How to SS on Chromebook: Understanding the Process

Are you a DAPPS lover searching for ways to take a screenshot on your Chromebook? Then you have come to the right place. Screen capturing on a Chromebook is incredibly easy and comes with a range of benefits. With this guide, we will take you through all the essential steps of capturing screenshots on a Chromebook.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you understand how to SS on Chromebook:

Step 1: Get Familiar with the Keyboard

Before we delve into how to capture a screenshot on your Chromebook, you should first get familiar with the keyboard commands.

Chromebook comes with a unique keyboard with specific functions, such as “show all windows” and “take a screenshot.” The latter is what we will be exploring, so make sure you locate the keyboard command for capturing screenshots before proceeding.

Understanding the Keyboard Command for Screen Capture:

Keyboard Command Description
Ctrl + Takes a partial screenshot (you choose the area of the screen to capture)
Ctrl + Shift + Takes a full screenshot

Step 2: Choose the Perfect Screenshot

Capturing a screenshot on a Chromebook is more than randomly clicking keys on the keyboard. You need to carefully choose what you want to capture since the options are limitless. Here is how to choose the perfect screenshot:

Understanding the Source:

Several sources can be utilized when capturing a screenshot on a Chromebook. You can choose to capture the entire screen, a particular window, or a portion of the screen.

Determine what you want to capture beforehand, and this will guide you in selecting the appropriate source.

Choose the Correct Aspect Ratio:

The aspect ratio is determined by the resolution of your screen. You must choose the right proportion when capturing the screenshot. An incorrect aspect ratio can distort your image and make it unusable.

Most Chromebooks have an aspect ratio of 16:9, but it is best to confirm this before proceeding.

Step 3: Capture the Screenshot

Now that you are well-versed in the keyboard commands and have selected the perfect screenshot let’s proceed to the most exciting part. Here is how to capture a screenshot on your Chromebook:

Option 1: Capture the Entire Screen

Here are the steps to take when capturing the entire screen:

1. Press Ctrl and the Show Windows key simultaneously
😄 Your screenshot should now appear in your downloads folder!

Option 2: Capture a Specific Window:

Follow the steps below to capture a specific window:

1. Click on the window you want to capture
2. Simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + the Show Windows key
😄 Your screenshot should now appear in your downloads folder!

Option 3: Capture a Portion of the Screen:

Here is how to capture a portion of the screen:

1. Press the Ctrl key and the Switch Window key simultaneously
2. Select the icon and area around the part of the screen you want to capture
3. Press Ctrl + Shift + the Switch Window key
😄 Your screenshot should now appear in your downloads folder!


Overall, capturing a screenshot on your Chromebook is an easy and straightforward process with a range of benefits. It’s a handy tool for capturing moments, troubleshooting issues, and sharing information. With this guide, you can now capture screenshots anywhere from tutorials, social media pages, online shopping, and much more.


Q1: How do I find my screenshots on a Chromebook?

On your Chromebook, go to the bottom right corner of the screen and click on the “Launcher” button. Search for “Files” and click on it. Your screenshots will be stored in the “Downloads” folder.

Q2: Why are my screenshots blurry or distorted?

Blurred or distorted screenshots are often the result of capturing a screenshot with an incorrect aspect ratio. Make sure you choose the right aspect ratio when capturing your screenshot.

Q3: Can I edit my screenshot on a Chromebook?

Yes, you can edit your screenshot on a Chromebook. You can use an array of image editing tools such as the Google Photos app or the GIMP image editor.

Q4: Do I need an external tool to capture a screenshot on my Chromebook?

No, you don’t need an external tool to capture a screenshot on your Chromebook. The Chrome OS has a built-in screen capture feature.

Q5: Will taking a screenshot slow down my Chromebook?

No, taking a screenshot will not slow down your Chromebook since the process is quick and does not require any additional resources.

Q6: How many screenshots can I take on a Chromebook?

There is no limit to the number of screenshots you can take on a Chromebook. You can capture as many screenshots as you need as long as there is an available space on your hard drive.

Q7: Can I capture screenshots in guest mode?

Yes, you can capture screenshots in guest mode on a Chromebook. However, you need to enable the screenshot feature first.

Encouraging Readers to Take Action:

We hope that you have found this guide on how to screenshot on Chromebook to be informative and helpful. Now that you know how to screenshot on your Chromebook, why not give it a try? It’s a great tool for capturing moments, sharing information, and resolving issues. Don’t forget to share this guide with friends and colleagues and happy screen capturing!


Please note that while this guide provides comprehensive information on how to take screenshots on Chromebook, these steps may differ depending on the model of your Chromebook. The steps provided here apply to most Chromebooks, but it’s always essential to consult your Chromebook’s manual for specific instructions.

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