7 Games Similar to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Hello there, fellow gamers! 👋 Are you a fan of Disney Dreamlight Valley? If you enjoy playing the game, then you’ll love these 7 similar games we’ve picked out for you. Get ready for some exciting adventures and magical quests that will provide you with endless hours of fun!

7 games similar to Disney Dreamlight Valley

From games that feature fairy-tale characters to those with magical kingdoms, these titles are sure to transport you to a world full of fantasy and wonder. Each game has its own unique storyline, gameplay, and characters, giving you the perfect opportunity to try something new. So, sit back, get comfortable, and immerse yourself in these 7 games similar to Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game that is calm and low stress, perfect for players of all ages. The game is set in a charming pixelated world that is home to a small town. Here are some of the key features that make Stardew Valley an ideal game for Disney Dreamlight Valley fans:

Relaxing farming sim

Unlike some of the intense farming simulation games out there, Stardew Valley is a calming experience. Players plant and harvest crops, raise livestock, and fish while exploring the vast and beautiful environment. The simple tasks are relaxing, and the world is so well-crafted that it’s easy to get lost in it for hours.

Social simulation

Stardew Valley is not just about farming and fishing; building relationships with characters is also a critical aspect of the game. The game has dozens of NPCs that players can interact with, some of whom have their own stories, dialogues, and unique quests. The way players interact with each of the NPCs has a lasting impact on the game world and also contributes to the game’s overall story.

Infinite replayability

Stardew Valley has been designed with replayability in mind, so each playthrough feels like a new adventure. One of the ways the game achieves this is through the use of random daily events, so no two days are the same. Additionally, the game features a ton of quests and activities, providing fresh content every time players start a new game.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope - Charming Art Style

If you loved the farming mechanics in Disney Dreamlight Valley, then Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is a game that you will not want to miss. This game has similar farming mechanics where you must chop wood, till soil, raise animals and harvest crops in an attempt to restore a run-down town.

Customizable house and farm

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope - Charming Art Style

Designing and upgrading different areas to create your dream farm is one of the things that makes Harvest Moon: Light of Hope unique. You can customize your house and farm according to your preferences and make it look exactly the way you want it to.

Charming art style

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope - Charming Art Style

One of the best things about Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is its charming art style. The game’s colorful world is full of adorable animal and character designs that will surely make you fall in love with it.

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Story of Seasons

Story of Seasons

If you love the farming aspect of Disney Dreamlight Valley, then the long-running Story of Seasons series is a perfect fit for you. The game series, developed by Marvelous, offers players the joy of farming across various entries, from the Gameboy Advance to the Switch.

Farm Life and Romance

Farm Life and Romance

The game puts players in control of their own farm, where they can plant and harvest crops, raise animals, and manage the land. Additionally, players are given the opportunity to build relationships with different characters and potentially marry one of them. The game puts a lot of importance on developing relationships with NPCs, which is something that players of Disney Dreamlight Valley would love.

Collectibles and Events

Collectibles and Events

Aside from farm life and romance, Story of Seasons features an array of quests, competitions, and collectibles. Completing these tasks and events earns players rewards that aid in the progress of the game. It also adds an immersive aspect since players need to keep track of a lot of things. For example, there are different festivals in the game that players can join and win prizes, which is a refreshing experience compared to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you enjoyed the slow-paced life of Disney Dreamlight Valley, then you’ll love Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This game is set on a deserted island, where players can relax and enjoy the pace of island life.

Calm and relaxing game

The game offers a sense of relaxation to the players and transports them to a peaceful island life. The game is designed to mimic the real-life experience of living in a society where people, mostly animals, mingle to build their dream home, have fun with friends, and help each other. The game encourages players to engage in simple activities like fishing, catching bugs, and gardening.


The game features an extensive range of customization options that let you decorate your house and the entire island. You can add your personal touch to the game by building bridges, roa, d, adjusting the layout of the island, and adding a personal touch to furniture. The game’s customization options also extend to your character, as you can dress them up in your favorite outfits.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is highly beneficial for players who love to play along with their friends. The game allows players to invite their friends to visit their islands or visit the islands of their friends, offering a chance to enjoy together and exchange ideas. Players can showcase their creativity and even borrow inspiration from the islands of their friends. The multiplayer feature allows eight players to play together at a time, making it a perfect game for group play.

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My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia

If you’re looking for a game that offers a similar blend of farming, crafting and life simulation as Disney Dreamlight Valley, you might want to check out ‘My Time at Portia’ developed by Chinese studio Pathea Games. In this charming sandbox RPG game, you’ll embark on a journey to the enchanting town of Portia, a post-apocalyptic world where humans survived a catastrophic event that caused the downfall of civilization.

Farm and craft

Farm and craft

The gameplay revolves around the players running their own workshop and carrying out tasks to rebuild the town and be the best workshop owner in Portia. One of the primary focuses of the game is farming, which requires players to sow and reap crops, rear livestock and care for them. Players also harvest resources from gathered raw materials to craft or upgrade various items such as tools, weapons, clothing, accessories and even furniture. This opens up a plethora of customization options that help players express their creativity and make their workshop stand out.

Explore a post-apocalyptic world

Explore a post-apocalyptic world

‘My Time at Portia’ offers an open world environment that players can explore freely. As players discover the secrets of Portia and the history behind the catastrophe, they can interact with a diverse range of captivating characters that include citizens, traders, adventurers and even animals. Players can befriend these characters by completing quests, gifting them, or even engaging in mini-games that include fishing, horse riding, and mini-battles. Every character has their own unique personalities, preferences and schedules, making it an immersive experience to know each one of them and possibly develop romantic relationships that lead to marriage.

Arts and culture

Arts and culture

Aside from farming and exploring, players can engage in various creative projects that reflect the town’s cultural vibes. Players can learn to cook and discover new recipes that reflect the town’s culture, such as baked rice or spicy spaghetti. There’s also an option to indulge in artistic endeavors like painting and crafting trinkets and souvenirs, which can be sold for extra income or gifted to friendly NPCs as acts of kindness. All these activities emphasize the importance of immersion into the world of Portia.

Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4 is a game that incorporates farming, dungeon-crawling, and role-playing elements. The game has a unique setting that features a world full of magic and mythical creatures.

Farm Life with Dungeon-Crawling

In Rune Factory 4, players can engage in farm life by planting crops, raising livestock, and maintaining their farm. In addition, the game has dungeon-crawling segments where players must fight monsters and explore ruins to save the world.

NPC Interaction and Marriage

The game features a variety of NPCs with different backgrounds and personalities. As players interact with them, they can slowly build relationships with them. Over time, players can even pursue romantic options, leading to marriage and a happy life together.

Unique Fantasy Setting

The game’s world is filled with magic and fantastical elements like dragons, elves, and giants. As players explore the world, they encounter various mythical creatures that they must battle to save the world from destruction. With a rich and immersive world to explore, Rune Factory 4 is a game that promises hours of engaging gameplay.

Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life

If you are looking for a game similar to Disney Dreamlight Valley with its whimsical charm and extensive customization options, then Fantasy Life is the perfect choice for you. Developed by Level-5, the game is set in a gorgeous imaginary world that offers a vast array of gameplay options, activities, quests, and character classes.

Multiclassing and skills

Multiclassing and Skills

One of the unique features of Fantasy Life is its extensive multiclassing system. It allows you to switch between 12 different playable classes, including blacksmith, mage, chef, and more. Each class offers different abilities and gameplay styles that can be mixed and matched to create your perfect character. The game also allows you to upgrade your skills and abilities by completing quests and challenges related to the class you have chosen, making it a truly immersive and customizable experience.

Quests and exploration

Quests and Exploration

Fantasy Life offers a plethora of quests that vary in difficulty and rewards. From gathering resources to fighting monsters, to solving puzzles, the game has something for everyone. You can also explore the colorful world of Reveria, which is filled with hidden secrets, treasures, and dangerous creatures. Each area of the world has its unique ambiance, design, and enemies to keep the game fresh and exciting.

Customizable pets

Customizable Pets

Another standout feature of Fantasy Life is its adorable pet system. You can choose from more than 100 pets, each with its unique characteristics and abilities. You can customize their appearance, train them, and send them on quests to help you in your adventures. Whether you prefer cute and cuddly animals or ferocious beasts, there is a pet for everyone in Fantasy Life.

In conclusion, Fantasy Life is an excellent game that offers a lot of content and replayability with its multiclassing system, quests, exploration, and pet customization. It’s a must-play for Disney Dreamlight Valley fans who are looking for a similar experience.

If you’re looking for a game that’s similar to Disney Dreamlight Valley, but with more of an adventure twist, then consider playing Terraria.

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