Top 7 Must-Play Games Similar to Life is Strange

Hello dear readers! 😊 If you are a fan of narrative-driven games full of emotional depth, you have probably heard of “Life is Strange”. This video game series has become a beloved cult classic among gamers, known for its captivating storytelling, relatable characters, and unique gameplay mechanics. If you are looking for more games that offer a similar experience to “Life is Strange”, you are in luck! Here are the top 7 must-play games that will make you feel all the feels and keep you hooked for hours on end.

Top 7 Must-Play Games Similar to Life is Strange

These games are not only about making choices, but they also portray incredibly complex and realistic characters, who have their own sets of morals, flaws, and desires. These games are not afraid to tackle sensitive topics such as mental health, identity, friendship, and love in a way that resonates deeply with the players. So, buckle up and get ready to go on some thrilling and emotional journeys, where the choices you make truly matter.



If you are looking for a game that offers the same level of storytelling and emotional depth as Life is Strange, then Firewatch is a must-play. Developed by Campo Santo, Firewatch is a first-person adventure game that takes you on an emotional journey through the mountains of Wyoming. Here are three reasons why Firewatch is an excellent game similar to Life is Strange.

Exploration and storytelling

Firewatch is a game that is all about exploration and storytelling. You play as Henry, a fire lookout who is stationed in the Wyoming wilderness. As you explore your surroundings, you will uncover a mystery that will keep you engaged and immersed in the story. The game is set in a beautiful open-world environment that is full of hidden secrets and surprises. The game encourages players to take their time and explore every nook and cranny of their surroundings.

Choices matter

Just like in Life is Strange, your choices in Firewatch have real consequences that impact the story and relationships between the characters. You will be presented with different dialogue options throughout the game that will determine how the story unfolds. The game offers a branching narrative that allows you to shape the story according to your choices. Whether you decide to be honest or deceitful, your choices will have a lasting impact on the outcome of the game.

Emotional journey

Firewatch deals with themes of loss, isolation, and human connection, delivering a powerful emotional experience to players. The story is told through a series of conversations between Henry and his supervisor, Delilah, who he communicates with via a walkie-talkie. The game does an excellent job of making you feel like you are part of the story and invested in the characters’ lives. The game’s emotional depth and sensitivity make it a standout title that is sure to leave a lasting impression on players.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Telltale's The Walking Dead

Telltale’s The Walking Dead is a critically acclaimed and emotionally charged episodic adventure game. It has a similar vibe to Life is Strange and is a must-play for fans of the genre. Here are some of the reasons why.

Character-driven narrative

In The Walking Dead, players assume the role of Lee, a convicted murderer, who becomes the protector and father figure to a young girl named Clementine after the zombie apocalypse hits. The game’s narrative is character-driven, and players will form emotional ties with these characters as they navigate through the game’s plot. The story deals with themes of morality, love, and survival, and is bound to keep players gripped from beginning to end.

Consequences of your choices

Like Life is Strange, The Walking Dead’s story is heavily influenced by player choices. The choices in the game have long-lasting consequences that can affect the game’s plot and characters. The game’s story gets deeper and more intense as the game progresses, and as Lee and Clementine’s relationship develops, the player’s sense of responsibility for their well-being heightens. Every choice you make can lead to a different outcome, adding to the game’s replay value.

Interactive story

The Walking Dead’s episodic and cinematic gameplay delivers a unique, interactive storytelling experience. The game has highly cinematic visuals and sound, and the player’s choices will determine the path the story takes. The game’s sequences are filled with quick-time events (QTEs) which add up to the game’s cinematic experience.

If you have not played The Walking Dead, it is an absolute must-play for anyone who enjoys a character-driven narrative with deep and consequential choices. It delivered one of the most emotionally charged experiences in gaming history and is a great example of how interactive storytelling can be done right.



Supernatural mystery

Oxenfree is a game that expertly blends a supernatural mystery into its story, making for a thrilling and unpredictable experience. Players follow the story of Alex, a teenager who travels to an abandoned island with her friends for a weekend getaway. However, the island is haunted by a supernatural force that the group unwittingly unleashes, and they must work together to uncover the island’s dark secrets while also surviving the night. The game’s eerily atmospheric setting and tense gameplay keep players on edge throughout the adventure.

Relationship-focused gameplay

One of Oxenfree’s standout features is its focus on character relationships and social dynamics. Just like Life is Strange, players are presented with a range of dialogue choices that can impact the story and relationships between characters. The game’s well-written characters and realistic dialogue make it easy to become invested in each character’s personal story and motivations. The more invested you become, the more challenging choices become, as you must decide how to balance your own desires with the needs of those around you.

Branching storyline

Another similarity between Oxenfree and Life is Strange is the game’s branching storyline. The choices you make throughout the game can have a significant impact on the narrative, leading to different outcomes and eventualities. This gives the game a high level of replayability, as you can make different choices in subsequent playthroughs to experience entirely new outcomes. However, the game manages to keep its story cohesive and impactful, regardless of which direction you take it.

If you enjoyed Life is Strange, these true alternatives might be of interest to you.

Night in the Woods

Dialogue-Driven Narrative

Night in the Woods is a game that explores the life of Mae, a college dropout who moves back into her hometown and reconnects with her old friends. The game is story-driven and takes players on a journey through small-town life.

Indie Charm

Dialogue-Driven Narrative

One of the standout features of Night in the Woods is its unique indie art style. The game’s creators have managed to create a world full of charm and character using a visually distinct style that sets it apart from other games. The characters in Night in the Woods are also highly relatable and players will quickly find themselves becoming engaged with their lives.

Dialogue-Driven Narrative

Dialogue-Driven Narrative

Night in the Woods is an immersive game with a dialogue-driven narrative that focuses on the conversations between Mae and her friends. The game tackles themes such as life, love, and growing up using nuanced, realistic dialogue that draws players into the world of the game. The characters in Night in the Woods are well written and well-rounded, and players will find themselves becoming invested in their stories as they progress through the game.

In conclusion, Night in the Woods is an excellent gem of a game that is well worth playing for fans of Life is Strange. Its indie charm, dialogue-driven narrative, and relatable characters make it a standout in the gaming world.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Heartfelt story

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is the prequel to the critically acclaimed game, Life is Strange. Developed by Deck Nine and published by Square Enix, the game follows the story of Chloe Price and her relationship with Rachel Amber before the events of the original game. Players step into the shoes of Chloe as she navigates through her teenage years, trying to find her place in a world that seems to be falling apart.

Prequel to Life is Strange

Heartfelt story

Before the Storm takes place in Arcadia Bay, three years before the events of the original game. Players get to experience the town from a different perspective, with new locations to explore and characters to meet. The game also delves deeper into the backstory of some of the characters from the original game, shedding light on their motivations and personalities.

Choices and consequences

Heartfelt story

Just like the original game, Before the Storm gives players the power to change the story through their choices and actions. The decisions made by the player have far-reaching consequences, and can even alter the outcome of the game’s ending. The game also introduces new dialogue options, allowing players to shape the relationship between Chloe and Rachel, and see the consequences of their actions play out in real time.

Heartfelt story

Heartfelt story

At its core, Before the Storm is a story about love, loss, and the complexity of human relationships. The game tackles themes that are often ignored by other mainstream games, and delivers a heartfelt and emotional story that will tug at your heartstrings. The chemistry between Chloe and Rachel is palpable, and the game does a great job of building up their relationship over the course of the story.

Overall, Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a must-play game for fans of the original game, and anyone who enjoys narrative-driven games with compelling characters and strong themes. The game does a great job of expanding the world of Life is Strange, while also standing on its own as a fantastic prequel.

Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls is a gripping action-adventure game developed by David Cage and his team at Quantic Dream, the studio behind Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. It follows the story of Jodie Holmes, a woman who possesses supernatural powers and her enigmatic relationship with a mysterious entity named Aiden. The game’s unique narrative structure, emotional storytelling, and impactful choices make it a must-play title for fans of Life is Strange.

Unique Narrative Structure

Beyond: Two Souls is known for its unconventional storytelling technique which unfolds in a non-chronological order. The game’s plot is divided into several segments, each depicting a different phase in Jodie’s life, starting from her childhood and ending with her adulthood. The player assumes the role of both Jodie and Aiden, and the game progresses by shifting between their perspectives. This technique immerses the player in the game’s world and provides a deeper understanding of Jodie’s character.

Emotional Storytelling

Beyond: Two Souls captures the player’s attention with its captivating storyline and character development. The game has an emotional depth that explores themes of love, loss, and the supernatural. It successfully portrays Jodie’s struggles and how she copes with the difficulties that come with her extraordinary powers. The game evokes emotions with its breathtaking visuals, gripping soundtrack, and impressive voice acting performances by Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, who brought the characters of Jodie and Nathan Dawkins to life.

Choices with Impact

The choices the player makes in Beyond: Two Souls have lasting consequences that impact the game’s plot and outcome. The game features a unique decision-making system that reveals the various outcomes based on the player’s choices. This feature enhances the game’s replayability factor, and the player feels more invested in the game’s narrative. The choices range from making decisions that benefit Jodie, deciding Aiden’s role in the game, and choosing the character’s fate at critical junctures. The impactful decision system reinforces the game’s core focus on the story and the player’s role in shaping it.

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Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is a game that shares many similarities with Life is Strange, particularly in its engaging storytelling and impactful decision-making. In Heavy Rain, players take control of four unique characters, each with their own motivations and perspectives, as they hunt down the elusive Origami Killer.

Cinematic narrative

One of the biggest strengths of Heavy Rain is its cinematic storytelling. The game features stunning graphics and a gripping atmosphere that draws the player in and immerses them in the world of the game. As the player navigates through various scenes and scenarios, they are presented with a number of difficult decisions that affect the outcome of the story.

Intricate mystery

Another key aspect of Heavy Rain is its intricate mystery. As the player progresses through the game, they uncover more and more clues that shed light on the motive and identity of the Origami Killer. The story is filled with twists and turns, and players will need to pay close attention to every detail if they hope to unravel the mystery before it’s too late.

Choices and consequences

Like Life is Strange, Heavy Rain is a game that puts a premium on player choice. Every decision the player makes has consequences, and these consequences can affect the outcome of the game in large and small ways. Characters can die based on the player’s decisions, and the story can take unexpected turns depending on the choices made.

If you’re a fan of Life is Strange and are looking for a game that offers a similar experience, then Heavy Rain is definitely worth checking out. With its engaging story, complex characters, and impactful decision-making, this game is sure to provide hours of immersive gameplay and memorable moments.

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