7 Mesmerizing Games Similar to Gris

Hello there! 👋 Are you captivated by the stunningly beautiful game, Gris, and are on the hunt for similar games to play? You’ve come to the right place! Gris is a breathtakingly gorgeous platformer featuring delicate music, hand-drawn art, and a melancholic, yet uplifting, storyline. The emotional journey through a colorless world filled with obstacles and puzzles earned Gris a significant following and critical acclaim across the gaming industry. If you’re looking to experience more evocative games like Gris, we’ve curated a list of seven mesmerizing games that will transport you to alternate worlds and make you ponder for hours.

So, get ready to be mesmerized by the sheer beauty of these games and their thought-provoking journeys. Are you ready to dive in? Let’s go! 💫

Gris Game



If you love Gris for its stunning visuals and beautiful music, then Journey needs to be on your list of games to play. This award-winning game is not only a visual masterpiece, but it offers a unique gaming experience that is both relaxing and engaging. In Journey, you play as a mysterious robed figure traveling through a vast desert towards a distant mountain. Along the way, you will discover ancient ruins, soaring mountains, and mysterious creatures.

A Visual Masterpiece

Journey’s visuals are simply breathtaking. The game’s use of color and lighting create a stunning atmosphere that will leave you in awe. From the rolling sand dunes to the glowing mountain tops, every area of the game is a work of art. The game’s minimalist art style allows players to focus on the beauty of the environment and the emotions it evokes.

Unique Gameplay Mechanics

Journey’s gameplay mechanics are simple yet unique. The game uses a combination of exploration, platforming, and puzzle-solving to keep players engaged. The game’s mechanics are intuitive, so even players who are new to gaming can enjoy it. One of the most awe-inspiring aspects of Journey is being able to soar through the air with a magical scarf that lets you fly.

Stress-Free Environment

Journey is a game that is all about relaxation. The game has no enemies or combat, so players are free to explore the environment and take in the beauty of the game. The game’s stress-free environment allows players to unwind after a long day and get lost in the world of Journey. This game is a must-play for anyone looking for a relaxing and visually stunning experience.

A Night in the Woods

A Night in the Woods

A Night in the Woods is a game that has won the hearts of many players with its emotionally engaging storyline, unique artistic style, and breathtaking graphics. The game is set in a small town in the middle of the woods, where players get to join a group of friends as they experience the ups and downs of life.

An Emotional Experience

One of the things that stands out about A Night in the Woods is its ability to trigger powerful emotions in players. The game’s developers have skillfully crafted a storyline that touches on themes of love, loss, friendship, and mental health. As a player, you get to immerse yourself in the lives of the characters, experiencing their joys and sorrows as if they were your own.

Artistic Style

A Night in the Woods features a unique artistic style that combines hand-drawn aesthetics with pixel art elements. The game’s design is stunning, with each scene and character meticulously crafted to create a mesmerizing and immersive world. From the lush forests to the cozy town center, the game is a visual treat that delights the senses.

Intriguing Storyline

The storyline in A Night in the Woods is engrossing and keeps players hooked from start to finish. The game tackles important issues such as mental health, friendship, and the struggles of growing up, all while maintaining a sense of whimsy and wonder. The characters are complex and well-written, and the game’s pacing ensures that players are always eager to find out what happens next.

For those who love the RPG elements of Gris, Genshin Impact offers a vast and immersive open-world experience. Explore the stunning landscapes of Teyvat, battle powerful enemies, and unlock new abilities as you progress.



If you are looking for a game similar to Gris, then you won’t want to miss Abzu. Developed by Giant Squid Studios, this visually stunning underwater adventure will take your breath away. Here’s what you can expect from this mesmerizing game.

An Underwater Adventure

An Underwater Adventure

Dive into the depths of Abzu’s ocean world and explore its vast underwater landscapes filled with hidden treasures and marine life. As you swim through the beautiful and vibrant environments, you’ll witness the incredible beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants. The game features a mesmerizing soundtrack that immerses you into the atmosphere. The graphics are breathtaking, and the colors mimic the beauty of the varied underwater environments.

Intuitive Gameplay Mechanics

Intuitive Gameplay Mechanics

Abzu is an easy game to pick up and play as it features straightforward controls and mechanics. You’ll quickly learn how to move around the underwater world and interact with the different creatures within it. You can glide over the water, dive deep, and even meditate to interact with the marine life around you. The game’s fluid controls make it easy to enjoy, and you won’t have to worry about confusing or complicated gameplay mechanics.

Relaxing Atmosphere

The atmosphere in Abzu is serene, relaxing, and calming. As you explore the beautiful underwater world, you’ll also come across various marine life and ecosystem. The game has an almost meditative quality that lets you get lost in the wondrous beauty of the ocean environment. Abzu offers a completely different experience from Gris but the relaxing and calming atmosphere of the game is right up there with Gris but in an Oceanic environment.

In conclusion, Abzu is a one-of-a-kind experience that immerses you in the beauty of oceanic environments and all its inhabitants. The game features stunning visuals and music, intuitive gameplay mechanics, and a relaxing atmosphere. It is an excellent game choice if you want to explore a visually astonishing ocean world and escape from the real world.



Oxenfree is an adventure and mystery game developed by Night School Studio. The game was released back in 2016 and has received a lot of love from the gaming community since then. With a unique and engaging storyline, Oxenfree has managed to win the hearts of its players. Here are some of the mesmerizing features of the game:

Thrilling Storyline

Oxenfree Story

Oxenfree features an intriguing and thrilling storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat. You play the game as a teenage girl called Alex who, along with her friends, travels to an isolated island for a party. However, things quickly take a dark turn when they accidentally open a ghostly rift. As the game progresses, you get to choose how Alex interacts with her friends and the ghostly characters while trying to uncover the secrets of the island.

Beautiful Art Style

Oxenfree Art Style

The game’s beautiful art style and design are a big part of what makes it so visually captivating. The developers have managed to create a world that is both realistic and surreal, with an emphasis on the use of color. The game’s art style helps to create an atmosphere that is eerie and mysterious, which complements the story perfectly.

Choices Matter

Oxenfree Choices Matter

The choices you make in Oxenfree can have a significant impact on the outcome of the story. The game features a unique dialogue system that allows you to choose how Alex interacts with her friends and the ghostly characters. The choices you make will not only affect the story’s ending but also the relationships between the characters. This feature makes Oxenfree a game that you can play multiple times, each with a different experience.

Overall, Oxenfree is a game that is unique in its storytelling and gameplay. The game’s captivating story, beautiful art style, and the impact of the choices you make make it a must-play for everyone.



If you are a fan of Gris and are looking for a challenging platformer that can rival its calming appeal, Celeste is the game for you. Developed by Maddy Makes Games, Celeste offers a unique and challenging experience that will keep you engaged for hours.

A Challenging Platformer

Celeste is a game that will test your platforming skills. It offers a range of challenges that will push you to your limits. You play as Madeline, a young woman who is determined to climb to the top of Celeste Mountain. The game offers a wide range of challenges, from precision platforming to challenging boss battles.

Engaging Storyline

The game not only offers a challenging gameplay experience but also has an engaging storyline that explores themes of mental health. The storyline follows Madeline on her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain, where she must confront her inner demons and face her fears. The game beautifully explores the topic of mental health and how it affects individuals in their daily lives.

Beautiful Art and Music

Just like Gris, Celeste also boasts beautiful artwork and music. The game features pixel art graphics that are stunning and immersive. The backgrounds of the game are breathtakingly beautiful and make you feel like you are climbing a real mountain. The music in the game is also incredibly immersive and complements the game’s atmosphere perfectly. The soundtrack of the game is composed by Lena Raine and has won several awards for its beautiful and haunting melodies.

If you are looking for a unique and immersive gaming experience, don’t miss out on our Dungeons & Dragons-inspired games pillar article. From classic RPGs to new indie titles, there’s something here for everyone.



Rime is an atmospheric puzzle game that transports players into a stunningly beautiful world filled with hauntingly melodic music. This game is truly an aesthetic marvel with its vibrant colors and gorgeous landscapes.

Captivating World

In Rime, players embark on a journey of exploration as they traverse through mysterious ruins and ancient structures. The game’s world is vast and full of secrets waiting to be uncovered at every turn. The ruins themselves feel alive with the secrets they hold, and players must solve puzzles to unlock new mysteries and advance the story.

Emotional Journey

Rime is not just a visual treat, but a deeply emotional experience as well. The game explores themes of loss and grief through the story of a young boy who wakes up on a mysterious island. As he navigates through the game’s world, he discovers pieces of his past and the reason for his presence on the island. The emotional depth of the story and its treatment offer a moving experience that will stick with you long after the game’s completion.



LIMBO is a classic indie game that has amassed a strong cult following over the years. Developed by Playdead, the game first made its debut in 2010 and quickly became a fan favorite. The game has since been ported to multiple platforms and is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

A Classic Indie Game

One of the most significant features of LIMBO is its moody and atmospheric style. The game is entirely in black and white and has a minimalist design that draws the player into its world. The game’s overall aesthetic is reminiscent of film noir, which helps to create a sense of mystery and foreboding that permeates throughout the game. The game’s presentation is masterfully done and adds to the overall experience of playing it.

Challenging Puzzles

One of the essential aspects of LIMBO is its challenging puzzles. The game’s puzzles are hand-crafted and designed to test the player’s problem-solving skills. Some of the puzzles can be incredibly frustrating and can take several tries to solve. However, once you do solve a puzzle, the feeling of satisfaction is incredibly rewarding. The game’s puzzles are well-designed, and the difficulty curve is just right, making the game challenging but not frustratingly difficult.

Unique Experience

LIMBO’s unique experience and art style make it a must-play game for indie game fans. The game’s developers have pushed the boundaries of game design and created a game that is not only fun to play but is also a work of art. The game’s mix of challenging puzzles, atmospheric design, and unique storytelling make it an unforgettable experience that is still relevant today. LIMBO is definitely a game worth playing, especially for those who are fans of indie games.

If you are a fan of atmospheric puzzle games like Gris, you might want to check out Inside. This hauntingly beautiful game takes you on a surreal journey through a dark and mysterious world.

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