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Beyond RimWorld: Exploring the Best Games Like This Beloved Colony-Builder

For fans of RimWorld, the addictive colony-builder that tasks you with guiding a group of survivors through a harsh environment, it can be challenging to find games that capture the same sense of urgency and complexity. However, there are several titles out there that offer similar gameplay elements or mechanics worth exploring. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the best games like RimWorld and what makes them unique.

Survival Horror: Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a gothic-horror themed game where you inherit an old mansion from your ancestor, only to find it infested with monsters. As you guide a team of heroes through this twisted estate, you’ll face various challenges such as combat missions and resource management.

What RimWorld fans might enjoy about Darkest Dungeon are the following:

  1. Heroic Psychology: Like RimWorld’s colonists’ mental well-being, Darkest Dungeon tracks your heroes’ psychological state. This means you’ll need to balance their stress levels by providing them with adequate resources.
  2. Combat Mechanics: While combat is different from RimWorld, Darkest Dungeon offers a strategic and intense battle system where timing and positioning are crucial for victory.
  3. Environmental Puzzles: Explore the mansion’s creepy areas while solving environmental puzzles, which will challenge your problem-solving skills.

Farming Sim: Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an enchanting farm-to-table simulation that allows you to rebuild a neglected farm in a charming town. As you cultivate crops and raise animals, interact with friendly NPCs, explore the wilderness for valuable resources and craft items to sell at market.

What RimWorld fans might enjoy about Stardew Valley are the following:

  1. Farming Mechanics: Harvest crops, tend to your orchard, breed livestock – these activities will provide a sense of accomplishment as you balance resource production.
  2. Building Relationships: Develop friendships with the town’s characters through gift-giving and conversations. These connections can unlock unique quests and perks.
  3. Exploration and Discovery: Uncover hidden secrets in Stardew Valley by exploring the town, forest, or underground caves – this sense of discovery is reminiscent of RimWorld’s exploration.

Space Colony: The Outer Worlds

In this sci-fi colony-builder, you’ll guide a team through an untamed frontier on one of three planetary systems. Manage resources, research technology and interact with the locals to shape your colonists’ destiny.

What RimWorld fans might enjoy about The Outer Worlds are the following:

  1. Colony Management: Similar to RimWorld, you must balance resource allocation for your colonists’ basic needs (food, health) while exploring and researching recent technologies.
  2. Exploration and Combat: Explore diverse biomes on various planets, taking on quests or discovering hidden secrets – The Outer Worlds offers a mix of combat encounters with tactical depth.
  3. Character Development: Craft relationships between characters through dialogue options or gift-giving.

City-Builder: This Is the Police

In this urban strategy game set in an open-world city, you’ll manage resources, deploy police units and investigate crime scenes to reduce gang activity and keep your city’s crime rate under control. As you progress, unlock new abilities and improve district infrastructure for a more efficeint law enforcement system.

What RimWorld fans might enjoy about This Is the Police are:

  1. City Management: Balance resource allocation (budgets) between various departments while addressing issues such as gang activity.
  2. Law Enforcement: Direct your police officers during intense crime investigations or confrontations – combat is less intense but still engaging, similar to RimWorld’s colonist safety.
  3. Social Relationships and Development: Interact with citizens through conversations, quests and event choices – the social side of This Is the Police can provide a sense of progression.

Indie Gem: Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is an offbeat farm-to-table game where you raise slimes on your ranch in Drygauss Land. Collect resources (plorts), research new slime types, and battle invasive bandits – it’s up to you how much time you invest in each aspect.

What RimWorld fans might enjoy about Slime Rancher are the following:

  1. Resource Management: Manage plorts for basic needs and upgrades while maintaining a healthy ecosystem.
  2. Slime Interactions: Discover new slimes, learn their personalities (moods), or create custom food combinations – interacting with your slime farm can be surprisingly enjoyable!
  3. Exploration and Discovery: Explore various areas within Drygauss Land for hidden secrets, valuable resources or the elusive ‘rare’ plorts.

These games may not replicate RimWorld’s exact mechanics but share elements that fans of this beloved colony-builder appreciate: survival challenges, resource management, building relationships or social networks. As you explore these alternatives and discover what each has to offer in terms of gameplay experiences unique from RimWorld.

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