How To Crop A Picture On Mac

Mastering Picture Cropping on Your Mac

Cropping a picture can seem like an intimidating task, but fear not! With the right tools and techniques, you’ll be able to effortlessly trim your photos into precise compositions that showcase their best features.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of picture cropping on your trusty MacBook. We’ll cover the essential steps for trimming a picture using the built-in Photos app, as well as exploring additional options in Preview and Photoshop. By the conclude of this article, you’ll be a pro at cropp…

Getting Started with Pictures

Before we dive into the world of picture cropping, let’s get your Mac environment set up:

  1. Ensure you have macOS High Sierra (or later) installed on your MacBook.
  2. Launch the Photos app from your dock or Applicatoins folder.

Now that we’re all set, it’s time to crop our first picture!

Cropping a Picture using Photos

Here’s how to crop a picture using Apple’s intuitive photos editing software:

  1. Select Your Image: Open the Photos app and select an image you’d like to edit by clicking on it in the Library or Grid view.
  2. Make Adjustments (Optional): If necessary, adjust your photo as needed for brightness, contrast, exposure, or saturation using the slider bars at the bottom of the screen.

Now that we have our image ready…

  1. Cropping Tool: Click on the “Adjust” icon located in the top-right corner of your image.
  2. Enter Cropping Mode: In the Adjust panel, select “Crop” from the list of available editing options.
  3. Drag Your Corners (or Use Precise Selection): You can either drag each corner to adjust its position or use…

…the Precision Slider Tool for more accurate trimming:
* Hold down ⌘ and click-drag any edge of your image to activate…
6. Freeform Crop: Enjoy the freedom! Dragging an edge will create a new crop boundary while keeping the original dimensions.

As you experiment with different crop shapes, remember that…

  1. Cropping Ratio Preserves Aspect Ratio: Your cropped photo’s aspect ratio (width:height) remains unchanged, ensuring your image looks great on any device!

  2. Save or Export Your Masterpiece: Once satisfied, click “Done” in the top-right corner to save changes or export it as needed.

Supplemental Options for Advanced Cropping

Ready for more? Let’s explore alternative cropping tools within Preview and Photoshop:

Crop a Picture using Preview

  1. Open your image in the Photos app.
  2. Click “File” > “Export…”
  3. In the Export Image dialog box:
    • Choose an export format (e.g., JPEG).
    • Set the size, quality, or resolution to match your needs.


  1. Cropping Tool: Select…
  2. …the Crop Tool icon at the bottom of…

…the Preview window.
6. Drag your mouse over the image while holding down ⌘ to create a freeform crop shape.
7. Adjust corners or edges as needed, just like in Photos!
8. Click “Save” (or use an external editor) to save changes.

Crop a Picture using Photoshop

  1. Open your image in Adobe Photoshop CC on Mac.
  2. Go to the “Image” > “Crop” menu…

…and select one of the following:

* **Fixed Aspect Ratio**: Lock aspect ratio while resizing...
* **Free Transform**: Enjoy unrestricted cropping and scaling!
  1. Dragging handles (the dashed lines surrounding your image) will either crop or scale it.

  2. Adjust corners, edges, or even create complex shapes using…

  3. … the “Marquee” tool: Select “Ellipse” for precise circles or squares.

  4. Zoom in/out with ⌘+ to fine-tune adjustments before…
  5. Saving and Exporting: Save changes by clicking File > Save As… (or choose an export format) and set your desired settings.

With these steps, you’ve gained the essential knowledge needed to crop pictures on your Mac using Photos, Preview, or Photoshop! The possibilities are endless!

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