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Strategic Wonders: Games Like StarCraft II

StarCraft II, the real-time strategy (RTS) behemoth from Blizzard Entertainment, has captivated gamers worldwide with its addictive gameplay, rich storyline, and countless hours of replay value. However, even die-hard fans might find themselves yearning for more – be it to experience a unique setting, mechanics or simply crave that next RTS fix. For these individuals, we’ve curated an exhaustive list of games like StarCraft II that cater to their strategic whims.

I. Classic Revivals

  1. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne: A modern classic in its own right, Warcraft III has undergone a resurgence in popularity thanks to the nostalgic appeal it holds for many gamers who grew up playing Blizzard’s early RTS titles.
  2. Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection: This remastered compilation brings back the iconic gameplay and charm of Westwood Studios’ legendary Command & Conquer series, with improved visuals and online multiplayer features.

II. Modern Takes on Classic Formula

  1. Age of Empires IV: Microsoft’s long-awaited follow-up to Age of Empires III offers a revamped AoE formula, with updated graphics, refined gameplay mechanics, and the signature RTS feel.
  2. Total War: Three Kingdoms: This installment in Creative Assembly’s Total War series reimagines ancient Chinese history as a battlefield, incorporating RPG elements and stunning visuals.

III. New Ideas & Innovations

  1. Into the Breach: A turn-based strategy game developed by Subset Games, Into the Breach pits you against an alien invasoin with procedurally generated levels and branching storylines.
  2. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen: Firaxis’s hit XCOM series gets a massive boost with this expansion pack, introducing new factions, classes, and cooperative play options to keep the action going.

IV. Mobile Masterpieces

  1. Clash Royale: This popular mobile RTS from Supercell pits you against other players in competitive 2v2 matches, utilizing an impressive array of cards representing your units and abilities.
  2. Valkyrie Connect: A free-to-play mobile game developed by SNK Playmore, Valkyrie Connect brings fast-paced action and strategic combat to the battlefield.


The world of real-time strategy games is more diverse than ever, offering something for everyone from classic revivals to modern takes on timeless formulas. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or simply want to revisit beloved titles in an updated form, this list provides the perfect starting point for your strategic journey. So gather your troops, get ready to conquer new worlds and engage with some of the most thrilling games like StarCraft II – there’s never been a better time!