How to Spoof Pokemon Go: A Comprehensive Guide

With the increasing popularity of mobile games like Pokemon Go, some players may be interested in spoofing their location to gain an advantage in the game. While this practice is against the terms of service of most games and can result in consequences such as bans, some players still choose to do so. In this guide, we will discuss how to spoof your location in Pokemon Go.

Understanding Spoofing

Spoofing in Pokemon Go involves tricking the game into thinking you are in a different location than you actually are. This can allow players to access rare Pokemon that may not spawn in their area, or participate in events that are exclusive to certain regions.

It’s important to note that spoofing is considered cheating by Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, and can result in a ban if detected. Players who choose to spoof their location should be aware of the risks involved.

Methods of Spoofing

There are several methods that players can use to spoof their location in Pokemon Go. One common method involves using GPS spoofing apps on rooted or jailbroken devices. These apps allow users to manually set their GPS coordinates, fooling the game into thinking they are elsewhere.

Another method involves using third-party software on a computer to simulate GPS movement. This method is more complex and carries a higher risk of detection by Niantic.

Best Practices for Spoofing

If you choose to spoof your location in Pokemon Go, there are some best practices you should follow to minimize the risk of being banned:

1. Use a secondary account: It’s recommended to use a separate account for spoofing rather than your main account. This way, if your spoofing activities are detected and result in a ban, your main account will remain unaffected.

2. Respect cooldown times: When moving long distances quickly using GPS spoofing, it’s important to respect cooldown times between locations. Jumping from one continent to another instantly can raise red flags and increase the likelihood of detection.

3. Stay informed: Keep up-to-date with news and updates from Niantic regarding anti-cheating measures in Pokemon Go. By staying informed, you can adjust your spoofing practices accordingly to avoid detection.


Spoofing your location in Pokemon Go can provide advantages such as accessing rare Pokemon or participating in events from anywhere in the world. However, it’s essential for players considering this practice to be aware of the risks involved, including potential bans from Niantic.

By following best practices such as using a secondary account and respecting cooldown times between locations, players can minimize the risk of being detected while still enjoying the benefits of spoofing in Pokemon Go.