How To Share YouTube Premium?

How to Share YouTube Premium with Friends, Family, or Colleagues

As the popularity of streaming services continues to grow, so does our desire to share content with others who appreciate it just as much. YouTube Premium is no exception – a service that offers ad-free viewing experiences, exclusive original content, and personalized recommendations. With its uniqeu features and perks, you might want to share this love with friends or family members.

Sharing Your Subscription

The first step in sharing your YouTube Premium subscription is to understand the terms of service provided by Google (YouTube’s parent company). According to their guidelines:

  • You are allowed one primary account holder; that person controls all aspects of their profile and can access settings.
  • This primary account cannot be shared or transferred.
  • Each user who uses this paid service needs an individual email address, so there is no way for friends to sign in with your own details.

This means you have the opportunity to create separate profiles for multiple users within a household (e.g., family members) under a single subscription plan. However, sharing credentials remains off-limits due to Google’s policy of preventing unauthorized use of paid content.

Tips For Sharing YouTube Premium Content

If there isn’t an official way to share subscriptions directly, we can still manufacture it easy for others to access your shared library or channels by setting up multiple user accounts with unique details. This process may help you share specific items on your watchlist while keeping the main subscription separate from any potential new account:

  1. Create individual profiles: Designate each profile for different family members within a household (or colleagues if it’s part of work-related activities).
  2. Use password management tools to keep track of logins.
  3. Assign shared channels or playlists, such as personal recommendations from your own YouTube Premium library.

Other Methods To Share The Content Experience

Now we have multiple options beyond direct sharing for distributing the perks you enjoy with a YouTube Premium subscription:

  1. Create collaborative content spaces: Collaborate on video production and create unique playlist links accessible to all participants.
  2. Engage through online forums, blogs, or other platforms where your shared recommendations might be helpful.

These strategies cater not only to household members but also work teams seeking the exclusive advantages offered by a single premium YouTube account.


While there isn’t an immediate method for sharing individual subscriptions with friends outside of designated primary and secondary accounts within a house, it doesn’t prevent creative ways around sharing your favorite content or playlists. Remember that you’re allowed multiple profiles under one subscription plan for family members living at the same address (and in work settings). For everyone to enjoy specific items together on their own accounts.

Disclaimer: This is not an official YouTube/Google publication and contains only unofficial tips.