions, defeat formidable adversaries, and unlock new abilities that will position you as a virtuoso warrior. The Hall of Virtue serves as both a proving ground and a sanctuary for those seeking to elevate their combat prowess.

Clearing the Hunt Board: Forging Legendary Triumphs

In Valisthea, legends are forged by those who dare to face the most fearsome creatures. Take on a series of challenging hunts featured on the hunt board and pit your skills against formidable monsters. Each hunt presents a unique and perilous encounter, testing your mettle as you strive to clear the board. Prepare your weapons, summon your allies, and emerge triumphant to claim unparalleled rewards and eternal glory.

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Start a Final Fantasy Mode Playthrough

After finishing the game and watch through the FF16 ending, you will unlock a new mode called Final Fantasy Mode. This is a New Game +, so it will carry all your items and levels. This mode is harder and enemy position are mixed, complete with damage number and attack patterns overhaul. Finishing Final Fantasy Mode also a requirement to earn a Playstation 5’s Platinum Trophy.

FAQ for FFXVI Secret Ending

Does Clive Die in FFXVI?

While the ending does not explicitly confirm Clive’s survival, the symbolism, Jill’s reaction, and other visual cues strongly suggest that Clive is indeed alive and returns to Jill.

What role does the Metia Star play in the secret ending?

The Metia Star, a wishing star, signifies the granting of Jill’s wish for Clive’s return. Its disappearance indicates that Jill’s wish has been fulfilled.

Does Clive’s transformation into stone result in his death?

No, Clive’s petrification only progresses to his hand when he attempts to use magic. The transformation halts, suggesting he has only lost a limb, not his life.

Who are the children seen in the after-credits scene?

The children resemble Clive and Joshua and are likely Clive’s descendants in a future timeline. Furthermore, the book shown is attributed to Clive, ensuring Joshua’s name lives on.

Why is Clive’s narration significant?

Clive’s consistent narration, which bookends the story, implies his survival and suggests that he is recounting the events to his children or future generations.

What is the significance of Clive’s promises in the ending?

Clive’s promises reflect his personal growth and development throughout the game. Breaking these promises would undermine his character arc, making his survival likely.

Are symbolisms important in Final Fantasy games?

Yes, symbolism plays a crucial role in Final Fantasy games. The use of symbolisms to convey meaning and foreshadow events is a common storytelling technique in the series.

Does FFXVI Have Secret Ending?

No, FFXVI doesn’t have secret ending. However depending on the context, players may interpret ending differently. So FF16 had “secret” in it’s ending that drastically change the meaning.

How many endings are there in Final Fantasy 16?

FFXVI only have one singular ending, however depending on the context player may interpret ending differently. There are few side quest before the ending that will drastically change the meaning of the ending.

Does Final Fantasy 16 have multiple endings? 

No, FFXVI doesn’t have multiple endings, but player may interpret ending differently if they do the major side quest that provide more context and picking up clues in the ending scene.

Does FF16 have a happy ending?

It’s open ended ending, without spoiling anything, depending on how you interpret the scene and context from side quest, it can be either bad or happy. In this article, we’ve given you a lot of context and information why it’s actually a bitter sweet hopeful ending.

Does Jill Die in FF16?

No, Jill survives until and after the story ends.

Does Joshua die FF16?

During the prologue, Joshua survived the Phoenix and Ifrit fight and become a major character in Clive’s story. However, in the ending, his fate become ambiguous even after Clive tries to heal him because Phoenix cannot revive dead soul.

What happen to Leviathan in FF16?

Leviathan known as the Lost is no longer exist, it’s unknown why. In the developer perspective, it looks like Leviathan was planned but didn’t make it in the final cut, which can be seen in the box art, ambition trailer and more.

Is FF16 Ending Bad?

Without proper context, some might feel this way. But after reading this article, We hope you can appreciate the ending more since we have provide a lot of context.

Does FF16 had Alternate Ending?

There’s no alternate ending, there’s only one ending, but depending on the context some player might interpret it differently. It’s important to understand the clues and symbolism to appreciate the ending.

Take Action and Unveil the FFXVI Ending Secrets

If you find yourself intrigued by the Final Fantasy XVI secret ending, we encourage you to explore the game for yourself. Embark on the epic journey that unfolds within Final Fantasy XVI and uncover the secrets, symbolism, and hidden narratives waiting to be discovered. Immerse yourself in the rich storytelling and captivating gameplay that have made the Final Fantasy series a beloved treasure among gamers worldwide.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience Final Fantasy XVI and witness the secrets of its mesmerizing secret ending. Dive into a world where magic and adventure intertwine, and unravel the mysteries that lie within the realms of Final Fantasy.

As we bid farewell to Final Fantasy 16, let us remember the lessons learned and the characters who fought for a better world. Their sacrifices remind us of the power we possess to shape our destinies. So, embrace your own journey, face your challenges head-on, and let the legacy of Final Fantasy 16 inspire you to create your own story filled with courage, love, and triumph!

Learn more about bearer to get more attached to the FFXVI story

Disclaimer: The interpretations provided in this article are based on our careful analysis of the Final Fantasy XVI secret ending. However, interpretations may vary, and individual players may draw different conclusions. Our intention is to offer an insightful perspective while respecting the multifaceted nature of storytelling in the Final Fantasy series.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to uncover the secrets of the Final Fantasy XVI secret ending. Happy gaming!


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