How To Print Screen: A Comprehensive Guide For DAPPS Lovers

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Screen printing is a necessary aspect of technology, and it is crucial to be well-versed in the necessary steps to capture an image on your computer screen. With this article, we’re going to walk you through all you need to know about how to print screen. You’ll learn all about the different approaches and strategies to capture an image in order to simplify your digital or visual collaborations. Ready? Let’s get started with the basics!

What Is ‘Print Screen,’ and How Does It Work?

If you are looking to capture information from your laptop or desktop screen, you can use a pretty straightforward and convenient method – Print Screen. It is also known as the ‘PrtSc’ button, and it can be found on your keyboard. Let us guide you through how this function works:

👉 Press the PrtSc button alone to capture an image of the entire screen
👉 Press the Alt + PrtSc buttons together to capture only the active window

Once pressed, the captured image is sent to your clipboard, where you can paste it into your workspace or a notes app. This is the easiest way to grab a snapshot of your screen, especially when you need to provide someone with visual material for documentation or sharing ideas.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Print Screen Method


Print Screen method offers the following advantages:

👉 Convenience: With Print Screen, you can capture your screen without using external software or apps.
👉 Snapshot of entire screen: It allows you to grab a screenshot of your whole screen, making it perfect for visual content creation.
👉 High-quality images: The images captured are of high quality and can easily be edited and saved in various formats.
👉 Cost-effective: Print Screen is a free and built-in feature on most laptops and desktops.


As with any technology, the Print Screen method has its disadvantages, and here are some of them:

👉 Inability to edit: Once captured, the image cannot be edited directly through the Print Screen method. You would need to utilize other third-party software and apps.
👉 One-shot method: The one-shot capture makes it hard to remove unwanted elements and can lead to multiple captures to get the perfect image.
👉 Limited customization: As it only captures an image, there is no chance of personalization or similarity with other images.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Print Screen

To get started, you would need to locate the Print Screen key on your keyboard.

PrtSc Entire Screen
Windows PrtSc
Mac CMD + Shift + PrtSc
Chromebook Ctrl + Show Windows

Step-by-Step Guide

Step One: Full Screen

If you want to capture the entire screen, follow these steps:

👉 Press the PrtSc key on your keyboard. That’s it! Your screen has been captured.

Step Two: Active Window

If you want to capture an active window, follow these steps:

👉 Focus on the window you want to capture
👉 Press Alt + PrtSc keys
👉 The active window is now captured and waiting on your clipboard.

Step Three: Paste the Screenshot

To paste your screenshot, perform the following:

👉 Open the application you want to paste the screenshot in
👉 Click “Ctrl + V” or right-click then choose “Paste” where you want the image to appear

Step Four: Save the Screenshot

To save the image file, do the following:

👉 Open the Windows Paint app or any other image editing software
👉 Press “Ctrl + V” to paste the screenshot into the app
👉 Edit the image if necessary
👉 Go to “File,” click “Save As” and choose the file format to save in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How To Print Screen

1. Is the Print Screen button available on all keyboards?

Yes, as the PrtSc button is built into most laptops and desktops, it is available on all keyboards. However, some keyboards may require you to press other keys alongside the PrtSc key.

2. Does the Print Screen method work on macOS?

Yes, you can use Print Screen on macOS, but you would need to press CMD + Shift + 3 or 4.

3. How do I edit the image using Print Screen?

You need to use image editing software to edit the screenshot as Print Screen only captures an image.

4. Can I capture a non-rectangular area of the screen?

No, this is not possible with the Print Screen method. It only captures rectangular areas.

5. Can I capture a video using Print Screen method?

No, Print Screen only captures an image; it does not capture videos.

6. Does Print Screen work on Chromebook?

Yes, it does. You need to press Ctrl + Show Windows.

7. Can I use Print Screen to capture a scrolling page?

No, Print Screen only captures what is visible on your screen at that time.

Closing Words

Learning how to Print Screen is a fundamental tool that can make working with technology an enjoyable and collaborative experience. With this guide, you can easily screenshot a document, create impressive visuals or artwork, and collaborate with other artists and technologists. However, you must bear in mind that Print Screen is limited in its scope, and you may need to use other software to ensure the capture is exactly what you need. We hope this guide has been helpful to DAPPS Lovers, and we encourage you to begin capturing your screen like a pro!


This article is an educational tool, and the writer bears no responsibility for any outcome or effect of using Print Screen or any other software discussed in the article. The writer also advises that users should perform their research on Print Screen and should not rely solely on this article.

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