How to Scan a Document on Your iPhone

Hello there! 📲 Are you tired of hauling around a clunky scanner to capture important documents? Well, fear not! Today, we’ll be showing you how to scan a document on your iPhone with ease.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, the iPhone’s camera has become a powerful tool for capturing high-quality images. With the built-in Notes app, you can easily transform your phone into a scanner that can capture anything from receipts to important documents. So, whether you’re a busy professional who needs to scan documents on-the-go or a student who needs to digitize their notes, this guide is for you.

How to scan doc on iphone

How to Scan a Document on iPhone

Scanning a document on your iPhone can come in handy when you need to send important documents and don’t have immediate access to a scanner or computer. Here’s how to scan a document on your iPhone in just a few easy steps.

Open Notes App

The first step in scanning a document on your iPhone is to open the Notes app. This app comes pre-installed on your iPhone, so no need to download any additional apps. Simply locate the Notes app icon on your home screen and tap to open.

Create a New Note

After opening the Notes app, create a new note by tapping on the new note icon. This icon usually looks like a square with a plus sign in the center. Once you’ve created a new note, you can either type in text or scan a document.

Tap on Camera Icon

Once you’re in the note, tap on the camera icon within the note. This will open up a menu with several options for capturing an image.

If you need to scan a document, select “Scan Documents” from the menu options. This will bring up a camera viewfinder, and you’ll be prompted to point the camera at the document you want to scan.

You can also use the “Photo Library” option to select an existing image from your camera roll or files.

Once you’ve selected the scanning option, hold your iPhone camera over the document and snap a picture. You can adjust the edges of the image if necessary to make sure the entire document is in view.

After you’ve taken the picture, you can then make some final adjustments to ensure the document is clear and legible. Simply crop the image, adjust the brightness or contrast, or enhance the color.

Finally, tap “Save” in the upper right corner of the screen. This will save the image to your Notes app, where you can use it as needed.

Scanning documents on your iPhone is quick and easy, and with the built-in Notes app, you don’t need any additional apps or devices to get the job done. Try it out today and see how much easier scanning documents can be.

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Align the Camera with Document

When it comes to scanning documents on your iPhone, one of the most important steps is to align the camera with the document properly. This is crucial to ensure that the document is captured clearly and accurately. Here’s what you need to do:

Position the Document within the Viewfinder

After launching your scanning app, place the document you want to scan within the viewfinder area. Ensure that it’s aligned with the edges of the viewfinder and that all the content you want to capture appears within the frame. Take your time to make sure the document is perfectly in line – the better its alignment, the better the final scan will be.

Wait for the Box to Appear

Once the document is aligned with the viewfinder, the scanning app will automatically detect it and highlight it with a yellow box. This signals that the app has recognized the edges of the document and it’s ready for scanning. Now you can move on to capturing the document.

Tap on the Shutter Button

Finally, it’s time to capture the document. Just tap on the shutter button on your screen to take a picture of the document. This will ensure that the app captures a high-quality image of the document which can then be saved or shared as needed. If you have multiple documents to scan, you can also tap on the add more icon to continue scanning.

By following these simple steps, you can easily scan documents on your iPhone with ease and accuracy. Ensure you take your time to align the document and wait for the yellow box to appear before capturing the image. With these tips, you can take advantage of the powerful camera on your iPhone and turn it into a powerful scanning tool.

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Adjust the Scan

One of the advantages of scanning documents on your iPhone is the ability to adjust and edit the scanned image. Here are some tips on how to effectively adjust your scans:

Drag the Edges to Crop the Document

After scanning a document, it is important to crop it to get rid of any unwanted areas. To do this, simply drag the edges or corners of the scanned image to crop and adjust the document as needed. This will help eliminate any unnecessary parts of the document and create a clearer image. You can also zoom in to get a closer look at the document and make more precise adjustments.

Rotate or Delete the Document

If you have scanned a document that is not oriented correctly, you can use the rotation tool to align the document. Simply tap the rotate icon at the top of the screen until the document is properly aligned. You can also delete the document if needed by tapping the delete icon.

Save the Scanned Document

Once you have finished adjusting the scan to your liking, tap on the Done button to save the scanned document to your Notes app or other applications like Files or Mail. You can also select the share icon to send the scanned document to other apps or individuals via email or text message. Make sure to save your scanned documents in a location where you will be able to easily access them later on.

With these tips, you can now adjust and edit your scanned documents with ease, ensuring that you have a clear and high-quality image to work with.

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Use Third-Party Apps for Advanced Features

Scanning documents using your iPhone’s built-in scanning feature is a great way to digitize your documents and save them in an easily accessible format. However, there are limitations to what your iPhone can do. Fortunately, third-party apps offer advanced features that can enhance your scanning experience.

Explore Third-Party Scanner Apps

Third-party scanner apps like CamScanner or Scanner Pro offer features that can make scanning even more convenient and efficient. These apps use advanced algorithms for edge detection and page boundary cropping, which means your scanned documents will look sharp and clean. With these apps, you can also save scanned documents in various formats like PDF, JPEG, and PNG.

Moreover, these scanner apps allow you to adjust the brightness and contrast of the scanned document. This is especially useful when scanning documents with poor lighting conditions. You can also add annotations or signatures to the scanned documents using these apps.

Upgrade to Premium Features

If you need more advanced features, you can upgrade to premium versions of these scanner apps. Premium features may include Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which allows you to extract text from scanned documents and save it as a separate file. This feature is especially helpful when you need to edit the scanned document, or when you need to extract specific information from the document.

Some premium features also include cloud storage, where you can save your scanned documents directly to the cloud without the risk of losing the files. This feature is also great for collaboration, as you can easily share scanned documents with your colleagues or friends.

Share or Export the Scanned Document

Once you have scanned the document, you can easily share or export it to your preferred location. These scanner apps allow you to share scanned documents via email, messaging apps, or social media platforms. You can also export documents to other apps or your computer for safekeeping.

The scanned documents are saved in high resolution, which means you can print them out anytime you need a hard copy. The scanned documents also retain the same quality as the original document, so you don’t have to worry about losing important details or information.


Scanning documents using your iPhone is easy and convenient, but third-party scanner apps offer advanced features that can enhance your scanning experience. Whether you need OCR, cloud storage, or simply want sharper scanned documents, these apps have got you covered. With the ability to share or export scanned documents, these apps offer an all-in-one solution for digitizing your documents.

Scanning docs on your iPhone: done!

Congratulations! You can now scan documents on your iPhone with ease, thanks to these helpful tips. Whether you’re digitizing old photos or sending copies of important receipts, you know what to do. Don’t forget to try out different apps and settings to find what works best for you. Thanks for reading, and come back soon for more tech tips!

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