Cast Of How I Became A Gangster

The Real-Life Gangsters Behind “How I Became a Gangster”

“How I Became a Gangster” is the latest true-crime documentary series that has captured the attention of audiences worldwide. The exhibit tells the gripping story of Rigo, aka “Gangster Rigo,” who rose from being an ordinary street kid to becoming one of Brazil’s most notorious gangsters. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of real-life gangsters and explore the cast that made this documentary series so compelling.

Rigo “Gangster Rigo” da Silva: The Main Attraction

At 14, Rigo joined a street gang in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas to escape poverty. Little did he know that this decision would set him on a path of violence and crime that spanned decades. Throughout his journey, Gangster Rigo accumulated countless tattoos and earned the reputation as one of Brazil’s most feared gangsters. His tumultuous past has led many to believe that “Gangster Rigo” is an alter ego created for entertainment purposes.

Other Key Players

While Gangster Rigo is the central figure in this documentary, several other individuals contribute significantly to the narrative:

  1. Nelson: A former police officer turned crime journalist and confidant of Gangster Rigo’s. His relationship with Rigo offers a unique perspective on his life, providing insight into his motivations and actions.

  2. Luciana da Silva: The mother of three daughters who are all involved in the world of organized crime to varying degrees. Her complex story weaves together themes of poverty, desperation, and redemption.

  3. Marcelo: A gang member who initially opposed Gangster Rigo’s rise to power but later became his right-hand man. This complicated dynamic sheds light on internal conflicts within gangs.

  4. Cleiton: One of the few people capable of controlling Gangster Rigo and potentially turning him away from his criminal path.

Documenting Reality

“What sets ‘How I Became a Gangster’ apart from other true-crime series is its unflinching portrayal of the harsh realities faced by those trapped in this lifestyle,” notes Brazilian journalist Ana Luiza Trajano. The documentary’s stark honesty makes it both captivating and uncomfortable, with scenes that feel like real-life action movies.

Social Impact

The show has sparked debate about gang violence prevention programs and strategeis for addressing socioeconomic issues plaguing Brazil’s favelas. By humanizing these often-stigmatized figures, the series encourages empathy rather than vilification.


“How I Became a Gangster” offers an intense portrayal of individuals caught up in life on the wrong side of the law. With its focus on character development and stark realism, this documentary has gained worldwide attention for providing a unique glimpse into Brazil’s complex criminal landscape.