Games Like Free Cities

Games Like Free Cities: A Comprehensive Guide to Similar Urban Planning Experiences


Free Cities, a popular city-building simulation game, has captured the attention of gamers worldwide with its unique blend of urban planning, management, and exploration. If you’ve spent hours building your own metropolis or navigating through existing cities in Free Cities, chances are you’re looking for more games that offer similar experiences. In this article, we’ll explore some outstanding alternatives that will satiate your craving for city-building simulations.

I. City-Building Simulations

If you enjoy the core mechanics of Free Cities, here are a few suggestoins that delve deeper into urban planning and management:

  • Cities in Motion (2011): A real-time traffic simulation game where players design, build, and manage public transportation systems to alleviate congestion.
  • Anno 1800 (2019): The latest installment in the Anno series lets you create your own industrial empire by managing resources, constructing buildings, and researching technologies.

These games focus on urban planning’s more practical aspects while maintaining the excitement of city-building. They might not own all the bells and whistles Free Cities offers but still provide an immersive experience for fans of urban development.

II. City-Building with a Twist

If you enjoy the unique twists or spin-offs offered by games like Free Cities, consider these alternatives that add fresh flavors to classic city-building:

  • Tropico (2001): A city-builder where players take on the role of a dictator and shape their own Caribbean-style metropolis through politics, social engineering, or corruption.
  • Banished (2014): A survival-themed game where players settle in an abandoned town during medieval times. Building structures to accommodate settlers and managing resources is crucial for success.

These titles experiment with city-building by introducing new mechanics such as government systems in Tropico or the focus on settlement building in Banished.

III. Games with a Strong Focus on Urban Development

If you enjoy Free Cities’ strong emphasis on urban development, consider these games that push this aspect further:

  • SimCity (2000): A classic city-builder where players design, build, and manage entire cities using an array of tools at their disposal.
  • Prison Architect (2015): While primarily focused on prison building and management, Prison Architect features intricate urban development mechanics as you construct cells for prisoners.

Both SimCity and Prison Architect delve deeper into the intricacies of city-building by allowing players to customize individual buildings or structures within a larger metropolitan framework.

IV. Games with Exploration Elements

Free Cities often requires exploration of unknown territories to expand your settlement. These games build upon that foundation:

  • Frostpunk (2018): A city-builder set in an icy wasteland, where survival is crucial due to harsh environmental conditions.
  • The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom (2010): A game combining elements from The Settlers series with exploration and resource gathering as you establish your own kingdom.

Both Frostpunk and The Settlers offer deep storytelling tied closely with urban development, immersing players in challenging environments that require adaptation and strategic planning.


Games like Free Cities provide an excellent starting point for anyone eager to indulge in city-building simulations. By exploring the unique aspects of each title mentioned above – from real-time traffic simulation (Cities in Motion) to survival-themed building (Banished) or government systems manipulation (Tropico) – you’re likely to discover new favorites among your gaming endeavors.

Whether you crave more urban planning challenges, exploration-based gameplay, or innovative twists on classic city-building mechanics, the following games are well-worth investigating:

  • Cities in Motion
  • Anno 1800
  • Tropico
  • Banished

As a Free Cities fan seeking similar experiences, exploring these recommendations will allow you to delve into fresh and engaging urban development scenarios that satisfy your craving for this genre.