How to Find Mugshots #2

Finding Mugshots: A Comprehensive Guide


Mugshots own long been used as a means of identification for individuals involved in law enforcement activities, such as criminal arrests and investigations. In today’s digital age, accessing mugshot records has become easier than ever before, thanks to the internet and various online databases. This article aims to provide step-by-step instructions on how to find mugshots effectively.

Section 1: Understanding Mugshot Records

Before diving into the process of finding mugshots, it is essential to understand what these records are and their significance in law enforcement investigations.

  • Definition: A mugshot, also known as a booking photo or identification picture, is a photograph taken by authorities upon an individual’s arrest. The image typically captures the person from both front (full-face) and back angles.
  • Purpose: Mugshots serve multiple purposes:
    1. Identification: They provide visual confirmation of individuals involved in criminal activity.
    2. Record-keeping: Mugshot records help keep track of repeat offenders, ensuring that law enforcement agencies can effectively monitor an individual’s criminal history.

Section 2: Online Sources for Finding Mugshots

In recent years, several online platforms have emerged to facilitate the process of locating mugshots. These sources often provide a vast repository of booking photos from various jurisdictions and correctional facilities. Here are some reliable websites to consider:

  • The Smoking Gun: A popular platform offering free access to hundreds of thousands of mugshots.
  • Another prominent website with a comprehensive collection of mugshots from across the United States.
  • Bail Bonds Now Mug Shots Website: This site specializes in providing up-to-date and detailed information on current inmates, including their booking photos.

Section 3: Advanced Techniques for Searching Mugshots

While relying solely on online databases can be effective, advanced search strategies can further streamline your mugshot searches. Consider the following techniques:

  • Keyword searching: Use specific details like names (first or last), dates of birth (or arrest), crime types, and locations to narrow down results.
    • Example: Search for “John Doe” or “Doe John Arrested on 02/15/2023.”
  • Advanced filters: Many websites offer filtering options by jurisdiction, date range, and more. Utilize these features to refine your search.
    • Example: Filter by county (e.g., Los Angeles), date range (01/01/2010 – 12/31/2015), or crime type (burglary).

Section 4: Alternative Sources for Finding Mugshots

For those seeking a more comprehensive approach, consider the following alternative sources:

  • Local Police Departments: Visit police departments’ websites to access arrest records and booking photos. Some may charge minor fees while others provide free access.
    • Example: Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) online database offers detailed information on arrested individuals.
  • Public Records Offices: Explore public record databases at the county or state level for specific jurisdictions.
    • Example: Florida Crime Information Center’s Public Access Database provides booking records and mugshots.


With a thorough understanding of mugshot records and access to various online sources, advanced searching techniques, and alternative resources, you’re well-equipped to locate these visual identification markers. Remember that while the information provided may be publicly available, always prioritize respecting privacy rights when accessing or sharing such data.

Disclaimer: The accuracy of information within this article cannot be guaranteed due to potentail updates in records or changes made by authorities. It is essential for those searching for mugshots to verify any findings and ensure they comply with local regulations and respect individual privacy concerns.